Grand Designs: Home decor goes green with these 7 eco-friendly brands

Looking at some spring renovations or brightening up your home this year? From eco=friendly paints to sustainable furniture suppliers, it's never been easy to give your home a green makeover

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Sofas, beds, ottomans, chairs, paneling, paint, wallpaper – all important items in any interior designing endeavour. 

But in this ripened time of sustainability and eco-consciousness, it’s not enough to only have an eye for pleasing palettes, fashionable finds or knowledge of colour coordination. 

Knowing the product history, understanding the materials used in the creation of the item and confirming if the product has been ethically sourced and traded are key points in being a healthy and conscious consumer. But this all takes a lot of time and energy to figure out – two things we definitely don’t have! Luckily, with these trusted brands, the choices are clear.  

Room and board

One of the most transparent companies on production sourcing and process, Room & Board are committed to sustainable living. With more than 90% of their products manufactured in the U.S., they’ve partnered with many family owned companies to bring the best artistry and craftsmanship to the foreground, ensuring that each piece has a proud story to be told. 

Founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, they’ve received gold-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) placement, but their prices remain fair. They even offer free design services and custom made items, ensuring that all your eco-friendly home décor dreams come true. Go even further and meet the craftspeople that produce their stunning products here.


Papertile is revolutionising the way we see wallpaper, taking the word “paper” quite literally. Created by Dear Human ( a design duo who are based in Montreal), Papertile is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper using ceramic techniques that create a new material. The resulting tiles are hard as board, but light as cork, and can even be printed or painted on just like paper. These tiles also have amazing sound absorbing qualities, and are extremely easy to install, which makes them the perfect sound-buffering tool, disguised as décor.

They provide an easy creative outlet, giving you the chance to custom design your home as you see fit. Used as a wall accent, or treated as full coverage wallpaper, Papertile is the leading shape shifter of sustainable home décor.

Venoor Living

Inspired by the natural beauty from the southern village of Venur in India, Vênoor Living’s commitment to sustainability lies in their regeneration project. With every order received, they promise to plant a tree in the Rajasthan Thar Desert, rejuvenating the wrought Mangrove Forests and rehabilitating the current infertile farmland. They will also email the customer a certificate of the tree planted, as well as its GPS coordinates, allowing the buyer to track their tree’s growth.

All the wood used in their furniture is sourced from sustainable timber, they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as well as the EPCH’s Vriksh (Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, timber subsection), India’s national timber legality assessment and verification standard.

Pete Hill Design

Staying true to its eponym, buying from Pete Hill Design ensures that each piece created has either been built or hand finished by Pete Hill himself. Pete emphasises the beauty of small business – knowing exactly who is making your product and where it is sourced, keeping his business model open and honest.

All his items emphasise high quality British craftsmanship and he is committed to partnering with local manufacturers and artisans, extending and supporting the UK economy. His Wiltshire based timber merchant is a member of Grown in Britain, and is also FSC and PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. 

Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture was founded in the 1970s and it has evolved into the sustainable stewards they are now. Using only sustainably harvested hardwoods from the American Northern Forest, its lumber is shipped within a radius of 500 miles, which simultaneously keeps its imports local and lowers the emission of fossil fuels from less transportation. Copeland Furniture are pioneers in sustainable furnishing, and their resume is full of evidence to prove it. With a Sage Award from the AHFA (American Home Furnishings Alliance), a Silver Exemplary Membership from the SFC (Sustainable Furnishings Council), and a finish that is GREENGUARD Certified, they’ve proved their worth. 

Vincent Trading

Owned and operated by Emma and Mike Vincent, Vincent Trading blossomed in 2016 and is all handmade in Devon. Their company began with the serving tray; a tray they’ve honed to perfection over the years. They’ve now grown their company to create tables and chairs alongside their serving trays. The majority of their wood is reclaimed or is sustainably grown and managed.

Lakeland Paints

Lakeland Paints premium paints are premium all around – in color, in sustainability, and in health. Boasting of being the world’s first odorless and organic paint with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), Lakeland Paints have come a long way. Now featuring a cornucopia of different goods (such as breathable paints, microporous paints, deodorizing paints, primers, stainblockers, and washes – the list goes on), Lakeland is revolutionising home décor. They promise that their paints are so safe, non-toxic, and free of herbicides and pesticides, that even if dried films are chewed and swallowed, it would be harmless to the consumer (don’t try it); Lakeland Paint is changing the way paint is created.

Have you ever been to the Louvre? Or the British Museum? Or walked through the gothic halls of Westminster Abbey? All were painted with Lakeland Paints. Check out what else they’ve covered with their vibrant, non-yellowing power here.