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The Best Alcohol Free Drinks That Really Do Hit The Spot

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The Best Alcohol Free Drinks That Really Do Hit The Spot

Eat & Drink

Our favourite alcohol free beer, cider, wine and spirits for Dry January and beyond.

Tia Grazette

Wed 6 Jan 2021

Feeling like you want to kick off the new year in the right frame of mind?

Why not relinquish the booze for the month and do the Dry January challenge, all while raising money for charity.

Whether you're doing Dry January, are sober curious or want to be more mindful with your drinking we’ve put together our top picks of the best ecofriendly, alcohol free drinks - so you can save the planet and your liver.

The Best Alcohol Free Drinks That Really Do Hit The Spot

What are the benefits of not drinking alcohol?

These are many, and there are a lot more expert sites out there but not drinking alcohol:

  • Increases your energy levels and mood
  • Gives you a better complexion
  • Help you lose a few pounds
  • Save you some money

There’s even a super helpful app called Try Dry that will motivate you to see the month through.

Let's take a look at best alcohol free beer, wine, spirits and cider.

1. Three Spirit

Three Spirits is produced in the UK by a team of plant scientists, world class bartenders, artists & herbalists.

The range features three beautifully complex and uniquely flavoured functional non alcoholic drinks, all using high quality plants from environmentally and socially conscious producers. Each elixir uses the perfect combination of plants to stimulate the mind, body and palette in a different way akin to alcohol but better for you.

The Social Elixir, combines Lions Mane to promote cognitive function and improve mood and has an abundance of probiotics and nutrients to support gut health.

Nightcap on the other hand combines Valerian Root, Hüll Melon and Lemon Balm for a naturally soothing and calming effect, perfect after a hard day's graft.

Three Spirits not only manages to bridge the gap between drinking and non drinking by providing a uniquely healthy buzz and mood enhancing experience, but it’s also 100% vegan, cruelty free and uses zero plastic packaging.

Dark bottle of alcohol free Three Spirits on a rock

Three Spirits has a small but powerful range of non alcohol spirits that will give you a buzz

2. Lucky Saint

This unfiltered vegan lager has a great depth of flavour and the same alcohol content as a ripe banana.

Lucky Saint is made with its own special yeast, pure Bavarian spring water, the highest quality barley and the freshest hops, you won’t find any added flavourings or additives like many other alcohol free lagers. Once poured, it looks and smells like lager with good strong head, a golden glow and an unmistakable Pilsner Malt aroma with a citrus twist.

It has a third of the calories of normal lager but all the creamy mouth feel you want from a refreshing drink.

Luke Bease, the founder, has definitely accomplished his mission of creating ‘a non alcoholic beer worth drinking’.

glass bottles of lucky saint alcohol free beer on a table

Get that beer kick from Lucky Saint

3. Bliss

If you like chocolate, you’ll love Bliss - one of the newest non alcoholic spirits to hit the market.

Bliss is a potent feel good and immune boosting spirit with raw cocoa as its key ingredient and combines herbs, vitamins and minerals to replicate the positive effects of alcohol without the hangover.

Billed as a bitter chocolate spice, the taste is both soothing and intense. It feels like the lovechild of Jaegermeister, Purdy’s and Bailey’s. It pairs extraordinarily well with creamy nut milks such as hazlenut or coconut, sodas such as ginger or even as a hot drink with coffee, hot chocolate and hot spiced apple juice (our favourite).

Produced in two blends, Bliss Original is uplifting while CanaBliss with added CBD, is relaxing. Both have the added bonus of being immune boosting with ingredients such as liquorice, Ashwagandha, Reishi, Ginko and Gotu Kula - making it the perfect companion during these testing times.

Glass bottle of alcohol free Bliss spirit on table between 2 cocktail glasses

Chocolate lovers will love this non alchoholic spirit

4. Freestar

Freestar is the non alcoholic beer option you’ll love.

Say hello to Freestar Prime Time - an award winning light and refreshing IPA style lager. It is the first beer ever created without using any yeast or producing any alcohol.

The result is a super sustainable, award winning and 100% alcohol free beer that tastes unreal, not too sugary and incredibley smooth to drink.

And Freestar is the first alcohol free brewery to become a B Corp.

Woman passing glass bottle of freestar beer over a table

Freestar is not only alcohol free but it's also made in a carbon positive brewery

5. Sentia

Like alcohol, Sentia's active botanical ingredients help you find that moment of release or connection, but alcohol free Sentia is purely made from plants, allowing for relaxation without any of the downsides.

A truly functional botanical non alcoholic spirit, Sentia has been three years in the making from herbalists and 'plant crafters'.

Merging western science, Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine this drink will heal your mind, body and soul.

It has a delightfully rich bittersweet spicy berry finish. Drink it straight up over ice or combine with agave, lemon juice or apple juice in a series of mocktails recipes.

Man measuring out alcohol free Sentia behind a bar

Sentia has taken three years of development to come to market

6. Champions Cider

Champions Cider has been created by a team of former international rugby players who love cider but hate calories and sugar.

This cider is completely alcohol free, has no added sugar and tastes delicious.

The range includes the fruity and fresh Strawberry and Rhubarb flavour, a super energising Raspberry Vitamin cider with a healthy dose of vitamin C and a relaxing Kiwi and Lime CBD Cider.

It's vegan friendly, abundant with natural fruit and flavours, expertly made in the UK with 100% British apples and only has 50 calories per bottle. Keep the taste and feel of a great cider and ditch the rest.

Row of champions cider glass bottles

Grab a refreshing cider but leave the calories

7. Noughty - Thomson and Scott

It’s hard to find an alcohol free wine that actually tastes good but husband and wife team, Amanda & Ian Thomson have succeeded.

Noughty by Thomson and Scott is made from 100% organic Chardonnay grapes from a vineyard in southern Spain, the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and then de-alcoholised to retain its flavour, before being lightly carbonated.

With bubbles galore, it’s a dry sparkling white wine with a crisp and ripe apple accent accompanied by a touch of sweetness - somewhat similar to a Prosecco.

As an organic, vegan, low calorie, halah certified, non alcoholic sparkling wine it is perfect for any celebration and is one of the most sustainable options on the market, fully packaged in ethically sourced and 100% recyclable materials and bottles.

wine bottle on a marble table with 2 champagne glasses

Noughty by Thomson and Scott is made from 100% organic Chardonnay grapes from a vineyard in southern Spain

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