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5 Of The Best Eco Canned Wines In The UK

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5 Of The Best Eco Canned Wines In The UK

Eat & Drink

Sustainable and vegan wine is possible!

Wine is changing for the better and the experts at pebble have a handy list of the best eco-friendly canned wines in the UK.

Romally Coverdale

Thu 13 Jan 2022

The current growing trend of canned wines in the UK is a positive sign of change for a multitude of the reasons.

While wine bottle are mostly recyclable, the overall carbon emissions are staggering compared to their canned competitors.

Being both more accessible and fresher, canned wines seem to be the future of sustainable wines.

canned wine in dappled sunlight next to apples, a book and sunglasses

The carbon footprint of a can is 2.5 times less that then traditional wine bottle

Why wine in cans is more eco-friendly

Two thirds of wine’s carbon footprint comes from the glass bottle during transportation while cans are infinitely recyclable as well as convenient.

In total, the carbon footprint of a can is 2.5 times less than a traditional wine bottle.

A shocking 50 million litres of wine (worth £470 million) is wasted every year in the UK alone.

Not only do cans reduce the amount of waste from packaging and misuse, but they also maintain the quality of the wine by protecting it from sunlight and oxygen.

The expert team a pebble have done the hard work of finding some of the best canned wine in the UK for you to pick up in supermarkets, or order to home.

At pebble, all of our products are independently recommended by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission which goes to help running our publication.

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5 Of The Best Eco Canned Wines In The UK

Kiss of Wine on table as friends drink wine in the background

1. Best vegan canned wine: Uncommon

British wine is rising in popularity, so join the trend with Uncommon.

Uncommon produces a range of canned wines, namely: Bubbly White, Bubbly Rosé, White Spritzer and Rosé Spritzer, and source their grapes locally from the South of England, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey.

Their refreshing, botanical Rosé Spritzer would be perfectly enjoyed in the countryside.

With hints of rose, mint, hawthorn and Lavender, it makes for a perfect summer treat.

As well as delicious, all their wines are vegan and naturally low in sugar.

The three-year-old company prioritises sustainable business practices with their fully recyclable cans and locally sourced grapes (all within 50 miles of London), they have a carbon-positive canning process.

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hands holding cans of wine against blossom trees
"Uncommon plans to develop methods of up-cycling and recycling, and to utilise overcrops from the vineyard to promote biodiversity."

Uncommon’s plan, when they reach 7-10 years, is to continue to reduce waste and carbon emissions and to donate a further 5% of revenue to UK conservation, rewilding and reforestation organisations.

They also plan to educate staff, schools and communities about sustainability and ecology.

Uncommon’s ethos aligns itself with pebble’s values, and from £18.00 for four 250ml cans of sparkling wine, it’s almost impossible to resist.

pebble's verdict

Pros: Fully recyclable packaging | Good future plan | Vegan | Offers a tester pack | British wine

Cons: A lot of their sustainability lies in the future e.g. reducing water usage

£18 for 4 x 250 ml cans. View on Uncommon

Person holding a can of Uncommon wine up close to the camera.

Uncommon locally sources grapes within 50 miles of London

2. Best canned wine delivery: Nice

Founded in 2019, this UK based canned and bag in box wine company describes themselves as a Future Wine Company due to their fresh approaches to the wine industry.

Nice produces vegan Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec and Pale Rosé wines which can be purchased in either cans or boxes - with the Malbec box to be released early this year.

Nice produces versatile wines suitable for any event, with the cans perfect for dinner parties or relaxing in the evening.

If you are not sure which wine to try, they offer a taster box of 6 wines for £20.00. Delivered in a cardboard box, their canned wines are 100% recyclable.

Their wines are sourced from France, with exception of the Malbec from Argentina.

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Display of 3 Nice canned wines

Order Nice wine and get it delivered straight to your door

While their cans are amazingly recyclable forever, they do not state if their box-wine boxes are recyclable.

However, they remain committed to reducing single-use plastic in their supply chain and aim to become B Corp certified.

Not only do they want to better the planet, but they also want to help the younger generation, having already offered a free CV clinic and webinars, and plan on mentoring small start-ups.

Nice also organises donations, like their Wine for Heroes, where all the proceeds go to the NHS, and also arrange opportunities to win free parties and donations of wine.

By helping both planet and community, Nice fit nicely on this list.

pebble's verdict

Pros: Charity work | Variety of wines | Vegan

Cons: No mention of sustainable agriculture or future plans | No mention on whether their wine box is recyclable | Not sourced from the UK

£20.00 for 6 x 250ml cans. View on Nice

Pink Nice wine can of rose against a pink background

Nice support charity organisations and start-ups

3. Best eco canned wine for summer: The Copper Crew

The Copper Crew was founded in 2020 with the idea to produce wines with characteristics suitable for cans.

Friends Oli and Theo worked with Sam, who has his own wine label Minimalist Wines since 2019, to begin the company.

They produce three award-winning wines: Rosé, Chenin Blanc, and Merlot, all sourced from South Africa.

The Rosé was a finalist in the People’s Choice Wine Awards 2021, for the category of “The Great Outdoors”, (amongst other awards).

It comes as no surprise that the crisp strawberry and peppercorn wine is most suited to a picnic and other outdoor adventures.

Selection of Copper Crew canned wines on a tree stump
“The Copper Crew are environmentally conscious, thus values that all their wines are canned - as to reduce wastage and CO2 emissions.”

The Chenin Blanc won a Gold International Canned Wine Competition in 2020 amongst others.

This crowd-pleasing citrus and peachy wine is a must have, especially after a long day.

The newest Merlot is matured for 24 months before being transported to the can, and was commended in the International Wine Challenge 2020, as well as being awarded a Silver in the London Wine Competition 2021.

If you are unsure as to which award-winning wine suits your best, they offer a selection of their wines as well as online or in-person wine tastings.

The Copper Crew are environmentally conscious, thus values that all their wines are canned - as to reduce wastage and CO2 emissions.

Moreover, they ensure that their high quality wine remains fresh, as the cans prevent any damage from light and air.

At just under £4.20 a can, the stunning flavours of South African vineyards could be your new favourite.

pebble's verdict

Pros: 100% recyclable packaging | Multiple award-winner | Variety of wine

Cons: Not sourced in Britain | Not stated whether they are vegan | No mention of future sustainability projects

£24.99 for 6 x 250ml cans. View on The Copper Crew

3 Copper Crew canned wines next to filled wine glasses in a row

4. Best award-winning canned wine: Canned Wine Co.

Canned Wine Co. produce six award-winning wines from £5.50 a can - making it the most expensive on this list.

However, their abundant collection of awards reflects their commitment to great tasting wine.

In fact, Canned Wine Co. were awarded four Gold Medals for the International Canned Wine Competition, alongside seven other various awards in 2021.

They have five distinct flavour profiles and number system, so it is easy to navigate their wines that fit any occasion.

Perhaps try the mouth-watering No. 1 Vibrant & Zesty Grüner, Finalist of the People’s Choice Wine Awards 2021, and a perfect summer drink.

They also provide virtual wine tastings, adding fun and education to exploring the wines.

Canned Wine Co. are also committed to sustainable business practices, as demonstrated in their canned, vegan wines.

Despite importing the wines from across Europe, they consciously order them in bulk to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible.

Canned wine co. wine being opened by a book, candle and plant

Fo award-winning wine, look no futher than Canned Wine Co.

pebble's verdict

Pros: Reduce carbon emissions where possible | Vegan | Big variety that's easy to navigate

Cons: Not specified whether they support small wineries | No mention of agriculture or winemakers | No mention of future sustainability plans

£16.50 for 3 x 250ml cans. View on Canned Wine Co.

canned wine in dappled sunlight next to apples, a book and sunglasses

All Canned Wine Co's wines are 100% vegan!

5. Best canned wine for food pairings: Kiss of Wine

From the vineyards of France, Italy and Germany, Kiss of Wine supports small independent winemakers to create 7 delicious varieties of vegan canned wine.

Beautifully wrapped and easy to navigate, they provide an in-depth flavour profile for all their wines and recommended pairings.

Kiss of Wine are passionate about canned wine, expressing the overwhelming benefits for both people and the planet. They also detail their winemaker’s stories on their website.

For £4.75 a 250ml can, enjoy zesty Riesling sustainably made by Christoph and Thomas from Rheingau, Germany.

This zingy and refreshing beverage, with notes of jasmine and apple, pairs beautifully with spicy food.

No matter your mood, Kiss of Wine offers a taste of some of the unique wineries found in Europe from only £4.60 a can.

Vintage year: The Organic Beauty Brand Inspired By Wine

Kiss of Wine on table as friends drink wine in the background

Enjoy top quality canned wine with food pairings

pebble's verdict

Pros: Large variety of wines | Vegan | Supports small & independent wineries

Cons: Sustainability is not a priority | Not British | Depends on individual winery to be sustainable

£27.60 for 6 x 250ml cans. View on Kiss of Wine

Person examining a Kiss of Wine can with cans and glasses in the background

Kiss of Wine supports independent winemakers

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