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Meet The UK Farmers Turning Over A New Leaf: LEAF Open Farm Sunday

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Meet The UK Farmers Turning Over A New Leaf: LEAF Open Farm Sunday

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Learn how farmers are working with nature, and how the charity LEAF is encouraging farmers and the public alike to know more about sustainable farming systems.

Romally Coverdale

Wed 27 Apr 2022

National charity LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) works with over 1600 farmers to open their gates to the public for one Sunday a year.

It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone of all ages to learn about their local farmers, or general practices that farmers undertake to ensure a positive impact on the environment.

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Who are LEAF?

LEAF is a national charity that encourages farmers across the UK to take up Integrated Farming.

As well as working directly with farmers, LEAF also assists in creating a better public understanding of farming through various educational initiatives and a network of Demonstration Farms.

LEAF encourages sustainable farming practices and public awareness of the food industry.

They also have their own podcasts, where LEAF ambassadors meet a number of LOFS (LEAF Open Farm Sunday) hosts.

By bringing farmers and the public together, LEAF wishes to raise awareness of how farmers can work with nature to produce good food and environmental care.

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What happens on a LEAF Open Sunday?

From all around the UK, each event is based around the farm’s unique and individual story.

Many of the farms that open their doors for LOFS usually only open to the public for this event - so this is only the one time a year to learn about many of the farms across the UK.

When is LEAF Open Sunday?

This year, LEAF Open Sunday falls on 12th June, 2022, and all the farms will be focusing on the central theme of health.

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Annabel Shackleton, LEAF Open Farm Sunday Manager, said: “Ever wondered what role worms play in food production or why they’re important for healthy soil?

“Or why farmers check water quality by looking for the presence of invertebrates? This year’s LEAF Open Farm Sunday is your chance to find out the answers.

“LEAF Open Farm Sunday event will help you discover more about the story of your food, and see the industry’s commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, food production and a well-managed countryside.”

“Discover more about the story of your food, and see the industry’s commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, food production and a well-managed countryside.”

So depending on the farm, the activities may include farm walks and nature trails, or tractor and trailer rides. Many have demonstrations, mini markets and activities for children.

Learn more about favourite foods, from breads and cereals to fresh produce and meats.

Or, learn about local ecosystems with mini beast hunts and watch how farms can coincide with thriving ecosystems.

Geared around educating people of all ages, LEAF’s Open Sundays are an amazing way to get introduced, or learn more, about UK farming.

The events with LEAF actively encourage people to ask the farmers anything and everything about UK farming - so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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How do I attend a LEAF Open Day?

Firstly, you find a farm near you, or one that you would like to attend, that is listed on the LEAF website.

Most events are free but some may require pre-booking.

For those that require booking, there are only a limited number of tickets available per farm, so be sure to book well in advance.

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