Fjällräven’s Exciting New Collection is Made Of Leftover Fabric

Swedish outdoor brand, Fjällräven is making items out of leftover fabric. Here's what it involves and how to get your hands on them.

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Ever wondered what happens to surplus fabric in the fashion industry?

The vast majority of it is sent to landfill or even incinerated. It’s a huge problem and an incredible waste of resources.

Swedish outdoor clothing brand, Fjällräven, is deciding to tackle this problem head-on by creating a unique collection made out of leftover fabric.

Aptly named “Samlaren,” which is Swedish for ‘the gatherer,’ the collection will be launching in time for spring and will be released in recurring, limited capsules to prevent as much waste as possible.

To Fjällräven, waste is seen as “lost potential” and Samlaren works to breathe new life into leftover fabric.

The concept behind Samlaren stays true to Fjällräven’s commitment to sustainability which has been a core part of the brand’s ethos since its inception in 1960.

They’ve always made it their mission to use recovered, recycled or eco-friendly materials to create finished products that are designed to stand the test of time rather than last just one season.

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“Our products should be made so that you are able to, and want to keep using it for as long as possible. Both in terms of look and design – it should be timeless”

Fjällräven’s Head of Sustainability, Christiane Dolva Törnberg explains: “Our products should be made so that you are able to, and want to keep using it for as long as possible. Both in terms of look and design – it should be timeless – and subsequently, foster an emotional connection that makes you want to wear and keep that product.”

This same idea is very much incorporated in Samlaren.

Each product in the series is one of a kind, limited edition and personal to help you develop a real, emotional connection to it.

Their innovative new approach to surplus material through Samlaren links back to the brand’s tradition of not letting resources go to waste while still delivering the utmost quality and durability.

This all comes down to the careful choice of materials which is not without its fair share of challenges, as Christiane says: “The most challenging part is for the designer to maximise material use, this is done by calculating consumption of each colour and material and then finding a construction that will maximize the use of what material we have available.”

Products in the new collection will be easily identified by the Samlaren badge. They’ve all been created using leftover fabrics from Fjällräven’s mills and factories so you can expect to see unique designs and playful colour combinations.

All Samlaren products still have the same durability, functionality and sophisticated design as their other ranges, proving the needless waste of leftover fabrics.

As the leftovers are limited, so too are the products in the collection and each one is numbered by hand so you’ll know exactly how many there are in the series.

The first product drop to look out for is a curated collection of reinvented classics made from surplus G-1000 fabric, including the popular Greenland Jacket in a vibrant colour block patchwork.

Other items include the iconic Kånken backpack and new versions of the tote bag and cap.

Keep an eye out for the Samlaren collection in selected stores and online. Products in the collection are highly limited edition so don’t wait to check out your favourites.

For more info go to Fjällräven.