Discover hidden Europe on a Conservation Journey

Want to really get away from it all this summer? The European Nature Trust is opening up its incredible conservation projects to holiday makers that want to make a difference

Are you looking to do something more on your holidays this year, than just lying down on a beach. The European Nature Trust (TENT) have created a series of ‘Conservation Journeys’ that will take you to some of Europe’s most wild spaces and most exciting conversation experiences.

Forget where you think you know, these projects are off the beaten track and staffed by incredible experts who are passionate about rewilding and restoring wildlife and you can spend a few days working alongside them.

TENT currently has trips to Scotland, Italy, Romania and Spain, where conservation and exploring the incredible landscapes is backed up with authentic accommodation, delicious local food and the kind of access to projects you don’t see in a brochure.

At Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands they’re planting native forest and helping to create habitats for the red squirrel and Scottish wildcat. While over in Abruzzo in Italy the focus is on saving the Marsican bear from extinction. 

In Asturias, Spain, conservation lovers can help projects that are trying to save the Cantabrian bear and Iberian wolf. Over in Carpathia in Romania, the project works within the largest forested National Park in Europe, where over half of the continent’s virgin forest can be found, helping to preserve a balance of diverse wildlife and ancient villages.

TENT Founder Paul Lister said, “Europe is full of wild and wonderful places, if only you know where to look. These private, wild Journeys are the perfect antidote to our busy daily lives and offer a memorable alternative to a city break or long weekend away. They offer the opportunity to rest, reset and connect to nature – all while helping to protect our shared environment.”

Each trip can last a few days or more than a week, is privately arranged and exposes you to parts of Europe, even the most well travelled will never have seen. Each booking directly donates a percentage of the cost to the project you visit.

For sample itineraries, more information about TENT and on how to book one of the new Conservation Journeys, visit