5 of The Best Natural Skincare Products For Winter Skin

The Body Shop has been a long standing supporter of ethical products. pebble recommends the essentials for protecting skin against the winter weather.

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The Body Shop has always been a pioneer of ethical beauty products, having never tested on animals.

It partnered with Natura&Co with the aim to create a better world – while also looking after your skin.

“Never feel too small or powerless to make a difference”

Positive impact

A driver of positive change, The Body Shop is a B Corp and believes that businesses should be a force for good.

From championing ethical products, being vegan wherever possible, to fighting for a fairer world.

Founder of The Body Shop, Anita Roddick, staunchly believed that people should “Never feel too small or powerless to make a difference.”

Just one example of their commitment to this is, The Body Shop helps empower women and people who have periods by reducing the stigma around menstruation.

By supporting Bloody Good Period, they’ve helped the fight for period equity, and have promoted learning experiences such as the ‘Periods, A History Of’ exhibition at The Vagina Museum.

The Body Shop actively support the LGBTQ+ community, promoting self love and mental health support services for those struggling.

They frequently partner with charities, having already raised over £300,000 for The Honeypot Children’s Charity and Family Carers Ireland in 2021.

The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade programme has run since 1987, where communities with limited economic opportunities have been given jobs. This ensures that there is a positive social and environmental impact in those vulnerable communities.

In 2019, The Body Shop launched their refill stations which appear in some of their UK stores, and there are plans to expand the refill programme in their shops worldwide.

Why natural skincare?

Natural skincare is not only better for your skin, but also better for the environment.

Natural ingredients come directly from plants and minerals without processes involving chemicals, or chemical modification.

Artificial chemicals are generally worse for the environment, because they contribute to polluting water supplies and can cause disruption in entire ecosystems.

While natural ingredients aren’t always inherently sustainable, there is more likelihood that the farming methods are regenerative and better for the planet.

Not only do they offer natural products, through their Community Fair Trade programme, The Body Shop guarantees fair and ethical working conditions for their suppliers.

Their ingredients are also all from regenerative farming methods, which support the local ecosystems, soil health and other important factors needed for a healthier future.

This also makes for more nutrient rich ingredients that have a greater positive effect on the skin – particularly compared to the more irritating, chemical counterparts.

Ingredients of ‘natural origin’ means that the natural ingredients have been treated, or combined with, non-natural ingredients.

One of the requirements for the ingredients of natural origin is that they come from a renewable source – so they are sustainable.

The Body Shop also uses synthetic, man-made ingredients but only when necessary, as they are essential for the longevity and quality of the product.

However, the brand has been keen to listen to modern day concerns, so their use of palm oil will be 100% traceable by 2025, and they plan to completely phase out the use of parabens.

Save your winter skin

The Body Shop’s products are famously kind to skin, and this becomes even more important in winter, which has helped them develop key products to look after you in the colder months.

From intense moisturising when it’s needed most, to daily protection against the elements, pebble recommends these ultra-hydrating heroes.

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pebble’s Favourite Products To Save Winter Skin

1. Face – Oil of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

This miracle facial oil intensely rejuvenates, hydrates and soothes dry looking skin.

With enriching ingredients, the Oil of Life Revitalising Facial Oil quickly absorbs, making a healthy, youthful glow.

Being 99% of natural origin, vegetarian friendly, and suitable for sensitive skin, this surprisingly lightweight moisturiser is a perfect addition to a daily routine.

Simply squeeze 1-2 drops into fingertips and gently massage into clean skin.

From £30 for 30ml.

2. Hands – Hemp Hand Protector

This ultra-hydrating hand cream is Body Shop bestseller, and it’s no wonder why with the use of hemp seed oil which has fatty acids and vitamins A and E.

Not only is hemp seed oil an exceptional moisturiser, but the plant itself is an incredible air purifier, and hemp locks away more than four times as much CO2 than trees.

Working wonders on very dry and sensitive skin, the Hemp Hand Protector restores hands keeping them moisturised for 24 hours.

From £6.50 for 30ml

3. Body – Avocado Body Scrub

New to The Body Shop, the Vegan Avocado Body Scrub is quickly becoming a new favourite. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, the intensely hydrating avocado is tough to beat.

Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, the rich avocado oil leaves skin softer than ever – making it a perfect combater to cold weather.

Packaged in 100% recycled plastic, this creamy exfoliator works wonders removing dead skin, and its fresh smell makes for a pleasing experience. Simply smooth over dry or wet skin, buffer and rinse.

The avocados used are sourced from sustainable agriculture, reducing water consumption and restoring ecosystems meaning this miracle-worker nourishes both skin and planet.

£16 for 250ml

4. Lips – Shea Lip Butter

Chapped lips are a given in the winter months, so we recommend this super-hydrating Shea Lip Butter that gives lasting protection.

Instantly soothing and hydrating, the handcrafted shea butter from Ghana ensures that the lips will be softer and smoother after each application.

The creamy texture and the light nutty aroma of the Shea Lip Butter is gentle enough to be an essential for anyone.

Also by buying this Shea Lip Butter you’re also helping to fund the work of the Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association in Ghana, who The Body Shop have been working with for 25 years.

Over 45,000 people benefit from the social fund connected to this work, through healthcare, sanitation and education projects.

£4.50 for 10ml

5. Mask – Pumpkin Instant Radiance In-Shower Mask

Mask up with The Body Shop’s Vegan Pumpkin Instant Radiance In-Shower Mask, the fast acting face mask for all skin types.

Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, this multi-tasking and convenient hero leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

With a blend of soothing aloe vera and shea butter alongside exfoliating pumpkin and cranberry, it gently revitalises the skin leaving it purified.

Just apply the mask on dry skin, have a shower and rinse off after 5 minutes.

£18.00 x 75ml

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