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Cheers To The World’s First Paper Wine Bottle: When In Rome x Frugal Bottle

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Cheers To The World’s First Paper Wine Bottle: When In Rome x Frugal Bottle

Eat & Drink

The era of new alt wine is upon us.

Learn about the new paper wine bottle and what it means for the planet.

Romally Coverdale

Fri 22 Apr 2022

You’ve heard of BIB (Bag-in-box) wines, and you have even heard of canned wines - but we are saying cheers to the world’s first paper wine bottle.

Working with Frugalpac, established alt-wine company When In Rome has launched the first paper wine bottle.

Why a paper wine bottle?

Firstly, alt-wine packaging tends to be better for the environment.

The paper wine bottle cuts the carbon footprint of the wine by 84%. This is because the paper wine bottle is five times lighter than its glass bottle counterpart.

bottle of white wine with two filled glasses and olives

Why the standard glass wine bottle isn't eco-friendly:

  • Weight of transportation increases carbon emissions

  • The energy needed to make a glass bottle in the first place is an astounding 4kWh

  • While glass bottles can be recycled, the heat required for such a process is cost and energy intensive

  • Glass can lead to sunlight damage, affecting quality of the wine - while the paper is opaque

  • Glass takes over a million years to decompose

The paper wine bottle is five times lighter than the glass bottle counterpart

When In Rome’s CEO Rob Mallin commented on the growing trend of eco-packaging for wine: “It’s increasingly inexcusable that over 95% of wine in the UK is sold in single use glass bottles at a huge cost in excess Co2 emissions.”

That is why When In Rome partnered with Frugalpac to make a more visually palatable alt-wine packaging.

The paper wine bottle creates 6 times less Co2 than a wine bottle made of glass.

Rob Mallin (When In Rome) and Malcolm Waugh (Frugalpac)

Rob Mallin (When In Rome) and Malcolm Waugh (Frugalpac)

Unfortunately, despite the overwhelming benefits of drinking BIB and canned wines, there is still great stigma against drinking such modes of wine.

One of the biggest stigma against alt-wine is that the alternative packaging negatively affects the quality of the wine.

This is not the case.

In fact, in 2020 When In Rome’s Philip Schofield Falanghina was the first ever boxed wine to win a IWSC Bronze award in a blind tasting.

So, hopefully with the bottle-shaped version of BIB, more people will be open-minded and willing to try the paper bottle.

How does a paper wine bottle work?

As mentioned, the Frugal paper wine bottle works similarly to the bag in box wine that is already available at When In Rome.

The bottle itself is composed of 94% recycled paper, which itself is recyclable. Then, the inside of the bottle is lined with a food grade pouch that is also recyclable.

It uses 77% less plastic than the standard plastic bottle.

Unfortunately, the finish of the bottle is made of a plastic that is not recycled in the UK, yet is recycled elsewhere in the world.

two glasses of wine held by hands next to the when in rome red wine
“The bottle is made of 94% recycled paper”

Not only does the paper bottle look appealing to the eye, but it is made with ease of use and recycling in mind.

To separate the paper shell from the plastic inside, simply press a button on the packaging, and it collapses!

What wine can I get in a paper bottle?

All of the wines made by When In Rome are sourced from small and independent wineries from across Italy - supporting sustainable traditions of the families.

Currently, for the release of the paper wine bottle, there are only three varieties: Primitivo IGP Puglia, Rosato, and Pecorino IGP Terre DI Chieti, yet there will be more in the future.

The wines can be bought online, but can also be found on Ocado.

We here at pebble magazine hope that this new format of alt wine will help encourage others to drink wine more sustainably, and it marks a new era of eco wines.

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