9 Sustainable Homeware Brands For Ethical, Elegant Living

Our Favourite Ethical Homewares for Unique and Stylish Gems

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Dreaming of turning your home into an eco-utopia where style meets sustainability?

If so, we’ll take you on a home tour of the top sustainable homeware brands that are anything but ‘waste’ of space! 

From furniture to kitchenware and everything in between, they’ll help you curate the eco-sanctuary of your dreams.

After all, eco-friendly homewares also tend to be more stylish and unique than basic box store offerings!

Our Favourite Online Stores To Buy Eco-friendly Homewares

  • For elegant, handcrafted furniture that supports tree planting initiatives in Nicaragua, MayasaCo on Made Trade is the place to go. They create heirloom-quality pieces that you’ll always treasure. 
  • If you’re looking for an ethical homewares marketplace that champions small creators and rare, unique finds, check out Etsy. It has everything from reclaimed wooden tables to custom-made headboards. 
  • Sustainable, practical, and washable rugs are why we love Lorena Canals. The brand’s stylish handmade rugs can handle any spills thrown at it. 

Ethical homewares do more than just decorate a room. Investing in well-made items by independent artisan communities is a fantastic way to support makers and keep traditional craft-making techniques alive. 

Start scrolling through this list of our favourite ethical homewares stores and feel confident knowing that each one adds a unique style to your home while supporting conscious craftsmanship. 

And if you’re still what type of furniture is most sustainable, jump to the bottom to find more about how we selected the best eco-friendly goods for the home.

1. Made Trade

Sustainable Homewares - Images by Made Trade
Images by Made Trade

Price Range | $6–$2699 | Shop Made Trade

Made Trade is a marketplace for women-owned businesses’ sustainable, beautiful, and ethical home decor. Based in the US, they only sell products from brands that follow ethical practices and use responsibly sourced materials. Here’s a quick look at some of their brands: 


MayasaCo creates beautiful furniture from sustainably harvested wood. The brand started as a reforestation project in Nicaragua, and now it’s grown to become an eco-friendly furniture company. 

To date, they’ve planted over a million trees.

The Batea Side Table is made from teak hardwood and makes an elegant addition to your bedroom or lounge. It has a low-VOC natural oil finish that lets the wood grain shine through. 


Emeco creates sustainable homewares in the form of innovative furniture that’s designed to last. The products consist of waste materials such as recycled aluminum, cork, wood, eco-concrete, and plastic bottles. 

The 1 Inch Reclaimed Stackable Chair is made from 90% industrial waste material and features an elegant yet practical design. It’s stackable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and comes in various colors to suit your home. 

Loll Designs

Your garden can also get eco-friendly decor thanks to Loll Designs

All its outdoor furniture is made from partially recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from milk jugs and shampoo bottles. They’ve recycled over 135 million single-use milk jugs in their furniture since founding almost two decades ago.

Enjoy meals in the garden with the Alfresco Outdoor Dining Table, which comes in a range of sizes and colors. The table is made with recycled high-density polyethylene and aluminum, so it’s easy to clean, and it will never rot like wood.

2. Lorena Canals

Sustainable Homewares - Images by Lorena Canals
Images by Lorena Canals

Price Range | €19–€3,500 | Shop Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals’ Sustainable Homewares Range

One of our favorite sustainable home goods brands, Lorena Canals sells handcrafted, practical rugs. They’re made from responsibly sourced wool or cotton. 

All natural dyes are non-toxic and certified by international standards like GOTS and OEKO-TEX, so they’re safe in your home. 

The rugs are washable, too. No matter what spills, kids or pets are thrown at it, your rugs can be popped in the wash and be good as new again. 

We love the Washable Rug Berber Beige as its neutral style fits seamlessly with any decor in your home but still adds a trendy Bohemian style. 

No wonder it’s a bestseller!

3. Our Place

Sustainable Homewares - Images by Our Place
Images by Our Place

Price Range | £35–£655 | Shop Our Place

Our Place’s Eco Friendly Homewares Range

Our Place specializes in ethical homeware such as tableware and cookware. 

Think: colorful cast-iron sets and simple, elegant ceramics made from sustainable materials. 

Their crockery is made from durable ceramics, and glassware is partly recycled and part natural sand, while pots from their Always collection are 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum. 

Their sustainable packaging is plastic-free and fully recyclable, too. 

If you love hosting, the 20-piece Set the Table tableware set is for you. The set includes bestselling plates and bowls in different sizes that fit cohesively together. Smaller tableware sets are also available. 

4. Etsy

Sustainable Homewares - Images by Etsy
Images by Etsy

Price Range | Varies | Shop Etsy Reclaimed 

Etsy is a marketplace with a mix of vintage and handmade ethical home goods from sellers around the world. You’ll find everything from quirky picture frames to handcrafted tables and custom-made headboards. 

There are so many reasons why Etsy is one of the most sustainable choice—from the platform’s carbon offset shipping and renewable energy powered website to the fact that you shop locally if you so choose (for example, you can narrow your search to ethical homeware UK sellers only).

There’s something for every style preference and price point on this online platform, but here are some standouts sure to have some environmentally friendly gems

Pacifico Reclaimed

Pacifico Reclaimed is a purveyor of historic and modern wood furnishings based in New York. They sell rustic pieces that breathe new life into recycled wood and add a touch of originality to your home. Shop outdoor tables to picture ledges, and even bath towel hooks here. 

Their bestseller is hardwood farmhouse shelving. They come in a variety of sizes and wood finishes with brackets that make them look like they’re floating against the wall. 


birdloft makes custom reclaimed furniture from wood and steel. Each piece is handcrafted and completely unique, so you can guarantee a style you won’t see anywhere else. Shop for reclaimed solid wood coffee tables, or go lighter with a glass top steel version. 

We love the live edge coffee tables with mid-century modern hairpin legs. The Etsy Pick still has the shape of a tree trunk, which would certainly make for a dinner party conversation starter.  

Gomez Design Studio

Gomez Design Studio is all about creative design through material reuse in its sustainable home decor. Each piece has an individual pattern, either with geometric colors or natural varnishing. 

Browse their collection of centerpiece dining tables or multi-level side tables in either rectangular or circular shapes to suit your home. 

The Custom Reclaimed Lath Dining Table with Marble + Granite Inlay features, salvaged Carrera marble and black granite inlay with basswood trim and hairpin legs. It’s an elegant statement piece that can brighten your home.

5. Uncommon Goods

Sustainable Homewares - Images by Uncommon Goods
Images by Uncommon Goods

Price Range | £13–£3,902 | Shop Uncommon Goods 

Uncommon Goods’ Ethical Homewares Range 

Uncommon Goods is one of the top sustainable homeware marketplaces for unique crafts. 

The US-based Certified B Corp connects talented makers with customers looking for one-of-a-kind homewares. 

The in-house sustainability team has hand-picked all the home’s eco-friendly goods for their rare style, creativity, and commitment to the environment.

The artists they work with are encouraged to use sustainable practices for sourcing natural materials (like FSC-certified wood) or recycled materials where possible. 

All products are leather, feather, and fur-free and packaging is made from sustainable materials. 

So, what can you buy from this sustainable homeware brand? 

Handwoven baskets from BIPOC entrepreneurs, glass orbs that allow bees to drink from them, and Turkish ceramics, to name a few… 

If you’re a fan of charcuterie, the Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board turns snacking into a special occasion. Made from bamboo, it’s collapsible for easy storage and comes with ceramic bowls and cheese knives that slot inside it.

6. The Citizenry

Sustainable Homewares - Images by The Citizenry
Images by The Citizenry

Price Range | $399–$2,999 | Shop The Citizenry

The Citizenry’s Sustainable Homewares Range 

The Citizenry promises “the world’s most gorgeous goods for your home”, all ethically crafted. 

From bedding to furniture, the marketplace guarantees that 100% of its products are certified Fair Trade. 

The Citizenry’s sustainable Fair Trade home goods aren’t just about looks. They all have a unique story. Meet statement wall hangings made by fair trade artisans in Mexico and Indian rugs, which take a village to weave each one. 

You can’t go wrong with the Mercado Storage Baskets for stylish storage solutions. They’re handwoven in Mexico from lightweight, durable palm and are perfect for storing books, toys, extra bedding, or your own crafts.

7. Juniper

Sustainable Homewares - Images by Juniper
Images by Juniper

Price Range | £1–£95 | Shop Juniper 

Juniper’s Sustainable Home Goods 

Celebration of homes, gift giving, and conscientious consumerism are the foundation blocks of Juniper

Their collection has some of the best sustainable home goods in the UK, from textiles to kitchenwares to soft furnishings and storage.

Provenance plays a huge role in the collation of these eco-friendly homewares. Juniper sources belongings that are functional and beautiful but have a fully traceable and sustainable story behind them. They support artisans from all over the world, as well as British designers.

You can use sections of their site that are designated specifically to bees, Fairtrade, recycled and recyclable products to shop your ethics and make the most conscious purchases.

This Face Plant Pot adds some fun character to your houseplants, and it’s made from eco-friendly Jesmonite by a British artisan. 

8. Lusophile

Sustainable Homewares - Images by Lusophile
Images by Lusophile

Price Range | £5–£425 | Shop Lusophile

Lusophile’s Eco Friendly Homeware

It can be hard trying to find gift ideas from ethical homeware companies when you’re shopping online, and there are so many stores to choose from. Why not pick from a country instead?

Lusophile rounds up the best artisan and eco-friendly products from Portugal and wraps them up in a delicious looking website. 

Emily Hedges, Lusophile’s founder, realized there were hundreds of tiny Portuguese businesses that embody slow, sustainable practices but weren’t reaching a wider audience.

From rugs to clothes to accessories and even cookbooks, you can channel some Portuguese chic and support eco-friendly brands through this ethical space.

 We love their hand painted Terracotta Striped Jugs in black or delightfully bright tangerine. They’re perfect as a water pitcher or a cheerful flower display.

Why Should You Buy From Sustainable Homeware Brands?

All these sustainable brands are connected to the artists behind their homewares and strive to work with those who use the most ethical materials and manufacturing processes. 

This means you’ll be investing in lampshades, cushions, tea trays, and much more that are really unique and come with a story.

Unlike lifeless high street ‘things’, characterful and ethical homewares will transform your space and make it individual to you. Feeling more connected to your possessions and their history will make your house a more wholesome, homely space.

Lastly, some of the most sustainable homewares are the pieces you really love as it will mean they last you a lifetime and could even be passed on to your kids. This is a great antidote to waste and throwaway culture.

How Did We Choose The Best Eco-Friendly Homewares Brands?

We all know homewares consider of everything from furniture to decor—what is sustainable furniture and decor? Is West Elm sustainable, for example? 

First and foremost, sustainability is also determined by our relationship to the furniture. If we keep the furniture and then recycle it with a charity such as the British Heart Foundation, its useful life is extended as it’s kept in the circular economy. 

The problem is a lot of cheap ‘flatpack’ furniture is not built to last. They’re made of flimsy materials like chipboard or MDF, which degrade rapidly if you dismantle them a few times.

This type of ‘fast furniture’ is designed to follow trends and be short-lived. 

In some cases, quality flat pack furniture can be practical. For example, renters who move around regularly are challenged with decorating a new home every time. 

Beyond that, here are some things to look for in your next sustainable homewares purchase.


OEKO-TEX®, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), B Corporation (B Corp)

Fabrics & Materials: 

Eco-friendly homewares can be made of anything and everything—from FSC-certified hardwoods to compostable textiles to upcycled glass bottles.

It’s less important what the sustainable materials themselves are, and more than they’re either recycled, sustainably sourced, and/or non-toxic and natural materials. Ideally all three!

And it should always be built to last.

Carbon Goals & Achievements: 

Environmentally friendly homewares might green up our own, but it’s the brand’s overall practices that can green up the planet (or not).  Carbon offset programs, renewable energy, and localized sourcing are ways they can minimize carbon emissions and thus environmental impact.

For this reason, sites like Made Trade and Etsy—both of which offer carbon-neutral shipping in palace of all their sellers—are an excellent resource.

Supply Chain: 

Ethical homewares companies need to source their products ethically. They should disclose where and by whom their products are made, and take action to ensure all workers are getting fair trade (or better) wages and treatment.

Pay It Forward: 

Furnishings that give back to the planet or the people on it make for an extra happy home.

Closing Thoughts On Shopping Sustainable Homeware Brands

According to the North London Waste Authority, an average of 22 million pieces of furniture are thrown away in the UK every year, and most of them are sent to landfills, which has a huge environmental impact. 

A single piece of fast furniture generates up to 47 kg of carbon emissions. 

32% of bulky waste (both furniture and textiles) is reusable in its current state, which rises to 51% for items requiring only a small amount of repair.

What’s more, 30% of adults throw away household items that could have been reused, sold, or donated.

Investing in sustainable homewares breathes new life into pre-loved furniture, supports talented artisans, and gives your home a unique style. What’s not to love? 

If this list of sustainable homeware brands has inspired you, share it with a friend and help them turn their house into a sustainable home!