Cracked It: 6 Ethical Easter Eggs You Can Order Online

These indulgent ethical Easter Eggs will help you keep the chocolate treats eco this year. Whether you’re after vegan, Fairtrade, fun or sophisticated, there’ll be an ethical egg you’ll be eager to order online.

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Ethical Easter eggs are on the boil these days and we’ve laid out a few of the best. Whatever ethics you’d like to honour when you fill your basket, there will be an egg to meet them here. We know shopping is no straightforward task at the moment, so you can order all of these ethical eggs online.

Keen to ensure the cocoa has come from a farm that treats its workers well? You’ll find plenty of Fairtrade chocolate on this page.

If you want to keep the ingredients plant-based, then there are some delicious dark chocolate and other vegan eggs too.

If it’s the plastic packaging that gets under your eco skin, plenty of these ethical easter eggs come covered in recycled, recyclable or even compostable materials.

Whether you go for a zero waste or vegan, each egg tastes incredible, so enjoy scrambling through and making your selection.

1. Organic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Easter Egg, Traidcraft, £9.00

Thick shelled and made from delicious deep dark chocolate, this ethical Organic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Easter Egg has a heavenly hazelnut hint. The nutella flavour is not the only nice thing about it either.

Once you’ve cracked open the organic and Fairtrade outer layer you’ll find a Fairtrade surprise inside as well. Your bookmark, notebook or pencil topper will have been made by an artisan who could be based anywhere in the world. Their livelihood, community and economy will be benefiting from the support of a project run by the Traidcraft Foundation.

2. Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Easter Egg – Divine, £5.00

Rich, smooth and creamy, this thick dark chocolate Divine Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Easter Egg has little bursts of raspberry running through it for a tasty tart contrast. Made from Fairtrade cocoa grown on family farms in Ghana, you’ll be strengthening the livelihoods of the farmers and their communities when you opt for this ethical Easter choc.

It is vegan, made with only natural ingredients like 100% pure cocoa butter and contains no palm oil or artificial flavours.

Also available at Ethical Superstore.

3. Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Nuttercups, Doisy & Dam, £9.50

This Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Nuttercups by Doisy & Dam is taken up a notch by the two packs of almond nuttercups it comes with. The cocoa is sourced from Columbia and stays true to the brand’s ingredients philosophy: as few as possible and the best possible.

This egg is vegan, natural, nutty and delicious. Doisy & Dam is a certified B Corp thanks to its ethical practices. It buys through cocoa cooperatives, rather than the stock market, so more money goes back into the Columbian community.

4. Maldon Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Luxury Egg, Love Cocoa, £10.95/ £12.00

Easter is great fun for kids, but Love Cocoa has the adults’ sweet teeth covered too. This Maldon Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is glorious, indulgent and grownup. It is made with 70% Ecuadorian cacao and laced with crunchy hand-harvested flakes of salt, sourced from the Essex Coast.

It comes in packaging that is as elegant as it is eco. Your vegan, palm-oil free egg will come in 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging. For optimum enjoyment, crack open a bottle of pinot noir when you crack in.

5. Vegan Chuckie Egg, Mummy Meagz, 99p per egg

The iconic cream egg. You have to have at least one (or a dozen) when Easter rolls around, but what about the chocolate loving vegans?

The Chuckie Egg by Mummy Meagz is its ethical, plant-based brother and the vegans’ sweet solution. You can crack open the rich chocolate shell to find the classic ‘creme’ filling inside, plus the yellow yolk, but minus all the dairy. These little treats are GMO, palm-oil and gluten free and have been created by a fully vegan family business in Yorkshire.

6. Bean-to-Bar Easter Egg, Salcombe Dairy, £19.00

Salcombe Dairy has the simple, sophisticated ethical Easter offering for chocolate lovers who appreciate an elegant egg. These independent chocolatiers craft their smooth, silky Bean-to-Bar Easter Eggs from single origin Peruvian cacao, sourced from South American cooperatives. Your luxurious egg is accompanied by two beautiful bars of their chocolate, and wrapped up with a nautical rope and fully compostable packaging.

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