10 Things To Do At Home (That Still Help The Planet)

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10 Things To Do At Home (That Still Help The Planet)


Bored? Stuck at home? Not sure what you're going to do to amuse yourself in the face of national lockdowns? Don't worry we've got some ideas to get you going.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Sun 15 Mar 2020

If you’re suffering from Coronavirus (Covid-19), self-isolating or just avoiding going out so much (like the rest of the world right now), that means a lot of time at home so don’t just spend it curled up under the duvet or watching Netflix (although tempting). 

Scary, yes, uncertain, most definitely, but right now we can also use our time to learn new skills and crafts, read around and understand more about complex issues, do more reading, play games and work on mindfulness.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas for things to do when you’re stuck at home.

10 Things To Do At Home (That Still Help The Planet)

1.) Have a huge sort out

Decluttering helps calm the mind, gives us a sense of control and it is still spring, so, if like me you threw the windows open for the first time this weekend, it’s time to sort out stuff that’s accumulated over our winter hibernation. 

Don’t forget to send things to charity shops (when you can), recycle clothing where appropriate and if you’re passing things on or donating them, give them a wipe down with disinfectant. 

You might even discover a lost craft drawer that’s now looking rather appealing (just me?).

5 simple tips for living a life less throwaway

How to live less wastefully is a book by Tara button

It's time for a spring sort out

2.) Learn to darn a sock

Who has holey socks? I certainly do. Stop throwing them away and learn how to darn a sock (or anything else that has holes in it). Find inspiration on wearing your darning (however good or bad) with pride, with the #visiblemending hashtag.

3.) Play this plastic free boardgame

Nudge came out last year, made from recycled cardboard (it fits through your letterbox) and is a brilliant strategy game for two. It looks simple, but it’s definitely not. Challenge your partner or housemate to an ongoing championship.


Super simple but very addictive - have a go at Nudge

4.) Get flexible with a 30 day yoga challenge at home

If you’re not keen on going to a yoga studio at the moment or if you’ve never tried yoga before - now’s the time to embrace the millions of free yoga practises on YouTube. All you need is a mat and some floor space.

I love Fightmaster Yoga’s 30 Day Challenges and they’re available on YouTube for all ages and abilities. Saving the planet starts with self-care.

Daily yoga can help mindfulness, anxiety and stretches cooped up muscles

5.) Get meal planning and hit the recipe books

Whether you’re using up stuff at the back of your cupboards, trying to reduce food waste or you’re just bored, take the time to make a meal plan for the week ahead. If you’re reducing your time in restaurants and cafes, or can’t go out - can you recreate something special at home in the kitchen?

Recipe books are my favourite form of escapism but I rarely give myself the time to flick through them and come up with meals for every day. 

Set yourself a budgetary challenge or see how few ingredients you can use across as many meals as possible, to reduce leftovers and waste.

7 vegan cookbooks that will make you fall in love with plants

plates of aubergine tart from above

Who's up for a cookbook challenge?

6.)  Write to your MP 

Yes they are probably distracted right now but writing to your MP about environmental issues does keep up the pressure on long term climate change action and we need to keep on track for Britain to be a carbon neutral economy by 2050. What we're going through right now is unprecdented but we can't forget about our long term planetary problems.

7.) Make your own oil based facial cleanser

More time at home means more time for making (as well as mending) so cross more face cleanser off your online shopping list and have a go at making your own oil based facial cleanser.

Bottega Zero Waste founder, Marta Tarallo, shares how to make your own plastic free, zero waste, oil cleanser at home.

How to wash your face with an oil cleanser

Try out making your own oil cleanser - it's easy and plastic free

8.) I love these books

From the best books to inspire activism and protest (when we return to the streets) to getting a dose of outdoor adventure from your sofa or being inspired by Rob Hopkin’s call for more imagination, now’s the time to hunker down and travel via the pages in your hands.

Tim owner of Adventurous Ink sitting in a cafe reading a book

Find inspiration at home with some of the most wonderful books out there

9.) Join a campaign

While we may not be able to physcically get together and take direct action to save the planet, there’s plenty we can still do.

  • Join Extinction Rebellion and offer skills, time or donations. 
  • Join Friday Future Love and dedicate one day a week to helping the planet, via donating creative or other skills.
  • Sign online petitions. Here are a couple to get you started:

Urgent Climate Action via Friends of the Earth (they only need 70,000 more to hit their target - can you help?

Commit to net zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the UK by WWF

Find inspiration from those who have been protesting - 6 Things I’ve Learnt as an Extinction Rebellion Activist

10.) Create a bee-friendly garden or balcony

If you're at home, do you have a garden or balcony? If so, let's help other species that have had their own pandemic problems, the bees! Even if you've only got room for some planters, there's something you can do. 

We've had lots of great advice over the last couple of years, on how and what to plant for bees. Check out one of these features below, what can you instigate in your home?

5 ways to plant for honeybees in the city

Buzzin’: 10 ways to create a bee-friendly garden

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