WHiP Review: Book Into This Vegan and Eco-friendly Hairdressers

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WHiP Review: Book Into This Vegan and Eco-friendly Hairdressers


Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 2 Sept 2021

Hands up who will never take hairdressers for granted again?

But how much do you know about the damage hairdressing can cause our waterways, oceans and the planet.

Those foils, that bleach, all those’s a heavy duty toll when we want our hair done.

WhiP wants to do things differently.

inside a recycled and up cycled hair salon

WhiP is a vegan and eco-friendly hair salon in Hackney, London and I went along this summer to test it out.

Why is WhiP sustainable?

WhiP have gone big on reducing their waste, choosing to use paper versions of foils needed to dye hair and eschewing big salon haircare brands for vegan and eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner like Evo and Oway.

Did you know that research (from Eco Hair & Beauty) shows that UK hairdressers recycle only 1% of their foil, so not using foil gets round that problem handily.

Everything on site is recycled, even your hair that’s lying on the floor and WhiP use an eco-friendly water system that wastes less water from their shower heads.

All of the furniture is recycled or secondhand, even the LPs are old.

looking into a recycled vintage hair salon

The experience at WhiP

I arrived hot, sweaty, stressed and having not had a chance to think about what I actually wanted from my first haircut in six months.

I had got used to having longer hair so I didn’t want to go super short or anything too radical.

Life has felt stressful enough recently without chucking a completely new hair-look in the mix, so for me the emphasis was on service, getting my hair looking like it had a cut and not just been left to evolve on its own out of the sight of society.

And WhiP smashed it with style and grace. A simple head massage was heavenly after more than a year of no random human contact.

Just taking the time for some self-care in an environment that isn't home does wonders for the soul. Actually putting yourself in the hands of professionals is even better.

bottles of eco friendly shampoo on a wooden shelf

Have you thought about the impact of your hair cut and colour?

My stylist helped to shape, tidy and give me the kind of no effort cut that at least made it look like my hair was cared for, bringing out my cheekbones, and lopping off a good few inches with expert eye.

Even though what I wanted wasn’t exactly daring, I could tell I was in kind, capable hands and everyone at WhiP has years of experience in colour, styling and cutting, often working with some of the biggest names in the business.

vintage mirrors on a wall in Whip salon
“Vintage mirrors catch the daylight, 50s style chairs wait to turn you into a Hollywood starlet and a lovingly curated music selection plays out on vinyl”

The salon

Punky, rockabilly, retro, the small salon fits right into the heart of Hackney, where it’s based.

Vintage mirrors catch the daylight, 50s style chairs wait to turn you into a Hollywood starlet and a lovingly curated music selection plays out on vinyl.

WhiP is hip, granted but even better, it’s staffed by people passionate about making your hair look amazing.

Expect to be greeted with local, vegan friendly craft beers, wine or soft drinks, or just a sympathetic ear when you’ve had a long day (or like me a rather long, stressful journey to arrive).

stripey floor and ceiling in whip hair salon

WhiP: What you need to know

WhiP is a small salon and they've taken all the Covid precautions necessary to keep you safe, but that means some changes.

Consultations can be done online, there are staggered start times, chairs 2 metres apart and no indoor waiting.

Find it at 7 Morning Lane, Hackney, London.

Nearest Tube: Hackney Central

Book your eco-friendly hair appointment at WhiP.

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