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Learn How To Crochet

Thursday 20 February

Enjoy a relaxing evening immersed in a creative craft activity. Sustainable fashion brand SABINNA are going to teach you how to crochet! It will be fun and friendly, but eye-opening as well. You will leave the workshop with your own crochet flower accessory, as well as a real appreciation for how much work, time and skill go into handcrafts.

Whether you're a complete beginner or you have years of handcrafting experience, you are welcome to come and crochet with SABINNA!

Open to all levels, this will be a fun and relaxing evening. 

Once you've been shown the basic crocheting technique, you will be taught how to create an accessory, like a:

Learn How To Crochet Sabinna

Open to all levels, this will be a fun and relaxing evening.

This workshop is also designed to offer you an understanding of the labor that really goes into the fashion accessories you buy and love. As customers it's easy for us to buy something because we like the print, the pattern or the material and not stop to consider the hands that made it. 

After a few hours of crocheting you will walk away with a new found appreciation for the hours of patient work and years of skill behind your favourite bags and brooches. 


There's no brand better to learn this from than SABINNA. They strive to challenge their customers' understanding and perception of what 'fair fashion' looks like. They do this by creating truly sustainable fashion that is truly beautiful as well. They compromise on neither the aesthetics, nor the ethics of their range. 

This workshop is a great opportunity to see behind the scenes and to get a sense for SABINNA's amazing sustainable approach. 

Learn How To Crochet Crochet

Get a sense for SABINNA's amazing sustainable approach.

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