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13 Best Homemade Edible Christmas Gifts

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13 Best Homemade Edible Christmas Gifts

Eat & Drink

From mulled wine gummies to hot chocolate stirrers, check out pebble's guide to the best edible Christmas gifts you can make at home.

Francesca Brooking

Thu 21 Oct 2021

Food is one of the best and most thoughtful gifts you can give.

If you’re thinking about making your own edible Christmas gifts this year, the pebble team has got you covered, from gingerbread wreaths to chai marshmallows and an apple pie cookie kit.

There’s some unique boozy Christmas presents too such as mulled wine gummies and caramel whisky sauce.

And for the friend who loves a cosy brew, check out our personalised tea bags and hot chocolate stirrers.

Cream biscuits on a tray with holly

Here are the best Christmas baking gift ideas to make at home.

13 Best Edible Christmas Gifts To Make At Home

1. Vegan mince pies

Nothing says Christmas like a great mince pie, especially if it’s both vegan and dairy free!

These goodies are filled with a heavenly pairing of cherry and hazelnut with warming notes of orange, cinnamon and ginger to make a delicious festive treat for someone special.

Place them carefully in a recyclable box and add a few natural decorations like sprigs of rosemary, dried oranges and cranberry on top for an eco-friendly edible Christmas gift!

Suitable for: Vegan, dairy free and egg free

View recipe on BBC Good Food

Stack of three mince pies for edible Christmas gift ideas

You can't go wrong with a hearty vegan mince pie... or three!

2. Salted caramels

Bake the perfect festive snack with these gluten free salted caramels.

Golden and sumptuous, these treats are best served with a sprinkle of flaky sea salt for a delicious contrasting flavour.

Present them how you like as they're lightweight and easy to wrap (of course, sustainably), just add a sweet message and deliver.

Suitable for: Vegetarians and gluten free

View recipe on BBC Good Food

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Salted caramels on a pink plate on wood

Salted caramels are an easy festive treat you can whip up

3. Hot chocolate stirrers

‘Tis the season of indulgence and cosy mugs of cocoa which is why these hot chocolate stirrers are the perfect homemade edible Christmas gift.

They’re quick and easy to make too. All you need is your favourite chocolate, lollipop sticks, a silicone mini cupcake pan and heaps of fun edible decorations such as sprinkles, vegan marshmallows or salted caramel.

Keep them upright and wrap them individually in compostable cellophane or add each one to a mason jar with mini fudge pieces, chocolate buttons, candy canes or honeycomb.

Suitable for: Vegans or vegetarians depending on the chocolate used.

View recipe on In Katrina's Kitchen

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Chocolate on sticks with marshmallows

Get creative and indulgent with your hot chocolate stirrers

4. Snowflake pretzels

These snowflake pretzels make brilliant, tasty treats for someone special and you can easily get the kids involved with baking too.

Flavoured with delicious white chocolate and complete with a satisfying crunch, these pretzels only take half an hour to make.

Add them to a jam jar or recyclable box for an easy eco-friendly gift.

Suitable for: Vegetarians

View recipe on BBC Good Food

White snowflake petzels on a plate

Quick, easy and delicious. What''s not to love about these snowflake pretzels?

5. Gingerbread wreath

Believe it or not, wreaths are not just for hanging outside the front door!

One of the best Christmas gifts to bake, this edible gingerbread wreath recipe really brings Christmas knocking.

You can decorate it yourself or simply just bake it and send it as a gift accompanied by edible decoration and let the receiver have fun personalising it themselves.

Suitable for: Vegetarians

View recipe on Good Housekeeping

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Wreath of gingerbread stars

Go delicious and decorative with this gingerbread Christmas wreath

6. Chai marshmallows

Chai marshmallows are a unique, edible Christmas gift that's slightly different from the rest.

These are great for stocking fillers or packing in festive, eco wrapping to give as thoughtful presents to be eaten with a steaming hot chocolate or indulged alone.

Suitable for: Vegetarians if you use vegetarian or vegan gelatine.

View recipe on delicious. magazine

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Stack of chai marshmallows for edible Christmas gift ideas

Marshmallows with a twist are the ultimate indulgence

Image delicious. magazine

7. Personalised tea bags

We all know someone who loves tea! So these tea bags are a perfect gift to give. Personalise the loose leaf tea flavours yourself for the ultimate unique brew.

As a final touch, add your loose leaf concoction to reusable organic cotton tea bags like these ones to cut down on waste.

Serve them up in a vintage jug, mug or teapot to complete the look. They may even make a nice addition to a refillable Christmas cracker too!

Suitable for: Vegans and gluten free

View recipe on delicious. magazine

Person filling a tea bag

Know a tea lover? Make them a personalised brew this Christmas

8. Salted caramel whisky sauce

This salted caramel whisky sauce can be used in a variety of ways, drizzled over cakes or puddings, used as biscuit topping or guided over smooth ice cream for a boozy kick.

It certainly has the potential to become a festive favourite, particularly when the dark nights crawl in, making it the ideal gift for someone special. Partner it with a reusable Kilner jar and it'll be good to go!

Suitable for: Vegetarians

View recipe on delicious. magazine

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Glass jar of salted caramel whisky sauce and a spoon

Salted caramel whisky sauce can be used to jazz up a wide range of desserts

9. Vegan Christmas pudding

Not only are Christmas puddings a necessity at Christmas but they’re a firm family favourite.

So here's a vegan alternative that’ll blow everyone's woolly socks off.

Packed with dried figs, raisins, sultanas and a healthy dose of rum, this pud is best served with spoonfuls of vegan ice cream.

Place it in a vintage biscuit tin if you’re giving this homemade Christmas food gift to a loved one.

Want more tips for a vegan Christmas dinner? Check out this guide here.

Suitable for: Vegetarians, vegans, dairy free, egg free

View recipe on BBC Good Food

How To Make A Vegan Christmas Dinner

Christmas pudding on a plate

Christmas isn't the same without a traditional festive pud!

10. Spiced flapjacks

These flavoursome flapjacks make great edible gifts to give to teachers or close colleagues.

It's the perfect way to use up any spices that haven't been used throughout the year too.

Nutty, crunchy and with hints of orange and pistachio, these flapjacks are easy, tasty and quick to make all in one.

Suitable for: Vegetarians

View recipe on Jamie Oliver

Flapjack in a dish with plates

These flavoursome spiced flapjacks are too good to pass up!

Image Jamie Oliver

11. Mulled wine jelly sweets

Wine doesn't just come in bottles you know!

These mulled wine gummies are a creative alternative to a bottle of wine, offering a unique twist on a standard gift.

It's also a great way to use up any wine that you don't want or need without wasting a drop.

It’s packed with apples, pears and warming spices too for a classic mulled wine taste in a bite. Serve them up in a Kilner jar when they’re ready.

Suitable for: Vegetarians and vegans depending on the red wine you use.

View recipe on Jamie Oliver

Red gummy sweets in a Kilner jar

How about mulled wine served differently with these delicious gummies?

Image Jamie Oliver

12. Apple, date and tamarind chutney

This is the perfect recipe if you've got any leftover Christmas food that can be saved and used to make delicious chutney with a twist.

Great to give alongside other partnering foods or by itself, it’ll give a hint of sweetness and maturity with every bite.

Suitable for: Dairy free, egg free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan

View recipe on BBC Good Food

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Small Kilner jar of apple chutney for edible Christmas gift ideas

The perfect accompaniment to vegan cheese, we think!

13. Apple pie cookie kit recipe

Don't fancy the baking part? This has you covered because all you need is the ingredients to create a thoughtful, tasty edible Christmas gift allowing someone to have the fun baking themselves.

If there's one thing that does count though, it's the presentation so find the nicest, reusable jar you can and you're sorted!

Suitable for: Vegetarians

View recipe on BBC Good Food

In the apple mood? Try River Cottage's Squash, Blackberries And Apple Salad Recipe

Person decorating a cookie

Want an easy edible gift idea? Get your loved on to make their own!

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