How Highland Titles Is Helping Rewild Scotland

Highland Titles offers small plots of land and titles in Scotland to fund conservation. We find out more.

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Trying to find a quirky Christmas gift that isn’t just more stuff?

Highland Titles offer souvenir plots of land and a Laird, Lord or Lady title that support Scottish conservation and rewilding.

1 in 11 species in Scotland, such as golden eagles and red squirrels, are at risk of extinction and vast areas of countryside have become under threat from intensive farming, overexploitation, pollution, and unsustainable resource extraction.

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How Highland Titles works

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a Lord or Lady, this is a way of doing it without having to somehow inherit or marry into a vast estate.

Highland Titles gifts a souvenir plot of land to anyone who would like to purchase one as a gift.

Customers obtain a personal right to their plot of land, which is a valid form of heritable property that can be passed down to future generations. Highland Title remains as the registered landowner, however, which enables them to manage the land of behalf of the Lords and Ladies.

£75 buys a 10sqft plot of land in Kilnaish for example, your souvenir title, plus a certificate, detailed location of your plot and the knowledge you’re helping Highland Titles preserve and rewild the Scottish landscape.

Support important conservation work

Each purchase of a Highland title and your plot of land, supports a network of conservation projects across Scotland.

The first nature reserve, across 220 acres, near Glencoe was bought in 2006. Now in 2021, Highland Titles own and operate five nature reserves in Scotland:

  • Highland Titles Nature Reserve
  • Kilnaish Estate
  • Mountainveiw Nature Reserve
  • Glen Nant
  • Tulloch Reach

14,000 trees have been planted in Tulloch Reach alone in 2021.

Over 10,000 people visit the Highland Titles Nature Reserve near Duror every year.

As well as planting trees, Highland Titles have been busy creating biodiverse landscapes that include meadows for bees, a cycle path for people to explore and a hedgehog rescue centre was added amongst other things.

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Visit your Scottish plot of land

Once you had your gift registered, you can visit it at any time, along with visiting one of the five nature reserves which have been funded by Highland Titles, to see the rewilding and conservation work they have been doing.

You can fund your plot of land via an Ordnance Survey grid reference or by downloading the Highland Titles app.

Choose a Digital Gift Pack

Highland Titles Digital Gift Pack is a carbon negative gift offering, with no shipping and no packaging, and because it’s instantly available as a download it makes a great last minute gift!

Highland Titles plots range from £30-£750 for packages of various sizes and whether for individuals or couples.