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The Art of Ceremony: Healing for the World

From Saturday 21 September

Do you find the modern world isolating and tough? This event about the Art of Ceremony could be for you. It will show you first hand how ceremony can bring healing to your life and to the world. You'll find your unique role as both participant and co-creator and be part of the wave of change for healing, reconciliation, and renewal.

So what is The Art of Ceremony: Healing for the World?

  • It will give you an understanding of the guiding laws of ceremony
  • Knowledge about the role of ceremony during the age of collapse and Deep Adaptation
  • A renewed energy for life!

Why attend this event?

This event is important because the modern world is crying out for healing in the following ways: 

  • Separations forged in the era of colonialism and conquest have divided us for centuries.
  • The intricate interdependence between humanity and the Earth has been wrought asunder.
  • In the process, we have planted the roots of a spiritual crisis that risks separating us from our innate wisdom and purpose.
  • These wounds have caused untold damage across the world and are keeping humankind from realising our true and highest potential.

Until these wounds heal, humanity will continue to harm itself and the natural living world. 

Bringing self, other and the whole back into a grounded and reverential connection will create the unity that is needed to restore the Earth to its abundant, verdant fullness. 

The Art Of Ceremony 1

On the day of the event

This event is a one-day workshop. On the day, you will explore how ceremony can help to support healing for the world. You'll do this by working through: 

  • The Laws governing ceremony
  • The phases and components of ceremony 
  • The sacred purposes of ceremony

Working together you will conjure a collaborative ceremony that transcends models of religion which are themselves shaped by The Story of Separation. 

In the new paradigm everyone is divine and a participant in the sacred work of healing and renewal. 

By collectively co-creating ceremony, power and unity can be brought into our time together. They will build the unity of thought and deed needed for lasting change. In this way, you will be initiated as a sacred activist, engaged in bringing peace and balance to a troubled world.

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