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Vote With Your Wallet: How To Support Honest Brands

Wednesday 13 November
Webinar Everywhere and Anywhere 5:00PM - 5:15PM Free

Join this webinar to be part if an important discussion about how can we shop with a positive impact this festive season. Social Enterprise Provenance will discuss the role of transparency in our everyday lives with pebble's founder and editor Georgina Wilson-Powell.

Why Talk About This Topic?

Do you really know enough about the backstory behind the products you buy? Even if you take the time to investigate, how do you know that what’s being said is true? And what can we do to see through greenwashing? 

Register for the webinar if these queries strike a chord with you. All will be discussed and you can join in. The key questions that will be explored are:

  • What actually is ‘transparency’?
  • What to look out for and which brands are leading the movement.
  • How to vote with your wallet and make a positive impact.

Learn How To Support True Sustainability

Brands and businesses are beginning to embrace sustainability and better practices.  Georgina, founder and editor of pebble, will talk to social enterprise, Provenance about the importance of integrity, transparency and what ‘best practice’ looks like when shopping today. 

Find out how to vote with your wallet this festive season.

The role that Provenance and pebble magazine are playing in the transparency movement will also be on the table for exploration.

Provenance Event

What actually is ‘transparency’?

Who Are Provenance?

Provenance is a platform that empowers brands to take steps toward greater transparency. They use technology to make the businesses, journey and impact of products transparent to the millions of shoppers who buy them.

Provenance get under the skin of everything from ingredients and farm data to workers rights and recycling instructions. With this information, they connect shoppers with the brands and products that match their needs and values.

This webinar is co-hosted by Provenance and pebble. Your details will only be shared for communications related to the webinar.

Join the community for sustainable living, ethical fashion and eco travel

Unable To Attend This Webinar? 

Provenance will be running more all over the world, as well as workshops and regional events. 

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