The Big Plastic Count: An Event To Count On

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The Big Plastic Count: An Event To Count On


We’re all doing our bit to recycle, so how come there is still so much plastic?

Something doesn’t add up…so The Big Plastic Count wants us to count all our plastic.

Romally Coverdale

Fri 1 Apr 2022

Join The Big Plastic Count to help push the UK government, brands and supermarkets to tackle the plastic crisis.

What Is The Big Plastic Count?

Founded by Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic, The Big Plastic Count, is set to provide game-changing evidence that will push the government to act now.

Every year the UK generates more than two million metric tonnes of plastic packaging waste - roughly equating to 36kg of plastic waste per person.

This is only part of the five million tonnes of plastic used every year overall.

Yet this waste is not handled by the UK, as roughly two-thirds of plastic waste is sent overseas to be 'recycled', although there's little evidence it is recycled.

massive pile of disused plastic waste

It is no surprise that plastic is bad for the environment as it does not decompose, lasting for centuries in landfills or the natural environment.

This, in turn, pollutes soils, rivers, and oceans, harming wildlife and people alike.

This May, The Big Plastic Count, is calling for volunteers to witness the amount of plastic that is accumulated in just a single week.

The aim is to show the government that it is time to commit!

We need to reduce single use plastic by 50% by 2025, and ban sending our plastic waste to other countries.

Adult and child counting

How to help?

Across the country, community groups, households and businesses are going to count the amount of plastic for one week - 16th to 22nd May 2022.

Simply sign up to receive a free pack with everything that is needed (all plastic free and made with recycled paper). The Big Plastic Count will provide volunteers with a personal plastic footprint, to see what really happens when plastic leaves the home.

The Big Plastic Count are also providing packs for schools, with the aim to spread awareness and educate children.

Sign up now, and make your plastic count!

'sign up now' sheet from The Big Plastic Count
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