Is It Really Green? I’ve Written A Book!

Have you got your copy yet? Is It Really Green? helps to answer every eco dilemmas.

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That’s right! I’ve written a book.

Over the last year I’ve worked on Is It Really Green? with the wonderful people at DK Books – all to try and help solve everyday eco dilemmas. The kind of dilemmas you ask us on social media all the time, or perhaps argue about at home with your partner?

Dishwasher or washing up? Bath or shower? Which is greener?

I mean, what is more eco when it comes to non dairy milks? And does carbon offsetting really work?

I know it’s hard. Bloody hard sometimes to do the greenest thing, even if you have the willpower, way to do it and the money.

Eco-dilemmas exist precisely because the answers are complex and often result in another unwanted consequence. From overconsumption and the cascade of issues it’s caused, to the positive feedback loops in nature make climate change lurch foward, it’s complicated.

But that doesn’t mean we can give up, shrug or wait for someone else to solve it for us – we need all of us. Right now. All in.

Obviously, right now this is the Coronavirus’ world and we’re just living in it. But long term our approaches to many things also need to change, from short haul travel to suncream that doesn’t hurt the coral reefs.

There are also lots of budget or free ideas in the book that we can adopt while spending more time at home.

SO, in Is It Really Green? you’ll find helpful answers to over 140 everyday eco dilemmas. Like these guys:

  • What is the greenest way to shave?
  • What is the greenest way to do laundry?
  • Should you wash up by hand or use the dishwasher?
  • Which milk alternative is the greenest?

The book itself has also been made as sustainably as possible – we’re talking recycled paper (after vast research), locally based printers to reduce air miles and it’s a black and white illustrated book, rather than colour to reduce printing and inks.

Is It Really Green? Everyday Eco Dilemmas Answered is available from Bookshop.Org, Hive (Amazon) and it’s also available as an audio book.

Let us know if you’ve got a copy and what you think!