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'Meet The Makers' A series of Sustainable Workshops

From Sunday 24 November

Zero-Living presents 'Meet The Makers'. This is an exciting series of sustainable workshops. Come along to learn how to make your own necklace out of recycled material, master the art of macrame or even brew up your own cleaning products.

Face to face with the founders

Come to one of these special intimate workshops to learn a new craft, see how some of your everyday sustainable staples are produced and, of course, meet the makers based in Peckham.

By meeting the founders face to face, you will get a behind the scenes sense of how they work. Learn about the materials and ingredients these brands use, why they chose them and how they are sustainable. 

Meet The Makers 1

Make your own personalised recycled metal necklace

Who can you meet and what can you make?

There will be a pop up shop running throughout the day every day at the beautiful Bo. Lee gallery, from 24th November - 1st December.

Check out the sustainable workshops...

  • Sunday 24th Nov, 13:00-15:00 pm: Make your own personalised recycled metal necklace with ZM jewellery. £99
  • Sunday 24th Nov, 10:00-11:00am: Join a morning yoga session with Wolf and Mermaid on their 100% eco tree rubber mats. £15
  • Sunday 1st December 11:00-13:00 pm: Learn the art of macrame with Kalicrame. £35
  • Sunday 1st December 15:00-16:00pm: Get to understand organic ingredients and make your own natural cleaning product with the amazing Mitzie. £25
Meet The Makers 3

Understand organic ingredients and make your own cleaning products

Zero-Living are creating conscious shoppers 

Zero-Living is a platform where startups and local brands can showcase their products. They aim to give an insight into the sustainable journey of each company they work with. 

This series of workshops is designed to share Zero Living's goal of creating a more conscious way of shopping. Come along to gain a deeper understanding of how you can buy more sustainably, but without sacrifice.

Meet The Makers 4

Get an insight into the sustainable journey of each company

Delve deeper into how luxury jewellery can up its sustainability

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