Paper Decorations: Make These DIY Christmas Baubles With Leftover Paper

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Paper Decorations: Make These DIY Christmas Baubles With Leftover Paper


Get crafty with this fabulous leftover paper festive baubles tutorial. Jo Hill, founder of Art Star London, shares her festive make with us.

Jo Hill

Mon 15 Nov 2021

These beautiful paper bauble decorations are super easy to make from any leftover paper you have lying around…and anyone can make them.

You can use these leftover paper decorations to hang individually on a tree, create a simple mobile or string them together into a garland.

They can be made in any size and decorated as simply or as intricately as you like.

diy paper decorations hanging from a twig

Make These DIY Christmas Baubles With Leftover Paper

What you’ll need

  • Any pieces of leftover paper - try magazine pages or paper bags
  • Scissors
  • Paper Glue
  • Paint or marker pens for decorating the paper

Step 1

Take a rectangle of paper of any size, and cut it in half.

Then cut each half into three so you end up with six roughly even rectangular strips.

It really won’t matter if they’re not perfect.

Scissors and strips of white paper cut up

Get in the mood for some therapeutic crafting

Step 2

Cut both ends of each strip into a curve to create lozenge or oval shapes and then decorate the paper.

You could try potato stamping like I have here or use coloured pencils or crayons.

The final decorations will have more impact if you focus your design on the edges of one side and the middle on the other.

You’ll then get a lovely flash of colour from the edges of the side that faces the inside of your bauble.

The materials are free so you get to experiment and try things out!

coloured strips of paper with scissors

Start making colourful patterns on your paper strips

Step 3

Next you need to glue the tips of each strip together to create six teardrop shapes.

If your paper is a bit thicker it works well to curl them around something while you glue the tips - this stops the paper from creasing and keeps that lovely shape.

Scissor with some half made leftover paper baubles

Start sticking your paper baubles together

Step 4

Glue the tips of the teardrops together in two sets of three.

Then attach these two pieces together by slightly overlapping their tips (overlap them by about 1cm).

You can now go around and attach the centre of each ‘petal’ to its neighbour with a dot of glue.

To maintain the shape it’s best to attach them at their mid-point rather than too close to the top of the curve.

Make as many as you want and you're ready to hang them up and decorate your home!

scissors with finished paper baubles

Get decorating once you've made a few leftover paper baubles

diy paper decorations hanging from a twig

Once you get in the right mindset, it's amazing what you can make with simple things you have lying around at home, or can dig out of the recycling bin! It's also incredibly relaxing.

Why not get some friends round for some mindful crafting and see what other shapes and decoration ideas you can come up with?

Art Star founder Jo Hill is on a mission to make it easy for you to create beautiful and sustainable paper decorations for your home.

Making the everyday a celebration with colourful paper star kits, freestyle papercraft kits and joyful paper bunting! Find her at @art_star_london or at Art Star's website.

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