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Act on Climate

Wednesday 7 August

An evening of collaborative action, inspiring stories from change-makers creating a positive impact on our planet and a celebration! Future Planet have brought together collaborative working and learning sessions to mobilise people to ACT on Climate for good. The activities will be followed by a celebration of their hard work with juiciness, drinks, food and awesome connections!

Future Planet maintain that each of us has the power to combat climate change in some form. They believe that not only can we harness our personal and professional actions to effect change, but that these actions will influence others to make changes too. When we act together, we can and will create the future that we dream of!

The questions this event seeks to explore are: 

  1. How we can we get there faster? 
  2. What actions can we make today to accelerate our transition to a sustainable future?

This is the theme of the evening! Expect to learn, be inspired, feel empowered and leave with a plan on how we can make a difference together.

The evening will be split into the following three parts:

Speakers and Panel

Founder Carl Pratt will lead a session outlining super short impactful words on the top ten actions we can make to combat climate change. 

Collaborative and Co-creation.

A series of groups will be created and facilitated. Each one will explore and align the top actions we can make to prevent climate change, how we can grow our influence and join together to make a difference.


A celebration of the evening will follow. All attendees will celebrate each other and everyone’s hard work to change the world for the better. Having fun whilst doing good with people is what Future Planet are all about.

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