How To Fabric Wrap Your Gifts This Christmas

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How To Fabric Wrap Your Gifts This Christmas

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Cook time: 10 mins

Reduce your wrapping paper waste this Christmas and reuse fabric to create unique gift wrapping. Follow this easy guide on how to fabric wrap your gifts.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 28 Oct 2020

There are lots of different techniques and knots that you can learn but here is a simple method you can use.

You can work out how big you need it to be by placing the gift in the middle and roughly bringing up all of the corners together and making sure that there’s enough to tie.

This is a great use of any scrap fabric you might have – old tablecloths, t-shirts, tote bags etc.

If you’re using plain fabric and want to decorate it, you can use the same technique that we used for the printed paper wrapping and then leave it to dry for 30 minutes.

Hit the method to follow our easy steps to learn how to fabric wrap.

fabric wrapped christmas present on a blue background

All you need is a square piece of fabric.

And your present

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