How to brew beer like a yeti

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pebblefest talk: How to brew beer like a yeti

Georgina Wilson-Powell 31 January 2019

This talk is sponsored by Chelsea Green Publishing

How to brew beer like a yeti

BCorp brewery Toast Ale are in conversation with American brewing expert and author, Jereme Zimmerman.

Jereme Zimmerman is a writer and traditional brewing revivalist who lives in eastern Kentucky. He is the author of Make Mead Like a Viking. His second book, How to Brew Beer Like A Yeti, came out last year and explores how home brewers can make beer without using hops.

Toast Ale are an award-winning brewery who make beer from surplus fresh bread. Their profits go to Feedback, the charity combating food waste.

If you love a beer, catch these guys talking about how to conquer the home brew, the history of brewing and their exclusive collaboration for pebblefest. Find their lovechild - a beer brewed especially for pebblefest - at the bar in Flat Iron Square.

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