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Patagonia Action Works Café

From Thursday 26 September

The Patagonia Action Works Café is opening its doors for two weeks of activism and inspiration in London’s Broadway Market. Come to learn how to make a difference! UK environmental organisations, who are supported by Patagonia, will be there to offer you expert guidance via the 1% For The Planet giving programme.

The recent shut down of the capital by climate activists and the latest set of climate strikes was the motivation behind this pop up cafe. It's object is to give you the chance to learn how to effect change.

Inspiration for the café comes from Patagonia Action Works, the brand’s new online platform which connects people with local, national and global grassroots organisations fighting to solve the climate crisis. 

Through the online platform, users can volunteer skills and time, sign petitions, discover local events and donate money to causes they are passionate about.

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Come and learn how to make a difference.

Which non-profits will be lending their expertise? 

The environmental non-profits on the platform come from all over the world. They include:

  • UK and Irish NGOs such as Extinction Rebellion
  • Save Our Rivers
  • Friends of the Earth
  • 10:10
  • Irish Seed Savers
  • Surfers Against Sewage
  • Rewilding Britain.

When can you attend the event?

The cafe will be open seven days a week from September 26th to October 9th: 

10am to 7pm, Mon to Fri
12pm to 5pm, Sundays

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Join workshops about Non Violent Direct Action

Why YOU should get involved: 

In case you had the faintest inkling of scepticism, here are four ways a visit to the Patagonia Action Works Café will ignite your inner activist. 

1. Be inspired to act
‘Action Postcards’ displayed in the café will feature 24 different actions that individuals can take, depending on how much time they have to spare. If it's five minutes it could be: Signing a petition to save the Right Whale from extinction. If it's seven days: It could be filing a Climate Litigation case against the government.

There will also be eight skill cards, offering opportunities to provide skilled volunteering to a range of NGOs, in areas such as photography, business development and accountancy.

2. Get into the mind of an activist
Practical and inspiring books written by thought leaders and activists are available to leaf through and borrow.

3. Start a conversation with someone making a difference

Outside of the café, on Broadway Market itself, UK environmental groups will be running stalls each market day, and fielding questions on what they do and how you can help.

4. Learn how to be effective
From a workshop on NVDA (Non-Violent Direct Action) to a discussion on carbon literacy or a walking exploration of the rivers of London, there are a range of free activities to sign up for, that aim to inspire, educate and galvanise support for tackling the climate crisis.

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“The platform should be an entrance into activism for first timers and a place to connect and share for those who have already begun”

Patagonia's activist background

Mihela Hladin Wolfe, Patagonia’s Director of Environmental Initiatives, EMEA, says: “With Patagonia Action Works we want to help more people go further in their environmental activism. The platform should be an entrance into activism for first timers and a place to connect and share for those who have already begun”.

The Europe-wide launch of Patagonia Action Works follows the huge success of the platform in North America, where it has seen half a million people take action to support environmental issues, enabled users to volunteer time and skills, join events, sign petitions and donate to conservation causes.

Patagonia has a history of supporting environmental activism including, most recently, closing all stores around the world in support of the Global Climate Strike movement, led by youth activists. 

For almost 40 years, Patagonia has supported grassroots activists working to find solutions to the environmental crisis.

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