3 Ethical Ways You Can Help The Planet This Christmas

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3 Ethical Ways You Can Help The Planet This Christmas


Make the most wonderful time of year better for the planet this Christmas - we've got three easy ways to get started.

Alice Pritchard

Tue 26 Oct 2021

Even the most eco-concsious of us can throw it all out the window come Christmas.

Plastic waste, wrapping paper, synthetic trees, sticky tape, food waste, plastic name it, it's bad for the planet.

3 Ethical Ways You Can Help The Planet This Christmas

1. Use natural, plastic free decorations

Want to do no harm?

Make your Christmas decs out of what you can find around you.

Forage and gather pine cones, ivy, holly and twigs to decorate your home from local woods.

You can even collect spent pine needles to give your home that Christmas smell (plus they make a good ingredient for your compost heap in the New Year).

Or make one of pebble's DIY, plastic free, zero waste Christmas decorations…

5 easy DIY christmas decorations

Swap your tinsel for a popcorn garland instead

2. Be mindful of your gifts

It’s about giving good gifts, right?

This isn’t about the best deals or who has the top-selling products; that does nothing to help improve the situation that we’re plunging towards as we continue to kill the planet.

There are a few easy ways to make sure the gifts you’re giving don’t harm the planet.

  • Choose local gifts that have been made nearby.
  • Make your own edible Christmas gifts (click here for 9 easy and delicious ideas)
  • Choose organic or ethically made gifts that give back to charities or projects rather than mainstream brands.

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fabric wrapped gift on blue background

Can you make your gifts work harder to help other people?

3. Spread the word

One of the most important things you can do this holiday season, to help combat the damage we’re continuing to do to our beautiful planet, is to bring awareness to the real danger that the world and our climate is in.

Unchecked pollution; massive waste; destructive manufacturing practices - none of it would exist without human recklessness, and there’s no room for excuses anymore.

The Climate Report for the UN said clearly, we have 12 years left to change things around, so we need all unite behind the banner of protecting our world.

So this season, make your voice heard.

Start being active in your community by practicing ethical living and buying habits; join organisations that bring awareness to environmental issues (like our Ripples by pebble community) and encourage ethical practices; start your own blog and make your voice heard about the dangers of unchecked pollution.

Question brands.

Do your research.

Share what you find.

Inform your friends.

Form an action group.

How can you make a change?

Everyone has a voice, and every voice is needed. For too long, we’ve remained quiet and let the unchecked powers of consumerism and capitalism drive us towards oblivion.

Make this Christmas the time you decide enough is enough.

Make this Christmas the time you make your voice heard.

Make this Christmas the last time that we no longer stand idly by while our planet is destroyed.

Make this Christmas the time that we all speak with one voice, and one clear message - “No more.”

Need more eco friendly Christmas ideas?

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