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Transforming the city’s relationship with its rivers

Thursday 15 August
Panel & Talks The Brokedown Palace, 178 Shoreditch High St, Hackney, London E1 6HU 8:30PM - 10:00PM £8 (includes the walk and the talk) / £5 (just the talk)

Rehydrate your connection with water by joining this evening of group walking, talking and learning about London's rivers. Our connection to them is becoming lost and forgotten in the hubbub of urban life, but they have the capacity to change our lives. Learn, contemplate and celebrate how, by listening to speakers and fellow water lovers.

In today’s world, our relationship with nature is becoming ever more strained and this disconnect is proving detrimental to our wellbeing and that of our planet.

Globally, more of us are living in urban areas, where nature is often exiled to the fringes. But to thrive, we need to ensure the health of urban ecosystems, and for many of us, rivers provide the perfect opportunity to foster meaningful connections to the natural world in our daily lives and city spaces.

That's the thinking behind this event. The evening will go as follows:


- Meet at The Brokedown Palace, Shoreditch. 
- Led by Theo Thomas, the London Waterkeeper, the walk will follow part of one of London’s lost rivers, The Walbrook, from its source in Shoreditch. 
- We’ll reflect on how rivers have shaped our cities in the past and what has been lost now that they are concreted over and hidden away, and will consider the value of “daylighting”, restoring and rewilding rivers in urban areas. (Optional, 20 places available only). 

7.30pm TALK 

Hosted in The Brokedown Palace, Shoreditch. A series of panellists will discuss the importance of urban waterways and the need to offer them environmental stewardship so we can build a more resilient relationship with nature within our cities into the future.

This event is a collaboration between London Waterkeeper, The Brokedown Palace, Another Escape and Patagonia. All came together through their shared values and ambitions to champion the natural world and those working to protect it.

Funds raised by ticket sales will support the work of the London Waterkeeper charity.
Transforming The City’s Relationship With Its Rivers

Dive into the influence rivers have on our lives today

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