10 Best DIY Fashion Blogs To Follow Right Now

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10 Best DIY Fashion Blogs To Follow Right Now


Get crafty. Check out pebble's roundup of the best DIY fashion blogs to inspire you to get out those sewing kits.

Romally Coverdale

Tue 25 Jan 2022

Crafting and upcycling clothes aren't new but during the last few years, it has seen a spike in interest, particularly when it comes to sustainability.

Check out some of our favourite DIY fashion bloggers and vloggers to inspire your make and mend next project.

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10 Best DIY Fashion Blogs You Need To Follow

basket with scissors and craft materials

1. Trash to Couture

This blog run by Laura Pifer shows that fashion can be made at home. Learn new sewing skills, along with more of an understanding of how easy it is to make new clothes at home!

model on bridge

2. Made My Wardrobe | Sewing Patterns and Workshops

Run by Lydia Higginson, Made My Wardrobe is an incredible DIY blog.

It's full of tutorials and workshops both online and in-person (not recently because of Covid-19) detailing how to create clothing yourself with clear, precise guidance.

With plenty of experience in designing she's the perfect teacher and inspiration to take a step into DIY.

4 different DIYs

3. Sew Liberated

With a focus on sustainability and slow fashion, Sew Liberated mentors women to reconnect with their clothing by making it themselves and offers digital PDF patterns in their online shop.

model holding sewing thread

4. Whipstitch: Modern Sewing Blog

Started by Deborah Moebes, Whipstitch is a blog with plenty of tutorials, garment patterns and classes to get you started with your DIY journey.

Create new gems, learn new skills and feel more confident wearing clothes you've made yourself!

Birthday Dress DIY Banner

5. DIY To Make: Make A Cosy Cape

Getting hands-on doesn't have to be hard work, especially with this cosy, chic cape.

DIY To Make shows you the process, equipment and skills needed to make this your own and learn along the way by creating a fashion piece you can treasure and wear for years to come.

Model wearing cape

6. Collective Gen

This is a fantastic platform created by a community of women who love to DIY their own clothes and homewares.

You can share ideas and follow video tutorials on various different projects, with lots of fashion advice.

Storage optimisation DIY

7. Honestly WTF

A crafty blog that covers exciting DIY projects to get stuck into from tie-dying to patchwork giving you ideas to personalise your wardrobe, upcycling both new and old fashion pieces.

With step to step instructions, you can be prepared and organised to create a new clothing piece you'll adore with your own personal mark.

DIY Upholstered Frames


This platform provides an assortment of fantastic, crafty DIY projects curated from their talented team of designers and collaborators, from creating unique fashion pieces to accessories.

There are easy guides and videos to support you in creating unique, personal projects which you can treasure.

iLoveToCreate website banner

9. P.S. I Made This...

If you're looking for customisation, this is the place to be. With hundreds of projects to choose from, personalising your wardrobe or house has never been easier.

6 examples DIYs

10. Sew DIY

With a primary focus on sewing, SEW DIY will inspire you to grab those threads and start loving the process.

The blog offers plenty of inspirational ideas and guidance to start and continue your journey, learning or refining your skills to create amazing clothing and accessories.

Quilting DIY

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