Neal’s Yard Remedies Want To Recycle Your Old Toiletries

That's right. Don't bin those empty plastic bottles, Neal's Yard Remedies want to help you recycle them.

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Skincare, haircare, toiletries…whatever’s in your bathroom is still mostly still in single use plastic. But what to do with it, rather than chuck it in the bin?

Cult organic beauty brand Neal’s Yard Remedies wants to solve that problem and from now on will help you out.

Any of their stores across the UK will take sample sachets, pouches, facial wipe packages, plastic pumps and bottles and atomiers and recycle them. What’s even better? They don’t have to be from Neal’s Yard, they can be from any brand at all.

Click here to find your nearest Neal’s Yard store.

The move is part of a bigger shift at Neal’s Yard Remedies to get away from single use plastic. 

While most of the brand’s range comes in their iconic blue glass, it is going to make sure that all of its plastic bottles are recyclable by 2025.

Plus, every Neal’s Yard store will also fill up your resuable water bottle for free so you’re never far from going thirsty. 

They’re part of the fab Refill app which has created a UK wide network of shops, cafes and businesses that will give you tap water for free.

Want to ditch plastic all together? 

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