This New Free Book Will Help Demystify Fast Fashion’s Toxic Secrets

Ready to call time on greenwashing in the fashion industry? A free new book helps anyone understand the complex global supply chains and toxic chemical use in fast fashion, so we can all make different choices when it comes to our clothes.

Back in 2017, the documentary RiverBlue turned us on to just how much damage the fast fashion industry was causing to rivers, waterways, oceans and landscapes through its overuse of toxic chemicals, which are used to dye clothes the colour of the next hyper-sped up season.

From foamy water, to purple rivers, endless environmental damage – and then the social and community impact of an industry build on not treating or paying workers properly.

While, Fashion Revolution Week, which takes place 20-26 April 2020, often focuse on the human cost of fast fashion, a new (and free!) book tackles the toxic chemical side of this dirty industry – we all have the right to access information that will change what brands we buy and who we support, and the fashion industry – one of the biggest in the world – has a long overdue responsibility to clean up its act.

Image RiverBlue

Detoxing The Fashion Industry For Dummies is a new freely available manual to empower fashion brands – big and small – to get the insights and information needed to detox their supply chains. And it enables you and me to differentiate a greenwash from a stonewash when it comes to our textile choices.

If that all sounds a bit daunting to you, the book breaks down previously labrinthine areas around chemical use in the fashion industry into simple questions such as

  • Why are there chemicals in my clothing?
  • Are they dangerous? Are they necessary?
  • And what is being done to improve things?

It also helps explain the complex global supply chains that allow multi-national fashion brands to be opaque about who makes their clothes and what their clothes are made. Are you ready to call time on global greenwashing?

The book has been created by the The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Foundation, who have over 160 contributors across the world, from chemists to maufacturers and is the first time people have pulled back the curtain on fast fashion, for consumers, for free. Their mission is to phase out hazardous chemicals in the global textile and footwear value-chain.

Frank Michel, Executive Director at The ZDHC Foundation and the book’s author, says: “This book opens the door to a safe future for humanity and for our planet. Written for fashion lovers as well as industry professionals, it is intended to expose the harmful impact of clothing production on people and the environment, and share best practices to turn everyone into true believers and activists of this fashion revolution.”

“If transformed, this is a sector with so much potential to improve people’s lives – but the relationship between chemistry and fashion is still not commonly understood. We want to raise broad awareness to accelerate change and drive impact in production regions for cleaner water and less air pollution in textile and leather manufacturing.”

Download the book for free today.

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