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Best Eco-Friendly Food Brands: Buying Guide

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Best Eco-Friendly Food Brands: Buying Guide

Eat & Drink

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Francesca Brooking

Tue 19 Apr 2022

An easy way to have a positive impact on the environment is to eat in line with your ethics.

From eco-friendly packaging to organic food and ethically sourced ingredients, the pebble team have rounded up the very best sustainable food brands that are changing the industry for the better.

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Whether you’re looking for snack ideas, an ethical indulgence or new plant based meal kits to try, discover these top eco-friendly food brands that make going green delicious.

All of our buying guides are updated weekly so drop by regularly to read our most up-to-date recommendations!

At pebble, all of our products are independently recommended by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission which goes to help running our publication.

Best Eco-Friendly Food Brands From Meals To Snacks

Plastic-free chewing gum

Yup, you've heard that right. Did you know that a standard piece of chewing gum has the same amount of plastic as a drinking straw?

Luckily, NUUD is raising awareness about how much plastic is in our everyday lives - but that's not all.

NUUD have released their own plastic-free and entirely plant-based chewing gum.

They pride themselves on their transparency: they have nothing to hide, so all ingredients are listed and are sustainably sourced.

Available in 3 flavours (Peppermint, Spearmint, and Menthol), there's no reason to not choose NUUD chewing gum.

From 6 x packs for £10. View on NUUD.

Stop chewing plastic, and start chewing plants - with NUUD gum.

Full Of Beans

Original Beans makes choosing regenerative chocolate a no-brainer.

The brand uses cacao beans from remote parts of South America and Africa, and works to protect and preserve their sources.

All chocolate is Climate Positive to ensure its production has a positive impact on the planet.

We love that Original Beans pays its farmers almost double the price of Fairtrade and is independent of the world market.

From €4.45. View on Original Beans or Abel & Cole.

Stack of Original Beans chocolate bars next to yellow flowers

Regenerative and climate positive chocolate, anyone?

Little Treats

Treat your little ones to PLAYin Choc, the kindest chocolatiers.

Inside each little chocolate box, you can find a 100% recyclable, zero-waste and plastic free card puzzle toy and an educational fun facts card.

The chocolate treat is vegan and free from 14 of the main allergens. In fact, it has just three ingredients and they’re natural and organic.

From £2.50. View on PLAYin Choc.

A box  of chocolates and eco-friendly toys from PLAYin Choc

Treat your littles one to eco toys and delicious healthy chocolates

Rainforest Protector

Show your love for rainforests with Whole Earth’s Golden Roasted Crunchy Peanut Butter.

This Great Taste award-winning peanut butter helps protect trees with every jar. Whole Earth has pledged 25% of profits from every jar sold to the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS).

Plus, the peanut butter is a great natural source of protein and fibre and contains no added sugar.

£3.89. View at Whole Earth.

A jar of Whole Earth peanut butter with trees on the label

Tuck into B Corp peanut butter that helps save rainforests!

Treat Yourself

Go ethical and organic with your chocolate cravings. Ombar makes all its chocolate from bean to bar at its small Cambridge factory.

On top of using only the highest quality ingredients, it sources cacao directly from farmers' co-operatives in Ecuador, paying more than the recommended fair trade price.

Ombar chocolate is also left unroasted to preserve its health boosting properties.

From £16.99 for 35g case of bars. View on Ombar.

Also check out 5 Of The Best Vegan Chocolate Bars For An Ethical Indulgence

Person holding a bar of Ombar chocolate

Have an ethical indulgence with Ombar

Seaweed Love

Looking for a new healthy and sustainable snack? We love SHORE’S vegan seaweed chips.

The brand harvests the seaweed by hand along the Scottish coastline then turns this local superfood into tasty snacks that are packed with nutrients, including iodine, antioxidants and prebiotic fibre.

Great for gut health and energy. Choose from a range of flavours plus seaweed based pestos and tapenades.

£24 x 12 pack of crisps. View on SHORE.

Product image of SHORE Seaweed chips

SHORE's vegan seaweed chips are deliciously moreish

Health Boost

Get your mornings off to a good start with health food brand Strp’d’s new Tigernut Flakes.

Gluten-free, grain-free and nut-free, these flakes contain more fibre than oats and chia, three times more potassium than a banana and four times more magnesium than an avocado.

Eat them as a snack, with oat milk, as an overnight oats alternative or as a topping on smoothies and yoghurts.

£6.69 for 400g pack. View on Strp'd.

Bag of tigernuts by Strpd

Add some tigernut flakes to your morning cereal for an extra nutrition boost

Go Nuts

Nut butter brand and B Corp, Pip & Nut has had an eco-friendly packaging makeover worth celebrating.

Now its entire range is available in 50% recycled glass jars complete with recyclable labels and lids.

No plastic. All jars are recyclable or reusable.

True to form, all nut butters and products contain high quality natural ingredients and absolutely zero palm oil.

From £3.00. View on Pip & Nut.

Is Glass Recyclable? Everything You Need To Know

Jar of peanut butter on a table with a breakfast spread

B Corp, palm oil free and 50% recycled glass jars? What could be butter? (sorry)

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