9 Eco-friendly Gym Wear Brands For An Ethical Workout

Looking for a gym wear update? Check out these 9 ethical gym wear brands we love.

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Sustainable gym wear has seen a huge increase in interest over the last few years with people wanting to feel good, not only about themselves but the planet as well.

Gym fabrics face slightly different requirements compared to other materials as they need to be stretchy, lightweight and durable.

Unfortunately, many materials that suit these requirements are man-made which include high levels of plastic fibres and are hard to recycle or break down.

Despite this, it’s becoming an area with increasing sustainable interest so there are many new brands coming to market with different solutions. Here are 9 of our favourite eco-friendly gym wear brands.

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9 Eco-friendly Gym Wear Brands For An Ethical Workout

1. Tala

Tala supports slow fashion without compromising style or comfort. They use Q-nova, Bamboo, recycled nylon, recycled and organic cotton.

Not only are their materials sustainable but also have plantable tags giving the consumer an incentive when purchasing, they can plant their own seed.

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2. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices focus on using fabrics with less environmental impact, switching to RecPoly, Merino, Sweatee and Cloudknit materials.

Conscious decision making is important to them throughout all areas with their shops incorporating sustainable design and partnerships like WWF to drive awareness and education with their consumers.

3. Boody

Australian brand Boody use bamboo as their main material within their comfy monochrome activewear and underwear products.

They use this material to show how its versatile properties and their sustainable values are intertwined.

Eco friendly processing and zero waste manufacturing is also a top priority for the brand.

4. Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is driven by helping to create a healthier planet through not only the materials they use but also their process with 80% of wastewater being recycled and reused within their process.

We love their simple colour block tracksuits and oh so comfy leggings.

5. People Tree

People Tree have three decades of experience in ethical fashion, combining traditional methods and skills with newer technologies.

They use Fairtrade organic cotton, Tencel, Linen and wool to create their popular activewear range.

6. Contur Clothing

British brand Contur Clothing use ocean plastics, recycled cotton and Econyl regenerated nylon to create its activewear products.

All their ranges are manufactured in London to reduce their carbon footprint or as they call it ‘clothing miles’.

We love their lightweight, brightly colour crop tops with a variety of strap details for all shapes.

7. SOS Activewear

Another London based brand is SOS Activewear which values transparency and honesty as well as sustainability.

Check them out for sports bras, cosy post workout sweaters and high waisted leggings to take you from mat to making dinner.

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8. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend are committed to creating a community of people who care about their planet and where their clothes come from.

They have a ReGirlfriend scheme to take back old Girlfriend products and turn them into new ones.

They use 100% recyclable packaging and eco-friendly dyes. We love their workout dresses and cool down sweatpants, designed for every size and shape.

9. Tripulse

Tripulse are carbon neutral certified and want to create the most sustainable activewear they can.

Tripulse is aimed at serious workouts and runs, we love their Tencel cycling shorts and leggings with phone pockets, designed to take you as far as you want to go.

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