Ukrainian Fashion Brands Slowing Fashion Down Via Emerge Store

EMERGE STORE, the online sustainable fashion store focused on Ukrainian Fashion Brands, believes in slow fashion and wants to make responsible shopping easier for everyone.

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Newly launched online clothing platform EMERGE Store is here to make slow fashion easier, while also helping Ukrainian fashion brands and designers get their clothing seen worldwide.

Despite the time of war, designers in Ukraine are continuing to hone in their craft and produce incredible items.

There will also be an IRL store opening in Berlin that will enable three day delivery of all items across Europe.

Big fashion houses and global clothing brands dominate the virtual fashion space, it means that it is close to impossible for small scale brands to get recognition.

There is also an oversaturation online for unethical fashion brands on online marketplaces, meaning that it is difficult for conscious consumers to find and browse sustainable brands.

New platform EMERGE prioritises a slow approach to fashion, meaning that the styles are timeless and you can support conscious fashion brands who share your values.

Who are EMERGE?

EMERGE is championing sustainable and independent fashion brands from Ukraine with a dedicated global platform.

This makes their brilliant and ethical designs more accessible across the globe.

As well as celebrating the designers continuing their passions in a war-torn country, EMERGE also seeks to create a more diverse fashion landscape.

The Ukrainian fashion brands platform actively curate designs that can be described as minimalist, with clean silhouettes, that also have certain elements that make them stand out.

It is not just the look that is important, but also the materials.

EMERGE makes sure that all of their clothing is made from as many natural materials as possible.

Transparency is another thing that EMERGE prides themselves on, as they have a transparent pricing model and fair pay across the entire supply chain.

Finally, EMERGE will make sure that with each item displayed on their site, comes with a detailed description of the designer.

Each designer talks about their signature style and history, in order to spread awareness and to make them recognisable internationally.

Discover your new favourite designer at EMERGE.

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