Eco-Friendly Pandemic Essentials: Hand Santiser To Face Masks

From face masks to hand santiser, there are lots of ways to cut down your single use plastic footprint in 2020.

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It’s easy to forget about the environment when we are in the midst of a global pandemic but

with everyone now shopping online, wearing face masks and using untold amounts of hand sanitiser there has been a significant increase in waste, single use packaging and a decrease in recycling.

A recent study concluded that the flow of plastic into our oceans would nearly treble by 2040 to 29m tonnes per year if much greater action was not taken by governments and industry.

So we’ve put together a guide of the best ecofriendly / sustainable products to help tackle the pandemic.

Eco-Friendly Pandemic Essentials: Hand Santiser To Face Masks

Face masks

Face masks continue to be ‘one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread’ of Covid19 according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves are being used around the world every month and most of these are single-use and cannot be recycled causing a tidal wave of single use plastic to hit our streets, beaches and oceans.

If like us you want to try to limit your plastic usage as much as possible throughout the pandemic try using a reusable anti-microbial face mask.

Bilio Koala

Bilio Koala face masks are made from an antimicrobial yarn blend that’s washable and reusable. After a few wears the mask fits snugly around your face via the adjustable copper wire nose crimp and it will definitely keep your face nice and warm during the winter months.


AirX face masks are reusable, 100% vegan, biodegradable, and antimicrobial, woven from coffee yarn and come with a biodegradable filter inside made with 99.99% dual antibacterial technology.

Cambridge Mask

The Cambridge Mask on the other hand is made with an activated carbon cloth invented by the UK Ministry of Defence and is shown to remove an average of 99.6% of viruses and bacteria on contact. Super comfortable to wear, washable, and tested by Nelson Labs USA – you can’t go wrong with this mask especially for those unavoidable close encounters with other people.


As we know one of the best ways to tackle the pandemic is to make sure you wash your hands thoroughly & frequently. But when it comes to hygiene products, plastic packaging can be hard to avoid. A Swiss study found the carbon footprint of liquid soap is 25% larger than a bar of soap on a per-wash basis. Using a natural soap with minimal packaging for anything wash related is by far the best option.


Lush does a great selection of zero waste unpackaged bars of soap.

There is a soap to suit everyone – they even have a ‘30-second soap’ that disintegrates after 30 seconds of hand washing (great for kids) and a letterbox kit which takes care of hands due to frequent handwashing. These kits contain everything you need to keep your hands clean & moisturised throughout the pandemic, including The much loved ‘Dream Cream’ hailed as a cure for all things sore & dry skin related, even exzema.


Ethique is also making a name for itself as the go to eco-friendly and minimal waste soap option. Plastic free and super hydrating – there’s solid bar options for not only the hands but also the face, body and hair.

The Va Va Voom set is a good place to start, with a sweet and spicy orange and cinnamon shampoo bar, sweet orange and vanilla body wash bar and wonderbar conditioner bar.

Hand sanitisers

When unable to wash your hands, hand sanitisers are the next best option.


Humankind’s multitasking hand sanitizer kills viruses, moisturizes your skin, and comes in a friendly plastic free aluminium packaging.

Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen’s 50ml hand sanitiser spray made with a blend of 62% alcohol and high-grade antibacterial essential oils and can be purchased alongside a 500ml refill, so you will never run out.

Balance Me

The seriously luxurious Balance Me Clean and Protect Set comes with a naturally active hand sanitizer and super moisturising hand cream – both smell incredible and not only is the hand sanitizer hospital proof and proven to kill 99.99% bacteria, but for every sale another will be donated to an NHS worker, key worker or local charity.


Mouth hygiene

Wearing a face mask all day everyday can cause havoc with your oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene is a must during this pandemic. We would suggest not only cleaning your teeth but oil pulling first thing in the morning and using a mouthwash.


The zero waste and all natural Georganics range is perfect for keeping your oral hygiene on top form and fighting off any signs of any kind of virus this winter.

Not only does the brand supply vegan toothpaste and mouthwash tablets in recyclable glass jars and compostable beechwood toothbrushes, but the recyclable aluminium bottle of oil pulling mouthwash does just the job for targeting and trapping any left over bacteria as well as removing stains and whitening teeth naturally.


The one thing that everyone should do during a pandemic is boost their immunity, making sure no kind of virus has any chance of survival. A great way to do this is through taking the right vitamins & supplements.

Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition makes a great selection of organic, plastic and chemical free vitamins and refill packs to help boost your immunity.

The ‘food-grown’ method ensures the nutrients have a much higher absorption method than other vitamins which means these supplements actually have an effect. We love the Balance Multi Nutrient and Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids which will strengthen your immunity and give it a real boost.

As well as Vitamin C, there has been plenty of talk of Vitamin D being vital in helping the prevention of Covid19.


Vivolife, the 100% vegan and plantbased brand, makes one of the best D3 supplements from their renewable energy powered factory in Glastonbury.

The D3 is in liquid form with added K2 for better and rapid absorption and is derived from algae and comes in compostable packaging. Also, Thrive, Vivolife’s 100% plant based blend of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fruits and greens is great as an all round support for optimal health and immune function and can be added to water, juice or smoothies.

If you do start to feel the onset of any fatigue or brain fog after catching the virus or from just working from home and the metal stress of living through a global pandemic, as well as upping your vitamin game, eating healthily and getting enough rest, we love Edge, the advanced nootropics supplement from Form’s all natural and ecofriendly range.

Or try Cogniora Nootropics, who will send you a monthly supply of supplements based on a short survey in compostable packaging that are effective almost immediately.

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Household cleaning products

Although it’s unclear how long the Covid19 virus lasts on surfaces and what the risk of infection is if any – you can’t go wrong with staying on top of any cleaning at home right now.

Anything that is touched regularly should be cleaned regularly and eco-friendly cleaning brands, Tincture London and Seventh Generation do just the trick.

The 100% organic, ecofrieTCndly and chemical free cleaning brand, Tincture London is made with essential oils and botanicals and has been proven to help in the fight against the spread of Covid19 in the home.

Each bottle is antimicrobial and reusable with glass refills available to purchase online.

Seventh Generation the brand on a mission to create a healthier planet for the next seven generations also has a range of Disinfecting Cleaners, Wipes and Sprays which have demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to Covid19 on hard and none porous surfaces.

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