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Summer Cocktails: Easy Recipes To Drink In The Garden

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Summer Cocktails: Easy Recipes To Drink In The Garden

Eat & Drink

Knock up one of these easy drinking, summer cocktail recipes - they're all perfect for making and drinking in the garden.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 6 Apr 2021

Drinking in the garden this summer? Inviting people over?

Pep up the drinks on offer with these super easy summer cocktail recipes. You won't be knocking up a G&T again for a while. And no fancy equipment required.

And as you'd expect with pebble - each of our summer cocktail ideas comes from a spirit or soft drink brand that has an impressive sustainable story.

From using up surplus veg, to donating to water projects, using local honey or being carbon neutral, make these super easy and delicious cockails this summer and support the planet without even thinking about it.

Summer Cocktails: Easy Recipes To Drink In The Garden

1. Summer Garden Punch

Muddle up apple juice, green tea and elderflower cordial for this long gin cocktail.

mint cocktails in tumblers on a black background.

2. Easy Tropical Mai Tai Recipe

Get a taste of the tropics with this super simple Mai Tai recipe.

bottle of rum and cocktail glass, with limes

3. Rhubarb and Lime Rickey

Fed up with G&T? Make this seasonal, refreshing long drink, it's the perfect partner for a long sit in the garden.

bottle of isle of harris gin with a cocktail on blue background

4. Earth Laddie

Rosewood London’s award-winning Scarfes Bar have created a limited edition bottled cocktail, in partnership with Bruichladdich, the Earth Laddie.

It mixes The Classic Laddie whisky and Fino Dos Palmas Sherry with fermented apples and parsnips, which have been rescued from local markets where they were surplus and bound for landfill.

Each bottle of their Classic Laddie has a unique code on the bottle, which can be entered on the Bruichladdich website to see the unique whisky recipe including the barley provenance and cask types of each batch, demonstrating the distillery’s pledge of transparency in action. In addition, the Trees for Cities charity have committed to planting a new tree for every bottle sold.

two bottles next to each other on a table.

5. London Dry Collins

The Collins is an easy sidestep from a G&T but clocks in as a longer and slightly sweeter drink. It adds a touch of variety to the sundowner cocktail in the garden.

Long gin cocktail in a glass with an orange slice

5. Wonky Bramble

Not only are Bramble cocktails super tasty, this one helps support companies who are using surplus fruit to fight food waste.

bramble pink cocktail in a tumbler glass

6. Cider Honey Cocktail

This super easy, easy drinking rum cocktail is a perfect summer drink. Knock it up in a minute.

cider cocktail with rum bottle

7. Elderflower Mint Daiquiri Cocktail

Belvoir's famous cordials aren't just good for pepping up the soft drinks option, you can also use them to make super easy cocktails this summer.

bottle of belvoir cordial and a martini cocktail

8. Strawberry Hi Ball Cocktail

Don't know what to do with leftover strawberries?

Mash them up and turn them into a strawberry syrup and then make this delicious long vodka based cocktail - which is just the taste of summer.

strawberry vodka cocktail on a blue picnic bench.

9. Maasai Man Cocktail

Get a taste of the exotic with this orange infused gin and cold brew coffee cocktail.

gin cocktail in a tall glass with bottle of gin and a shaker.

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