How To Make Origami Stars To Decorate Your Home

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How To Make Origami Stars To Decorate Your Home


Jazz up your home with these stylish, upcycled paper, origami stars that are perfect for Christmas decorating.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 12 Aug 2021

Origami stars are a fun and eco-friendly way to decorate your home this Christmas.

You can stick them to windows, thread string through them and hang them up instead of tinsel or even use them as creative dinner party place settings.

Another favourite use for them is hanging them on the Christmas tree.

These stars look complicated, but as paper crafts go, they’re surprisingly easy to make. Just follow the step by step tutorial we've linked below and you’ll have them down in no time.

How To Make Origami Stars

Recycled paper stars origami for a plastic free Christmas

The first step is to start collecting newspapers or any pieces of paper you find interesting.

We particularly love old sheet music from the charity shop. It’s a fantastic way to recycle old paper and add a touch of personality to the stars.

If you have a theme for your Christmas tree, you may want to choose or prepare your paper colours accordingly.

Paper size doesn’t matter as long as you can cut it down into a square. We recommend that you don’t go too small.

The general rule is the smaller the sheet of paper, the fiddlier it becomes.

Make things easier by starting off with half a sheet of newspaper cut down to a square until you get the hang of it.

origami paper stars and a present wrapped in newspaper

To make the stars themselves, we suggest looking at Homemade Gifts’ easy origami tutorial. It’s quick and simple to follow, and you’ll know the paper folding pattern by heart in a couple of goes.

Stick on some of your favourite tunes and start making with a cup of organic tea by your side.

Once you’ve made the stars, you can punch a hole into one of the points and tie a loop of twine through it or decorate how you wish.

These Christmas stars are a wonderful, plastic-free way to spruce up your home. Let us know if you make any yourself!

Red origami star in a Christmas tree

Hang your pretty Christmas creations on the tree

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