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Table talk: There's nothing mass produced about Canteen

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Table talk: There's nothing mass produced about Canteen

Eat & Drink

In Bristol casual doesn't cost you quality. Canteen in Stokes Croft is a highly rated sustainable restaurant with a daily changing menu that's suitable for everyone.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 4 Jul 2018

Located in Hamilton House in Bristol, is Canteen - it's a huge space that delivers - it's warm, cosy and welcoming but doesn't scrimp on the flavour.

The food

Free soup was my first thought. Every main meal here comes with a free starter of veggie soup of some persuasion complete with a healthy chunk of locally made bread. It’s a glorious warming way to start a meal that will feel you with bonhomie before you’ve even shoved in anything solid.

As a restaurant that’s hot on sustainable and seasonal, Canteen's chalkboard menu changes daily and always has vegan, veggie and meat dishes alongside gluten free options. There’s generally always a curry, stew, fish and meat dish and moules are always on the menu (which is what I plumped for).

An enormous pot arrived, as did my glistening, golden, handcut chips for dunking. The mussels within were soft, silky and perfectly cooked. All main meals are between five and ten quid which makes it the kind of midweek, catch up with mates kind of dinner, everyone can afford (and will find something to like). An all round win.

Image Delicious silky mussels at Canteen

The drinks

The bar’s extensive, let’s just put it that way. There’s a full sized bar running across the back of the room serving everything you’d expect alongside local craft brews, organic wine and spirits.

The vibe

Student drinking den meets seasonal produce restaurant. It’s gloomy, roomy and noisy but the perfect place to experience Bristol’s arts and music scene without having to pretend you’re 19 and desperate to crash a house party. It’s casual enough that coming here alone doesn’t feel odd but it’s spacious enough tables for big groups to commandeer for an evening.

Spend an evening catching up with friends at Canteen

The sustainability bit

Canteen holds the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s rare three star award, meaning it’s the best kind of sustainable restaurant. In practice this means, they know where the fish and meat has come from - and can trace them back to individual farmers and fishermen, there’s plenty of veggie and vegan deliciousness going on, dispose of their waste consciously and work with their local community. It might seem a little shambolic when you first walk in, but these guys are serious about being sustainable.

When to go?

Normally ‘all day’ kind of places fill me with dread. Not so, Canteen, which truly is all day (and night. Drop in for a cuppa, a light lunch or a full on meal before staying on for live music and the sort of evening where anything can happen (and often does).

Where is Canteen?

Find Canteen in Stokes Croft. 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY.

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