11 Eco-Friendly Phone Cases To Protect Your Phone & Protect the Planet With

Recycled Or Biodegradable Phone Cases Can Help Keep Your Cell Sustainable

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As our reliance on smartphones grows, so does the need for sustainable and eco-friendly phone cases.

While we may dream of a day when eco-friendly smartphones exist, we can take steps to reduce our carbon footprint now by using accessories that minimize waste and help protect that otherwise unsustainable investment.

Eco phone cases provide a great starting point toward building a more sustainable future. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best sustainable phone cases on the market, so you can protect your phone and the planet at the same time.

Call Out To Our Favorite Ethical Phone Case Brands

There are plenty of eco-friendly phone case brands to choose from (which is why we’ve listed 11 of the best), but here are three that really stand out to us:

We love Agood Company for their commitment to sustainability. Their 100% biodegradable phone cases (which in our experience are slim yet robust) come with the environmental impact of the materials used, production, logistics, and end-to-life calculations.

Wave Case’s stylish biodegradable phone cases will ring just right for anyone who values innovation and sustainability, thanks to their unique plant-based materials.

MMore is the best option if you want a compostable phone case that’s quirky, fun, and totally different. They offer a selection of scented cases containing handpicked, organic, and sustainably harvested flowers.

With over one billion plastic phone cases sold yearly, it’s time to make a change. We’ve selected the best eco-friendly phone cases on the market to help you make this small but impactful switch easily.

These may be the best environmentally friendly phone cases, but all of the brands featured cater to the latest phone models, are made from sustainable materials, and are designed to be both durable and protective, ensuring your phone stays safe while dialing up your eco efforts.

1. Wave Case

Recycled or biodegradable eco friendly phone cases can help make your cell more sustainable
Image by Sustainable Jungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle (Wave Case)

Wave Case’s Biodegradable Case Collection

Price Range | $31–$32 | Shop Wave Case

Materials | wheat straw, PLA, and PBAT.

What We Love | The Wave Case functional design hits exactly the right balance between being slim enough to slide into your pocket (with wireless charging compatibility) and robust enough (thanks to its corner bumpers, raised edges, and grippy texture) to take some serious falls. Did we mention their 100% recycled and recycled cardboard packaging is just as biodegradable as their phone case?

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Biodegradable phone cases that are shipped carbon-neutral through their partnership with Climate Partner.

Pay it forward | As members of 1% for the Planet, each purchase helps support Surfers Against Sewage.

Wave Case is the the brainchild of three friends who founded the mission aligned company to help convert the mountain of ocean waste into a functional tech accessory.

Their sustainable phone cases are available in a variety of models: iPhones 6-14 including Pro and Max sizes, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung S/SE20-S22, and Google Pixel 6.

2. Agood Company

Phone cases - Image by Agood Company
Image by Agood Company

Agood Company’s Cheap Eco-Friendly Phone Case Collection

Price Range | $22–$44 | Shop Agood Company

Materials | Bioplastic made of locally-sourced farming byproducts like flax and hemp, printed with water-based inks.

What We Love | Agood Company offers some of the best biodegradable phone cases that not only champion localized supply chains, but are free from plastic and harmful chemicals. Did we mention the slim yet rigid design that offers robust protection? We’ve dropped ours a few times and it’s held up very well we’re happy to report.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | In addition to being home compostable, these are recyclable iPhone cases you can send back via Agood Loop program in exchange for a new one, Shipping is carbon-neutral, and they partner with Climeworks to directly capture 1 kg of CO2 per sale during certain weeks.

Supply chain | This Certified B Corp made products using Swedish materials in a water recycling Swedish factory powered by solar and hydroelectricity. You can read more in their latest Impact Report.

Pay it forward | Agood Foundation is an “on-the-ground” charitable organization that works with numerous global organizations to provide training on climate and sustainability-related topics.

Agood Company’s plant-based phone cases are functional and stylish, with a range of colors and designs to choose from. Each slim phone case weighs about 20g (depending on the model type), and is shipped in plastic free packaging for easy recycling.

They carry most iPhone models and select eco-friendly Samsung cases for newer models like the Samsung Flip.

We particularly like the Aikiiah I phone case, created in collaboration with renowned Swedish artist Emma Lindström. Like all Agood Company phone cases, it’s climate-friendly, plant-based, thin, light, and durable.

However, the gorgeously fluid, somewhat psychedelic art print is what makes this case stand out from the other designs, and we love the mermaid-chic color scheme typical of Lindström’s work. This case really is a piece of art!

3. Pela Case

Phone cases - Image by Pela Case
Image by Pela Case

Pela Case’s Biodegradable Case Collection

Price Range | $40–$60 | Shop Pela Case

Materials | Flaxstic, a plant-based biopolymer made using flax straw waste and free of BPA, phthalates, and heavy metals.

What We Love | For those wondering, “Do Pela cases actually biodegrade?” like we were, yes. Not only is Flaxstic durable and seriously shock-absorbing, but it will break down in just six months in an industrial composting environment (or two years in a home one). We owned one for about 3 years and while we no longer use it to protect our phones it’s starting to breakdown without actually being composted. Pretty impressive.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Pela is certified Climate Neutral and runs life cycle assessments on all products to help them offset properly and learn how they can reduce emissions. You can recycle phone cases from any brand (Pela included) via Pela 360.

Supply chain | A Certified B Corp, Pela manufactures in fair trade compliant factories in Hong Kong, but uses local Canadian entities where possible (i.e. engraving and injection molding).

Pay it forward | Through 1% for the Planet, Pela gives back to causes like Save the Waves.

Pela Case is a Canadian company founded by Jeremy Lang, who was inspired to create a sustainable alternative to plastic phone cases after watching his son dig up some plastic on the beach in Hawaii.

The Pela Green Summit case is one of their best sustainable phone cases. Proving sustainability doesn’t have to come at the cost of durability, it’s a tough and rugged case that can survive a 10-foot drop—and if you’re wondering, “Do Pela cases actually work?”, we can say from personal use and testing that they do.

Plus, it looks stylish and smart in deep forest green, with a pine tree design etched onto the case for added flair.

You’ll find no shortage of compostable iPhone case styles (5 onwards), in addition to select Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phone models.

4. EcoBlvd

Phone cases - Image by EcoBlvd
Image by EcoBlvd

EcoBlvd’s Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Case Collection

Price Range | $45–$60 | Shop EcoBlvd

Materials |  InnoMaize™ (made from plastic derived from cornstarch) and CornBo™ (a composite of corn starch, corn sugar, and bamboo materials).

What We Love | The standout designs (nearly 100 of them!) on these colorful phone cases are striking enough to make you forget that all the cases are 100% fully compostable.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Your new ecological phone case will come in plastic-free, biodegradable packaging with a prepaid label to send back old cases and chargers for recycling.

Supply chain | Cases are designed and printed in LA, before final manufacturing in China.

Pay it forward | A member of 1% for the Planet, EcoBlvd donated 2% of revenue to environmental organizations like the Mojave Desert Land Trust.

EcoBlvd’s products are designed to be stylish and fashionable, with a range of colors and designs that cater to all kinds of aesthetics.

They offer eco phone case options for most iPhones and the latest Samsung Galaxy models, along with other phone accessories like recycled plastic wireless chargers and tote bags.

EcoBlvd’s largest USP is the fact that their cases are truly fashionable.

We love that they update their collections according to seasonality and current trends. The Spring collection, in particular, is super cute and features timeless floral designs and a fresh color palette that’s on-trend no matter the season.


Phone cases - Image by CASETiFY
Image by CASETiFY

CASETiFY’s Plant-Based Or Recycled Plastic Phone Case Collection

Price Range | $40–$80 | Shop CASETiFY

Materials |  Ecotify™, a blend of plant-based biopolymers and starch with a bamboo particle texture finish that’s industrially compostable; Re/CASETiFY is their line of BPA and phthalate-free recycled plastic phone cases, currently made of 65% recycled plastic though they’re shooting for 100% by 2025.

What We Love | CASETiFY offers unique, customizable, and either recycled or compostable phone cases. But if you don’t have an industrially composting service near you, they accept cases back to do so on your behalf.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | For each case purchase, CASETiFY plants a tree and ships only in recycled cardboard.

Supply chain | All facilities are ISO14001-certified for environmental practices like rainwater use and waste recycling.

Pay it forward | Various collections are tied to different, rotating charitable organizations, like the Pawfect Love collection, from which a portion of sales go to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Is Casetify actually eco-friendly?

Yes, and the brand states in no uncertain terms that “every accessory in the collection is 100% compostable and biodegradable”.

But what sets CASETiFY phone cases apart from other phone cases is their design aesthetic.

With something for just about every phone model out there, CASETiFY offers many phone case designs catering to different tastes, from minimalist styles to bold and colorful patterns, courtesy of non-toxic inks.

They also allow customers to customize their phone cases with photo collages.

If we had to pick one case, it would have to be the ‘She Can’ case by artist Huyen Dinh (in the MagSafe compatible Bounce Case, for ultra-protection, of course). The design is equal parts cute and striking, with 60s-style flower decals and cheery bubble writing adding to the positive message.

6. MMore

Phone cases - Image by MMore
Image by MMore

MMore’s Sustainable Phone Case Collection

Price Range |  $27–$94 | Shop MMore

Materials | FSC-certified wood or flax and PLA bioplastic sealed with sugar resin.

What We Love | For those seeking a phone case made from plants, MMore’s aren’t just made of them—they also smell like them, thanks to MMore’s forward-thinking innovation that inspired them to press real flowers into the fully biodegradable plastic.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | MMore plants a tree for every purchase, offers a phone case recycling and composting program, and uses only cardboard shipping materials.

Supply chain | Products are made in Slovenia in an SGS-certified non-toxic factory.

Founded in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by Žiga Lunder, MMore is committed to producing phone cases that are both stylish and sustainable (AKA 100% fully biodegradable and compostable).

“What’s the thing we touch most often?” Žiga asks.

The answer for most of us is, of course, our phones. MMore aims to fuse nature with technology, bringing two seemingly conflicting concepts together into one product, and as a result, help us to reconnect with nature through our senses. Their cases are made to look and feel natural, using natural materials in their construction.

Customers can choose from different designs and soothing textures, from Mountain Stone to Forest Moss or even Blue Cornflower!

There are many more designs, but the Organic Coffee case stands out to us the most. Made from pressed Arabica coffee beans, the case has a unique texture and an invigorating aroma that perfectly resembles freshly-brewed coffee.

Each natural aroma lasts two to three months, after which MMore offers Scent Boosters.

For sustainable iPhone cases, 5-14 models are covered, along with Samsung S5-S22.

7. Reboxed

Phone cases - Image by Reboxed
Image by Reboxed

Reboxed’s Sustainable Phone Case UK Collection

Price Range | $16 | Shop Reboxed

Materials | Plant-based polymers and reclaimed wheat fibers

What We Love | Reboxed “hates plastic” and, as a result, offers hard-wearing, plastic-free, and eco-friendly cell phone cases that will help to reduce the likelihood of damage and not cost the environment to make.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | A “recommerce” company, ReBoxed also tackles e-waste by selling refurbished phones, hoping to recirculate 100 million of them. They buy outright using an innovative TechCheck® app that diagnoses your phone to give a proper price quote. For each phone case or phone purchased, they plant one or five trees, respectively.

Pay it forward | 1% of every sale is donated to eco-minded organizations.

Reboxed believes that one easy way to make a difference is to extend the lifespan of all our electronic devices.

Reboxed’s slim eco-friendly iPhone cases (and more) come in various colors, from army green to eco pink.

Each case has the same specifications; a slim one-piece design that’s soft to the touch, durable, and wireless charging compatible.

An excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple and sturdy compostable phone case – the only thing you need to choose is the phone model (they cover all iPhones, Samsungs, and most Google Pixel phones), and the color. We like the eco-yellow tone the most, but each to their own!

8. Tech21

Phone cases - Image by Tech21
Image by Tech21

Shop Tech21’s Recycled Phone Case Collection

Price Range | $30–$60 | Shop Tech21

Materials | UV-resistant and anti-yellowing 100% recycled TPU or wood filler and cork treated with an enhanced additive that helps them fully decompose in months.

What We Love | Tech21 offers both natural phone cases or phone cases made from recycled plastic, all of which are MagSafe charger compatible and will protect phones from drops of up to three meters (proven by each design being tested over 20 times!).

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Their biodegradable cases are tested in accordance with ASTM D5511 standards and “have biodegraded by more than 21% after 318 days”. This means they’re not compostable, but they’re working to improve. They estimate their recycled plastic-free packaging saves 42 tons of plastic annually.

Supply chain | The Recovrd recycled phone cases are made in the USA, but it’s unclear if other lines are, too.

Tech21 is a well-known phone case brand that offers biodegradable or recycled cell phone cases that are both functional and sustainable across four lines: Eco Slim, Eco Art, Evo, and Recovrd.

The Evo range can be recycled to create their Recovrd recycled phone cases, while the Eco Art and Eco Slim cases are fully biodegradable.

Their Eco Slim plastic-free cases are soft and easy to hold, with enhanced camera protection. Cases in the Eco Art range boast the same credentials but with the addition of stylish, on-trend artwork created in-house.

Be-leaf us when we say the Delicate Earth Green case is a tree-t with its subtle, hand-painted green leaf design made from natural materials that leave no chemical trace.

You’ll find eco-friendly phone cases, iPhone 11-14 and all sizes of the Samsung S23.

9. Loam & Lore

Phone cases - Image by Loam & Lore
Image by Loam & Lore

Loam & Lore’s Earth-Friendly Phone Case Collection

Price Range | $22–$38 | Shop Loam & Lore

Materials | Bamboo wood, solid American Walnut, or a plant-based bioplastic and bamboo fiber mix.

What We Love | Loam and Lore’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond their biodegradable products, as they also use eco-friendly packaging materials and donate a portion of their profits to environmental charities.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Aiming to lower their carbon footprint, they promise each case is “printed to order in a factory near to you”.

Supply chain | While the former point saved emissions, they’re not clear on how this manufacturing system works or where their partners are located, so we’ll be reaching out to inquire.

Pay it forward | They plant a tree for every order through Ecologi and donate 1% of the profits to the Amazon Conservation Team.

Loam and Lore is a family-owned sustainable phone case company that’s all about compostability.

Founders Dan and Amy Chadney were inspired to start Loam and Lore after seeing the amount of waste materials generated from discarded cell phones and their cases.

Utilizing natural materials designed for durability, you find plenty of devices that fit these eco-friendly phone cases: Samsung Galaxy models S20, S21, and Note 10 ranges, and most iPhone models.

From designer compostable phone cases created in collaboration with local artists, to bamboo phone cases made from sustainably sourced wood, the company caters to consumers who want cases that go beyond recycled plastic.

While we simply adore the SimplyEco range for its biodegradability, the EcoClean phone cases really stand out. These antibacterial phone cases are designed to protect against harmful bacteria and germs, perfect for those who want to keep their phone clean and hygienic.

10. Reveal

Phone cases - Image by Reveal
Image by Reveal

Reveal’s Eco-Friendly iPhone Case Collection

Price Range | $28–$30 | Shop Reveal

Materials | Wood, bamboo carbon fiber, cork, TPU rubber, and colored resin accents.

What We Love | Not only are Reveal’s materials of mostly natural origin, but they make some of the most lovely eco-friendly phone cases iPhone 12 (and on) users have seen, with creative elements like colored resin swirls inside natural wood knots and burls.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Because they utilize wood in their products, they restore what they take through Project Replant, which plants one tree in American forests for every product sold.

Reveal is a fantastic (or should we say, phone-tastic?brand committed to creating eco-friendly products with a mission to show the world that there is a sustainable way to design tech accessories.

Their range includes sustainable iPhone cases and other tech accessories, like solar-powered speakers with recycled fabric covers, wooden chargers, and bamboo headphones and earbuds.

They’re a natural choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly phone case option with a natural look and feel.

They have a range of styles and colors to choose from, but we particularly like the Izu Cork Printed Case.

Made from cork with a Japanese woodblock printing style sunset design, this organic phone case looks organically stunning. Since the outer molding is made from cork, the case is water-resistant and shatter-resistant, while the inner TPU rubber gives added protection.

11. Skate4create

Phone cases - Image by Skate4create
Image by Skate4create

Skate4create’s Recycled Phone Case Collection

Price Range | $58 | Shop Skate4create

Materials | Upcycled Canadian maple skateboards and removable polycarbonate bumpers.

What We Love | Skate4create’s sustainable phone cases epitomize innovative use of discarded materials, showing that something as unlikely as skateboard decks can become something functional and stylish.

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Their innovative material helps take a dent from the two million skateboards ending up in landfills annually. By selling on Etsy, they’re ensuring carbon ensuring shipping and a renewable energy-powered shopping experience.

Supply chain | Everything is handcrafted in-house in Lithuania using materials sourced from friends and local skate parks and shops.

You’ve probably heard of eco-friendly phone cases made from recycled plastic—but what about recycled skateboards?

By using old, broken, snapped, or discarded skateboard decks, Skate4create is reducing waste and giving new life to materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. They are an eco-friendly company committed to promoting sustainability and creativity through their products.

Skate4create’s phone cases feature a striped or ‘striated’ design, showing the layers of wood that went into each creation, and are made from eight or nine different pieces of board glued together to make a continuous colored pattern.

They make sustainable phone cases for iPhone (11, 12, you name it), Samsung, and Google Pixel, with a variety of color options.

We love the Curved Blue sustainable phone cases because of the natural lines and color palette. The shell is made from 1.3mm flexible rubber, so it provides protection without being too bulky, and supports wireless charging and MagSafe accessories.

How Did We Choose The Best Sustainable Phone Case Brands?

When searching for the best sustainable phone case brands, we obviously look for phone cases made from recycled materials or biodegradable ones, but we also consider what each brand is doing to be more eco-friendly and sustainable as a company.

Brands that go beyond simply offering an eco-friendly product, but rather who incorporate sustainability and ethical business into everything they do.

Certifications: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ASTM InternationalB Corporation ( B Corp), Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), Climate Neutral

Fabrics & Materials:

What are eco-friendly phone cases made of?

When it comes to a sustainable cell, sustainable materials include those that are compostable, biodegradable, or at least recycled.

While phone cases made of recycled plastic are commonplace nowadays, brands can go one step beyond this by offering compostable phone cases that are fully biodegradable and can break down into natural components.

Carbon Goals & Achievements:

Brands should be conscious of their carbon output, ideally actively working to reduce it (such as through using renewable energy) but at the very least offsetting it (though offset projects and tree plantings).

This also entails other ways a company minimizes its environmental impact, such as using responsible packaging that forgoes plastic waste and water recycling in manufacturing.

Supply chain:

To ensure ethical phone cases, we look for where they’re made and what protections are in place for workers. Fair trade is the gold standard, but it’s not the only way a company can demonstrate commitment to fair wages and safe workplaces. Other factory certifications or small, in-house workshops also speak to this.

Pay it forward:

We chose brands who go the extra mile, from partnering with good causes and donating to charities, to planting one tree for every purchase or recycling excess stock into new products, for example.

Can Phone Cases Be Recycled?

Standard phone cases are not recyclable in that they can’t be tossed in with the rest of the household recycling. This makes recycling cell phone cases more difficult and thus reduces recycling rates.

While there are special recycling programs out there for phone cases, switching to a sustainable cell phone case helps to overcome this issue.

Closing Thoughts On Sustainable Phone Cases

Choosing an eco-friendly phone case is a small but important step we can take to reduce our environmental impact.

By opting for a phone case made from sustainable materials, we can help minimize plastic waste, reduce our carbon footprint, and mitigate the amount of plastic that ends up being dumped in landfills, incinerated, or left to pollute fragile ecosystems.

With so many fantastic eco phone case options available on the market, there’s no reason not to make the switch.

If you’re in the market for a new one, consider making that iPhone case eco-friendly by investing in one of these phone and planet-protecting brands. Or even better check-in with your local thrift store as there’s usually plenty of second hand phone cases that will cost you less than a latte