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How To Make DIY Newspaper Christmas Cards

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How To Make DIY Newspaper Christmas Cards


Use up your old newspaper by making these easy DIY newspaper Christmas cards.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 23 Nov 2020

This year we’re making our own Christmas cards with sheets of newspaper and recycled ‘kraft’ card. These are so simple to make but will stand out.

Recycled newspaper Christmas cards for a plastic free Christmas

How To Make DIY Newspaper Christmas Cards

We had to try out a classic Christmas tree design.

We cut out three triangle tiers from the discarded paper, after the origami, and folded them in half.

We then laid them out on the recycled Kraft card so that they had a slight overlap and stitched up the centre.

You can even experiment with tearing pieces to build up different Christmassy shapes and scenes.

Get crafty!

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