101 Zero Waste Shops in The UK: The Best Options For Local Plastic Free Shopping

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101 Zero Waste Shops in The UK: The Best Options For Local Plastic Free Shopping


There's been an explosion in the number of independent zero waste shops in the UK. Is there one near you? Scroll down to have a look.

Phoebe Bracken

Tue 26 Jul 2022

Zero waste shopping isn't just for bulk-buying, lentil loving hippies.

Aside from the growing problem with single use plastic and packaging, did you know a fifth of your shopping bill goes on packaging?

Zero waste stores have become a real force for showing how conscious consumerism can change the way we buy and eat our food.

What is a zero waste shop and how does it work?

Zero waste shops cut out unnecessary and wasteful packaging by stocking bulk products in large dispensable containers or jars.

They also stock products from brands that are ethical and committed to zero waste and plastic free packaging.

How these stores work can differ slightly, but on the whole, you’re required to bring your own containers - whether that’s bags, bottles or boxes - to avoid as much waste as possible.

Weigh your empty containers and then fill them up with your desired product using the self-weighing system. Take your containers to be re-weighed by the shop and pay. Easy!

Why are zero waste shops good for the environment?

Plastic free shops help you to:

  • Cut down on pointless plastics and single use packaging
  • Combat food waste as you only buy what you need
  • Help you eat more organic and sustainable ingredients
  • Stock up on eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Refill your shampoo and soap bottles
  • Support local suppliers and put money back into your local economy
  • Find a local community of like minded people who want to help the planet

We're talking organic veggies, nut butter ground in store, Fairtrade tea and coffee and most of the below stores also sell plastic free cleaning products, homewares (hello bamboo toothbrushes and steel lunchboxes).

Jump to our zero waste shop lists in:

We know, they're not everywhere, and not everyone can access them yet - but there are lots more opening or check out our 11 Plastic Free Online Shops You'll Love

Scroll down to find your local zero waste store and if you want to add a shop to the list, let us know in the comments below!

Plastic Free Shopping: 100+ Of The UK's Best Zero Waste Shops

Best Zero Waste Shops in Wales

1. Ripple, Cardiff

On Albany Road, you will find Cardiff’s first not-for-profit zero waste shop, Ripple with refillable bulk staples, along with sustainable homewares and natural beauty products, like plastic-free shampoo and deodorant. The store has a community feel to it and offers treats like pure nut butter from their in-store machine and other packaging-free goods like gluten-free pasta and household detergents.

2. Happy Planet Green Store, Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has joined the zero waste shopping revolution with the recent opening of Happy Planet Green Store in Narbeth. This cute shop stocks dried goods you can scoop and weigh out, bring your own containers or use the recycled paper bags available. There are also organic and natural toiletries, cleaning supply refills and eco-friendly garden tools.

3. The Little Pantry, Tenby

Plastic free loving Pembrokeshire people can pop into The Little Pantry in Tenby which opened last May. Dried goods, ethically sourced, local and seasonal veg and all the household cleaning refills you could need are all in stock. Just roll up with your reusable containers.

4. Natural Weigh, Powys, Wales

Powys has its own zero waste shop in the form of Natural Weigh. It stocks organic and local dry goods that you can weigh out into your own containers as well as cleaning products and plastic free straws, as well as soapnuts and reusable containers.

Find it in Crickhowell in Powys, Wales, in the beautifully old and staunchly independently spirited Corn Exchange.


The UK now has hundreds of zero waste shops. These are some of our favourites

Best Zero Waste Shops in Scotland

5. New Leaf Co-op, Edinburgh

New Leaf Co-op has been suggested by lots of pebble readers. For those that don't know it, this hidden away gem in Argyle Place, Edinburgh sells loose dry goods that you weigh out into your own containers and plenty of gluten free, vegan and dairy free options, including some amazing plant mylks. The store acts as real community hub, with the staff getting involved in other waste less, recycling and upcycling programmes.

6. Locavore, Glasgow

Scotland's Locavore has a lot of lovers out there. Locavore is all about building a more resilient, sustainable food system - which includes a zero waste shop, veg box scheme, farm and a lot more. The social enterprise shop (which funnels profits into the other sections of its sustainable food system) sells not just organic dry goods but eco-friendly household cleaners, local honey, cheese and milk and a daily changing selection of locally made bread.

7. Sea No Waste, Angus

Sea No Waste has opened in Angus, Scotland with over 150 bins of plastic free foodstuffs (including homemade nut butter) plus everything else you need from water bottles to reusable paper towels.

8. The Refillery, Edinburgh

The Refilllery in Newington, Edinburgh is a plastic free store stocking a huge range of groceries and ethical goods. With many of their products being sourced locally, such as honey from third generation producers and loose-leaf tea from Eteaket both based in Edinburgh, this shop is a perfect spot for more sustainable consumption.

9. Weigh To Go, Edinburgh

Weigh To Go, on Leith Walk, Edinburgh sells a wide range of refillable toiletries, spices and groceries. The store has milk sold in glass bottles that can be returned and refilled, a variety of dried fruits and nuts, and also have non-packaged nutritional yeast. Many of their products, such as their fermented goods, butter and are sourced from local suppliers in Edinburgh.

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10. The Re:Store, Moray

Head to the harbour end of Queen Street, Lossiemouth to find this zero waste shop perched on the edge of the sea it’s re:storing. The Re:Store, Moray is a zero waste refillery that stocks loose dried food, fresh local produce, and a wide range of plastic free bathroom and kitchen essentials, all made in the UK.

Best Zero Waste Shops in London & surrounds

11. Get Loose, London

Part of Hackney City Farm and a social enterprise, Get Loose sells organic pasta, fruit, nuts pulses, grains, mylks in glass bottles, cheese in compostable wrapping and lots more.

12. inn, London

inn is a new a zero-waste shopping and refill startup in South London. It's a little different in that your products arrive in sustainable, reusable packaging. They then collect from you when empty and reuse them thereby minimising plastic and paper bag waste and the need to produce more packaging.

13. FILTR, Croydon

FILTR is a no waste shop in Coromandel Coast's cafe in Croydon. Stop by for the usual dried pantry essentials, personal and household cleaning products as well as a range of spice blends.

14. The Refill Larder, Teddington

Just outside London you'll find The Refill Larder in Teddington. There are your usual dry goods but also a really lovely selection of plastic free bathroom items, with brands like Soap Daze and plenty of household plastic free swaps. Say hello to brown paper sandwich bags, copper pan scrubbers and vegan friendly food wraps.

15. True Food, Reading, Berks

True Food is a not-for-profit community shop in Reading, owned and run by its members. It sells organic, local, ethical, sustainable and plastic free products, it also offers extensive refill of dry and wet products. Many customers become members and volunteer their time to help run the shop and business.

16. BYO, London

The coolest part of London, Tooting, just got cooler with the opening of BYO, a zero waste store within Tooting Market. Pop by for info on how to have a low impact lifestyle, chat all things zero waste and of course pick up your plastic free ingredients, toiletries and more.

17. The Source, London

The Source Bulk Foods have two stores in London, one in Battersea and one in Chiswick and now also deliver nationwide. They are owned by Patrick and Makayla, Australians who have made London home. The stores have over 500 different products ranging from staple pantry items, like nuts, grains, pastas as well as honey, oils, household cleaning products and a large range of amazing snacks. Also check out their website with zero waste tips, recipes, product benefits and blogs.

18. Mission Green, London

The plastic free store Mission Green in South-East London has an assortment of refillable foodstuffs in gravity dispensers and glass jars for you to choose from. You can also pick up organic, packaging free fresh fruit and vegetables here, as well as household and personal hygiene products like natural deodorants.

19. Re:Store, London

The physical side of Re:Store is located at the Hackney Downs studios. Here you will be able to find a wide range of lovely local Hackney & East London produce, like tofu and vegan cheeses, Kombucha, vegan pesto, curry paste and pasta made from ancient grains.

20. Cups and Jars, London

Cups and Jars is a cafe and bulk food shop in Forest Gate, East London selling a tantalising range of products from the essentials like nuts and five different kinds of rice to more unusual items like handmade pesto and vegan and natural wines. There is an incredibly colourful array of organic fresh fruit and vegetables and if you get hungry just at the sight of it all, the cafe serves up some beautiful looking food.

21. SWOP Market, London

Shop Without Packaging (SWOP) in Lee Green, South-East London brings you an entirely plastic free, vegetarian or vegan way to shop. In addition to stocking household and personal hygiene refills, SWOP has loose coffee, tea, fruit and veg which, where possible, have been sourced locally. As well as being a grocery store, they also sell pastries and coffee.

22. Bulk Market, London

In a hipster railway arch on Bohemia Place, East London Bulk Market offers an ever-increasing range that mostly comes from within 50 miles of the plastic free shop. As a social enterprise, this bulk no waste store aims to be sustainable at every step and are part of the Terracycle UK scheme in which you can drop off hard-to-recycle plastics. Along with stocking whole grains, nuts, dried fruits as well as oils and vinegar, this store has recently added to its dairy-free range, now offering nut milk and dairy-free cheese. Look out for the goodies that are coming soon, such as kombucha and pet food.

23. Mother Works, London

As part of the vegan organic cafe in Hackney Wick, East London Mother Works has a refill station where you can stock up on their high-quality products, such as the granola that is made in-store. The cafe is a cool hangout spot and strives to be zero-waste, rewarding you with a discount if you bring your own container or cup.

24. Naked Larder, London

Herne Hill's own take on the zero waste shop is Naked Larder, which runs more like a click and collect service. Put your plastic free shopping order in online and then take your own containers to go and pick up your order.

25. Harmless, London

North London has its own plastic-free, vegan shop in the form of Harmless. While this might be the smallest waste free shop we’ve come across, it’s the only one you can have a beer at while you’re collecting and weighing out your zero waste shopping. There’s the obvious plant-based dry goods but also household cleaning supplies and life’s little pleasures like vegan Parmesan.

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Zero Waste Shops: Harmless is a zero waste shop in north London

Have a local craft beer while you're waiting to weigh out your food at Harmless

Best Zero Waste Shops Midlands & East of England

26. NADA, Leicester

Everyday plastic free staples are what's on offer at NADA in Leicester which opened this summer. Pop down for beeswax wraps, plastic free loo roll plus all the food stuffs you'd expect.

27. Nature's Intention, Bromsgrove

Find vegan-friendly, zero waste Nature's Intentions in Bromsgrove in the Midlands. There's a huge selection of food (like raw chocolate, vinegars, herbs, pulses) and non-food items including sustainable nappies, oils, soaps and so on. Don't worry if you forget your jars and bags, the store keep a supply of secondhand glass jars for emergencies.

28. Bamboo Turtle, Hertfordshire

Bamboo Turtle is the first zero waste shop in Herts but if the rate of openings carry on we can't see it being the last. While Bamboo Turtle only stocks dry goods for now, it also does a good line in plastic free toiletries like toilet rolls, shampoos, conditioners, make up removing face pads, bamboo straws and soaps.

29. Daily Bread, Northampton

Daily Bread is on Bedford Road in Northhampton and has a few refill stations where you can stock up on sustainable cleaning products. Whilst the rest of the products in the store are not zero-waste, they are all ethically sourced and there are some plastic-free alternatives to everyday items, such as bamboo straws and reusable coffee cups.

30. The Simple Life Unwrapped, Shropshire

The Simple Life in Much Wenlock provide a range of vegan and organic foods, letting you purchase in a quantity that suits your household consumption. So they help limit your food waste, in your own containers. Their range of household and personal products are either unpackaged or packed in a more sustainable material that can be recycled, reused or composted.

31. Refill Revolution, Market Harborough

Pop up shop Refill Revolution has brought the zero waste shopping experience to Market Harborough's indoor market with detergent and cleaning refills, dry goods and many other household essentials.

32. The Refill Pantry, St Albans, Hertfordshire

St Albans now has a zero waste shop, in the shape of The Refill Pantry. Dried food, natural toiletries and skincare - nearly everything is organic, ethically-sourced and natural. Pop by and just pay for what you weigh.

33. Rugby Unwrapped, Rugby

Rugby Unwrapped is a reduced waste shop with an eco friendly and ethical approach. They sell a variety of food, home and personal care products with little or no packaging.

34. Aylesbury Eco Stores, Aylesbury

Zero waste shopping has come to Aylesbury with the opening of the Eco Stores. They sell cupboard essentials, eco friendly cleaning products, household items and much more, in an environmentally friendly packaging free way.

35. Dash Vegan, Nottingham

Dash Vegan is a vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free supermarket stocking all of your eco-friendly essentials. Take your own containers and stock up on tea, coffee, nuts, herbs and even a locally made veggie burger mix. They also provide a vegan food delivery service, cutting down on packaging and ensuring everything is ethical and wholesome.

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36. The Market Garden, Eynsham, Oxfordshire

Traditional greengrocers, The Market Garden, who grow much of their fruit and veg themselves, have expanded to include zero waste shopping on dried goods plus herbs and spices, household products and toiletries. Take the excuse to pop to the Eynsham Cellar opposite for refills of wine and cider.

37. SESI pop up shop, East Oxford Farmers' Market

Find the popular zero waste SESI pop up shop at various farmers' markets in East Oxfordshire at weekends. A social enterprise that pays students the Living Wage to help out, it stocks 100 whole food and household detergents and supplies many other shops in the region.

38. The Clean Kilo, Birmingham

Birmingham’s first zero waste shop opened in June and has already made a huge impact on plastic free people. The Clean Kilo is based in The Custard Factory in Digbeth and zero waste shoppers can look forward to plastic-free food, drink, toiletries and cleaning products.

39. The Wholesome Weigh, Hitchin

As well as being completely plastic free The Wholesome Weigh stock plenty of ethically sourced produce and really focus on supporting growers co-ops. They even do local deliveries using cargo bikes. This is not only the place to go for all your essential refills of food, cleaning and bathroom products in Hitchin. The Wholesome Weigh also stock Fairtrade, organic, local and artisan products.

40. unpckd, Hitchin

unpckd delivers refills of dry food, toiletries and cleaning products in returnable, reusable containers: you order online, get refills deliver direct to your doorstep and when you need more swap full for empties, milkman-style. With a growing delivery area covering Hertfordshire, East Bedfordshire and Cambridge - unpckd is on a mission to make package-free shopping of mainstream everyday staples, accessible and affordable.

Zero Waste Shops: outside of a red brick building in Birmingham

Birmingham has its own zero waste store in Digbeth

Best Zero Waste Shops in North of England

41. Waste Not, Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire

Waste Not is a minimal waste shop at the The Grange, Burley in Wharfedale. Helping you to reduce plastic consumption, the minimal waste shop is for dry goods, refills of cleaning products and homewares and hopes to get the local Yorkshire area moving to plastic free shopping.

42. The Weigh To Go, Durham

The Weigh To Go sells all your essential zero waste dried goods, treats and household essentials.

43. Earth Unwrapped, Northallerton

You can refill dried goods, oils, vinegars, detergents, shampoos and conditioners at Earth Unwrapped. Ditch single-use plastic and reduce food waste and bring your own container!

44. PLENTIFUL, Ramsbottom, Bury

Greater Manchester's first zero waste shop has opened recently to much coverage including an unveiling by Mayor Andy Burnham. With 100 food stuffs (80% of them organic), and everything from plastic free loo roll to plastic free skincare to order, PLENTIFUL should be a new favourite in no time.

45. A Small Good Thing, Bolton

Two friends set up the zero waste store, A Small Good Thing, on Church Road, Bolton as a community greengrocers. As well as having crates of seasonal and fresh fruit and vegetables to choose from, this store is notably offering pre-packed meal (compostable) boxes with everything you need for a plastic-free, healthy meal all in one.

46. GINGKO, Altrincham, South Manchester

GINGKO is part zero waste store along with a herbal dispensary with nutritional supplements and it also has a wide range of packaging-free natural cosmetic ingredients to make up your own natural beauty products. They source bulk foods from cooperatives and try wherever we can to support the local community - from working with a pottery school across the road to local glassblowers, illustrators, seamstresses and even chai makers.

47. Another Weigh, Penrith

Another Weigh on Angel Lane in Penrith is open Tuesday-Saturday. The cosy store offers an extensive selection of plastic-free products like loose leaf tea, dried fruit and a range of spices. If you fancy, you can use their mill to make your own nut butter without all the additional funny stuff. There is also the offer of oat and nut milk freshly made in store. The not for profit store also has its own charity to help local communities.

48. Panda Refills, Leeds

Panda Refills in Leeds Kirkgate Market has loose plant-based produce, in addition to offering household and personal items without all the plastic, such as reusable homemade cotton face wipes. This store doesn’t stop there, they also have dog and cat food for all your furry friends and you’ll be rewarded for cutting down on your plastic through their loyalty card scheme.

49. Ecotopia, Leeds

Right in the middle of Leeds in the Central Arcade is Ecotopia, a zero waste shop giving you access to a diverse and exciting range of products with no single-use plastic in sight. They’ve got all the necessities like cereals, herbs and household cleaning items, including citric acid and bicarbonate of soda as natural cleaning chemicals. It’s also one of the few stores we’ve seen serving up Canadian maple syrup on tap and if that’s not enough to get you excited, then maybe their plastic-free tins of glitter and vegan cinnamon rolls will...

50. Open House, Gateshead

Open House in Low Fell, Gateshead is the perfect spot to stock up on your plastic-free homewares and toiletries. Amongst the lines of retro and sustainably produced clothing, this store has some unique products, such as compostable bamboo fibre plasters and cruelty-free skincare from Herbfarmacy. There is also a refill station where you can collect households detergents like soap and fabric softener.

51. The Good Life, Stockport

In Heatons, Stockport, The Good Life has all the essentials and more for a plastic-free store. It stocks goods such as tea, sweets, dried foods, as well as household, beauty and baby products such as biodegradable nappies and toothbrushes. Why not stock up on some wine from their dispensers or treat yourself to one of their craft beers from the shelves.

52. Unwrapped, Sheffield

People of Sheffield shouldn't feel left out when it comes to zero waste shops. Unwrapped opened recently in Crookes area of the Green City and offers a range of vegan and vegetarian products, all plastic free. Pick up solid shampoo bars, vegan treats and make up and plastic free period items.

53. Jarfull, Harrogate

Harrogate has its own packaging free and zero waste shop, called Jarfull. You can find food items (like bamboo toothbrushes and water bottles) at this lovely store and purchase glass jars and cotton bags to carry your goods home in.

54. Cut The Wrap, Ulverston, Cumbria

Cut The Wrap recently opened in Ulverston thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Looking to get pickling and preserving this winter? Pop into Cut The Wrap who have everything from vinegars and spices to glass jars on hand.

55. Earth Kind, Rewind

Earth Kind, Rewind's goal is to offer a home delivery service of refillable and zero waste items in Moreton, Wirral, Cheshire and Liverpool. Easily find all the ethically sourced and sustainable everyday products you need: they deliver in a variety of cleaning liquids, skincare, dentalcare and more in glass bottles.

56. Single Step, Lancaster

A grandaddy of the zero waste movement, Single Step has been selling plastic free everything since 1976. From locally made candles to a pinch of pepper, pop in to buy as little or as much as you need, all without single use plastic.

57. The Paddock, Northumberland

This family run farm and veg box scheme is also a zero waste shop and has been selling plastic free toiletries, cleaning products and essentials for the last six years. Any food packaging is recycled, fruit and veg is loose and the team are super friendly to boot.

58. M20 Refills, Manchester

M20 Refills is Manchester's own zero waste home delivery service. Think of them as the zero waste milkman! They use glass bottles to deliver cleaning supplies, washing liquid, natural skincare and household extras like coconut dish scourers. You can also pick items up from delivery points all over Manchester.

59. Refill, Liverpool

Refill has a stand alone zero waste store now on Windsor Street, Liverpool and this new store offers all your zero waste kit essentials, from cups and straws to plastic free bottles as well as loose, organic wholefoods.

60. Unifill, Merseyside

For anyone in the Merseyside area, it could not be easier to shop plastic free from Unifill! This is an amazing, eco-friendly, zero waste grocery delivery service. They will actually come and collect your ‘unfilled’ packaging from you, stock it up from their Liverpool office and deliver it back to your doorstep. They counteract their emissions using a Gold Standard carbon offset service and the Shell Go App. Pretty cool eh?

61. TurtleBee, East Lancashire

TurtleBee makes reducing plastic waste simple, fun and accessible. There are currently two TurtleBee shops, one in Great Harwood and one in Padiham, and there are definitely more in the plastic free pipeline. Their prices are competitive, and both are situated close to supermarkets, making it easy to get what you’re after from your ordinary shop packaging free.

Child in a zero waste shop

Parents are actively encouraged to bring their kids to TurtleBee!

Best Zero Waste Shops in South East England & East Anglia

62. Eco Pantry, Kent

Find the Eco-Pantry at various farmers' markets around Kent (Tonbridge, West Malling, Aylesford) each weekend selling dried food and household cleaning and skincare products from brands like Georganics, Keep Cups and more.

63. Tub Refillables, Safron Walden, Essex

Tub Refillables is a local refill service in Saffron Walden, Essex. It's a bit like a milk delivery, they'll bring you full bottles of the products you choose and take away your empties. They deliver eco-friendly cleaning refills, plastic free swaps for bathroom and kitchen, olive oil, loose tea and sweets and other plastic free products.

64. Bare Bazaar, Ashford, Kent

Kent isn't lagging behind when it comes to zero waste shopping. Find Bare Bazaar at Ashford's Coachworks. Pop by for your plastic free dry goods, household cleaners, shampoos and other essentials.

65. The Refillable Van, East Kent

Traveling throughout the idyllic villages of East Kent such as Elham and Bekesbourne, The Refillable Van brings zero waste shopping to your doorstep! You can get your hands on a range of products from herbs & spices to household cleaning supplies and seasonal goods. Making steps towards becoming more sustainable has never been easier with The Refillable Van.

66. Unboxed, Canterbury

Kent's Unboxed does exactly what it says on the (plastic-free) tin. 'Get what you need without all the horrible plastic.' Exactly. Pop into the cute shop in Canterbury, refill everything you need from pasta to olive oil and everyone's happy.

66. Bury Whole Foods, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Suffolk’s first door to door delivery service for zero waste refills and organic wholefoods is here. Bury Wholefoods is a hassle free company, that hand delivers zero waste and ethically sourced food and homewares, often from brands that are local to Suffolk.

67. The Green Parrot, Swaffham, Suffolk

The Green Parrot on Market Place, Swaffham, Suffolk has a refill counter with organic and GM-free loose grains, nuts, seeds and even some dried fruit. They also have plastic free loose tea, coffee and household detergents and run a glass jar recycling scheme.

69. Health Foods For You, Sudbury

Doubling up as a health food and zero waste shop, Health Foods For You in Sudbury, Suffolk serves up a host of organic foodstuffs, personal hygiene and household detergents in refill dispensers. At the same time, they do have typical products that might be found in a health food store, like organic supplements, cannabis oil and refrigerated food, including Vegan halloumi which aren't packaging-free.

70. Daily Bread Co-operative, Cambridge

Committed to providing ethically sourced foods to the local community Daily Bread Cambridge is a vegetarian wholefood shop in Kings Hedges, the outskirts of Cambridge with strict policies against GMOs and animal testing. In the large store, you will be able to find all your grocery essentials like pulses, grains, dried fruit and condiments. You can also bring along your containers to refill on detergents and shampoo.

71. Foot Loose And Plastic Free, Cheltenham

Close to Cheltenham’s centre at the Global Footsteps cafe on Portland Street you can find a multitude of unpackaged products at Foot Loose And Plastic Free. With all profits going to charity, this zero waste shop has the staples like grains, beans, seeds and dried fruit in addition to refillable household products. Their return and refill scheme for jars of honey from local beekeepers is also a unique selling point.

72. Ernie’s Zero Waste Shop, Norwich

Ernie’s Zero waste shop is a cute little plastic free spot on Magdalen Street, Norwich. All of their produce is fully vegan and cruelty free as well as zero waste. As well as all the staples for your food cupboards, bathroom and kitchen, Ernie’s offer a delivery service and a gift card.

73. The Store, Bedford

Introducing the first zero waste shop in Bedford: The Store is proud to celebrate its home town. They do this by partnering with companies that stock local produce and promoting local brands. This beautiful shop stocks a huge variety of edible and practical refills and proponents of the ‘5 Rs’ philosophy: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.

Zero Waste Shops: Long row of refill stations

The Store, Bedford, have an epic refill section

74. Resource General Store, Norwich

Resource is a charming, unpackaged, low waste bulk food store. They have an in house and fully plant based cafe too. So, you can bring your jars and containers, fill up on your essentials and then sit down to some delicious vegan sweets and snacks.

75. Pedrick’s Zero Waste Shop, Caterham

Pedrick's works closely with local suppliers to make sure that, wherever possible, they stock produce from within a 30-mile radius of their store. This beautiful shop even has its own ‘Pedrick’s app’! You can use it to scan the QR code of a product to see its supplier and more detailed information on it.

Best Zero Waste Stores in South West England

76. Earth.Food.Love, Totnes

Earth.Food.Love sells everything from dried goods to shampoos, you can grind your own peanut butter, pick up vegan chocolates and chat to Richard about all things permaculture. It's a real community hub for the latest wave of city-escapers to Devon.

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Earth Pray Love zero Waste Shop in Totnes

Zero waste shop Earth Food Love has helped revitalise the independent shopping mecca of Totnes

75. Loose, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Stroud now has its own plastic free shop, Loose has a range of grains, pulses, seeds & nuts, dried fruit (either organic, Fairtrade or ethically sourced). The zero waste shop will even pack and weigh out your shopping list for you, using cloth bags, recycled containers and glass jars.

76. Fodder Basics, Hereford

On Church Street, Fodder Basics is Herefordshire’s first plastic free stall selling non-organic wholefood sweet and savoury products, such as cereals, pulses, nuts and seeds in gravity dispensers. In addition to these store cupboard essentials and the artisan bread that is stocked Tuesday-Saturday, there is a range of eco-friendly household detergents and toiletries you can stock up on too. Uniquely this stall has crisps in packets that can be composted at home.

77. Waste Not Want Not, Bridport, Dorset

Waste Not Want Not is Dorset's first zero waste shop. Go for plastic free shopping and buy organic, unpackaged, plant based whole foods as well as detergent and personal care refills and an expanding range of zero waste home and lifestyle products. Don't have your own plastic containers? Pick up paper bags and organic cotton bags as well as glass jars.

78. GOGOECO, Bridport, Dorset

Formerly, The Green Weigh, a mobile zero waste shop that served eight locations across Dorset, GOGOECO is a plastic free online shopping and home delivery service. Operating in Dorset, the online shop allows you to buy a range of ethically sourced, vegan-friendly, plastic free food and home essentials without all the pointless plastic packaging.

79. Nourish, Exeter

Having recently opened a second zero waste shop Nourish now has two stores: one on Fore Street, Topsham and the second store on Magdalen Road that was recently cited as one of the “10 most cool shopping districts around the world” by the Guardian. With fresh milk from a Cornish dairy on tap, alongside oils, vinegar and nut milks this place is a one-stop-shop for your liquid refills. Alongside the extensive range of plastic-free foodstuffs, household detergents and natural beauty products, you can also pick up a pair of sustainable wooden sunglasses if you're feeling summery.

80. Zero Green, Bristol

Bristolians are spoilt for choice when it comes to zero waste shopping. Zero Green in Bristol champions buying in bulk, buying plastic free ingredients and buying local. Pop in and weigh out dry ingredients, washing up liquid, shampoos and lots of other items. Many of their suppliers are local to Bristol and you can also pick up plastic free deodorants, water bottles, KeepCups, bamboo cutlery and stainless steel straws.

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Interior of a zero waste shop with shelves made of pallets and lots of spices in glass jars

Pop by Zero Green for plastic free deodorants, water bottles and bamboo cutlery

81. Incredible Bulk, Cornwall

Zero waste stores don't have to be in fixed locations. Cornwall's Incredible Bulk is a mobile zero waste shop that sells bulk dried foods, refillable home cleaning products and a mixture of lifestyle products that promote living life with less waste. It travels on a monthly schedule to serve the smaller, more rural communities of Cornwall.

82. Lesser Litter, Taunton

Taunton's first zero waste shop, Lesser Litter, opened back in June to much local love. It offers dry goods, including nuts, pulses and spices, as well as coffee beans, loose leaf tea and cereals.

83. Cariad Wholefoods, Dorset

Find Cariad Wholefoods in Blandford Forum in Dorset, it's an independent health store with a large zero waste section. 90 dry goods, herbs, spices and herbal teas are available to buy loose, along with zero waste toiletries, reusable coffee cups, straws, organic produce bags and more.

close up of refillable dispensers in a zero waste shop

Discover zero waste in Dorset at Cariad Wholefoods

85. Packaging Not Included, Marlborough, Wiltshire

This cute little refill and zero waste shop in Marlborough is helping Wiltshire's communities to go plastic free. In addition to the dried goods, teas and coffee, fruit, veg and bread it also organises workshops where you can learn to make your own green, plastic free cleaning products.

86. Refill Store, Truro, Cornwall

Refill Store opened in May 2018 in Truro’s Lemon Street Market and hasn't looked back. Head to Truro's Refill Store for food, toiletries and household and cleaning supplies and pick up a reusable cup, natural deodorant and other essentials for your zero waste out and about kit.

87. Pura Vida Stores, Barnstaple, Devon

50 Brands To Help You Go Zero Waste

Pura Vida brings zero waste shopping to Barnstaple, with plastic free products and refills for cleaning products, shampoo and body brands and offers refills of local brands such as Chew Valley Dairy’s organic milk.

88. Scoop Wholefoods, Bristol & Bath

Scoop Wholefoods want to improve people's health and well-being and safeguard the planet for future generations. They host range of natural and organic wholefoods in bulk, everything sourced from local growers or imported from most ethical suppliers. There are two shops in the UK, one in Bath and one in Bristol with over 1000 zero-waste products.

89. Preserve Foods, Bristol

Zero waste shops might be a bit like buses in Bristol, the city now has several zero waste shopping options. Preserve is the latest packaging-free store to open in the city. It sells everything from natural suncream to store supplies, all plastic-free. Take along your own containers or pick up plastic free boxes and jars in the pretty shop.

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Best Zero Waste Stores South of England

90. Wild Thyme Wholefoods, Portsmouth

Portsmouth's Wild Thyme Wholefoods is a worker-owned co-op with a large zero waste section, organic fruit and veg selection and a wide range of liquid cleaning and toiletries as refills. Plus all the packaging is plant based.

91. Lemon and Jinja, Romsey, Hampshire

Lemon & Jinja offer over 150 food and non food products, fresh baked goods and you can also grab a coffee in the meanwhile! Their zero waste and plant-based Jinja Coffee does not offer takeaway coffee though, so bring your reusable one with you.

92. Wey To Go, Hayling Island

Wey To Go is a friendly, local zero waste shop in West Town, Hayling Island. They help you reduce single-use plastic and buy “just the right amount”. They stock a wide range of items including wholefoods, coffee beans, loose tea, eco cleaning products, personal hygiene products, gifts and much more.

93. Refilled, Chicester

For less plastic and waste, Refilled (formerly ‘Refillery’) at Drapers Yard Market is a cute plastic free shop stocking dried foods and cleaning products, such as shampoo and conditioner without the packaging. Distinctively this store has a range of flavours of vegan energy balls from Nosh for a tasty boost with zero guilt about their plastic footprint!

94. Sunrise Organics, Bournemouth

The independent, entirely vegan health store Sunrise Organics in the heath of Bournemouth has recently become part of the zero waste movement with their addition of refill stations where you can stock up on domestic cleaning fluids, toiletries like shower gel and hand sanitiser.

95. Harriets of Hove, Hove

Offering a unique, plastic free shopping experience in the centre of Hove, Harriets of Hove has plenty of foodstuffs, including seasonal veg and oils, as well as stocking kitchen bulk products to support more sustainable consumption practices.

96. The Naked Pantry, New Milton, Hampshire

Not to be left out of the zero waste shopping revolution, The Naked Pantry is open in the New Forest. Pop by for fresh food, plastic free dried goods, ethical, natural skincare and lots more. It's all about being 'tasteful, not wasteful' - we couldn't agree more.

97. Rice Up Wholefoods, Southampton

Located in the heart of Southampton, Rice Up Wholefoods is an independent wholefoods grocery store that specialises in vegan, zero waste and gluten-free products. They focus on affordable ethical staples but also boast a very well stocked refill section! Bring your jars and containers to stock up on dried foodstuffs, fresh fruit and veg as well as cleaning and bathroom products.

98. The Green House At Stane Street, Pulborough

The Green House At Stane Street describes itself as a ‘back to basics store’. They live up to their word, stocking a lovely array of packaging free fruit and veg, as well as other zero waste staples. They are not so basic in that they also sell fresh bread, sweets and chocolates.

99. Roots & Hoots, Brighton

Sustainable supermarket, Kindly of Brighton, has launched a new zero waste grocery delivery business, Roots & Hoots, in Brighton. order your zero waste food and essentials and deliveries are done in reusable cotton bags, tins, or glass bottles which are collected from the customers washed and reused for the next delivery. Order for next day delivery via electric vehicle.

100. Born From Necessity, West Molesey, Surrey

Born From Necessity food hub provides a range of grains, beans, pulses, pasta, flours and cereals as well as locally sourced produce from independent businesses such as vegan butter alternatives, honey, vegan milks, bread and organic non homogenised milk.

101. The Source Bulk Foods Store, Brighton

The latest edition of The Source Bulk Foods Store opened in Brighton at the end of 2019. This waste-fighting franchise now have 3 stores, including their shops in Chiswick and Hackney. These packaging free health food shops cater to both foodies and eco conscious consumers. They boast 450 quality zero waste ingredients and their nutritious range caters to all dietary requirements. They even have kombucha on tap!

Do you know of other zero waste shops we should be including? Let us know in the comments below!

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