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5 of the Best UK Bag in Box Wines For Every Occasion

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5 of the Best UK Bag in Box Wines For Every Occasion

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Stylish, sleek, and the most eco-friendly way to enjoy wine.

Read pebble's recommendations of bag in box wine that can be found in the UK markets.

Romally Coverdale

Tue 25 Jan 2022

While glass wines may be the standard, we're starting to see a shift as more innovative forms of wine packaging are being developed.

The environmental impact of wine bottles is being taken into consideration as companies begin to shift to more eco-friendly measures.

The result? Boxed wine!

Laylo's BIB on table amongst wine glasses and olives

From wine tasting subscriptions to high street brands and luxury wine delivieries, the pebble team has rounded up 5 of the best bag in box wines that are eco-friendly and delicious.

At pebble, all of our products are independently recommended by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission which goes to help running our publication.

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Why eco-friendly packaging matters

The difference between wines and their packaging alternatives is vast.

Standardised glass bottles take over an astounding 4kWh of electricity just to make one bottle - let alone recycle them, of which the majority are discarded and will take over a million years to decompose.

Luckily the industry is shifting towards different measures, like bag in boxes (BIB).

Bag in box wines produce almost 10 times less CO2 than traditional glass bottles.

This is mainly because boxed wine contains on average around 2.25 litres which is the equivalent of three glass bottles. That's less packaging needed for three times the amount.

Of course, the alternative to glass is plastic so the pebble team have carefully chosen boxed wine brands that have recycling systems in place for their packaging. Or those who are working on it.

pebble still feels that fully recyclable packaging in boxed wine still has some way to go.

However, not only does this shift towards boxed wine result in a better impact on the environment, but also guarantees a better standard of wine due to the lack of light, temperature and pathogens affecting the quality.

The boxes also increase the longevity of the wine once opened, meaning less waste.

5 of the best bag in box wines

When in Rome box of wine next to a spread of Italian food and glass of wine

1. Best boxed wine for food pairings: When in Rome

Founded in 2015, When in Rome has remained eco-conscious and a producer of outstanding wine. Their wines are of excellent quality and come in a wide variety of types.

When in Rome also reduces carbon emissions wherever possible, via transport.

Their mouthwatering Italian wine supports small and independent producers who also seek to reduce environmental impact wherever possible.

A total of 15 gorgeous varieties of wine can be purchased in their 2.25L boxes, the equivalent of three bottles.

Their eco-friendly boxes generate up to 10x less CO2 than single-use glass bottles and also last up to 6 weeks once opened.

The pebble team like that sustainability and transparency are at the foreground of the brand. They were the first wine brand in the UK to publicise their climate footprint.

Their economic activity has a negative environmental impact and they are planning on introducing more sustainable working practices in all areas.

From staple and refreshing wines like Pinot Grigio to more fanciful flavours from the heart of Europe, there will be delicious wines to pair with any meal.

These wines are perfect for those wanting a special evening in.

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Phillip Schofield's partnered box next to pasta dish

Elegant boxed wine pairings for every meal

pebble’s verdict

Pros: Work with only small and independent producers | Working with produces to reduce environmental impact | Transport wine by train and boat wherever possible | Transparent | Lasts up to 6 weeks once opened

Cons: Unrecyclable taps on the wine boxes | Two box wines aren’t vegan | Could use recycled cardboard | No mention of charity work or initiatives

£25.99 for a 2.25L box. View on When in Rome.

When in Rome only works with indepedent winemakers

2. Best luxury bag in box wine: The BIB Wine Co.

The BIB Wine Co. offers a variety of luxury boxed wines in their collection source from small wineries across Europe.

pebble is particularly impressed with their packaging that's 100% recyclable - including their taps and bags which is a world first.

Their recycling methods also negate the use of fossil fuels, creating a closed-loop of production and reproduction.

Their taps and bags have to be recycled by them, but they provide free posting envelopes that can take up to ten bags and taps, so there is no hassle.

Due to their efficiency and minimal carbon emissions, BIB estimates that their boxes are ten times lower in CO2 than 83% recycled glass bottles - highlighting that while recycling glass bottles is good, it is not the best for the environment.

21 varieties of boxed wine are offered which are all vegan and from around Europe, including an English White Wine from Essex.

They offer a tasting box that comes with 6 x 100ml pouches of selected wine - which have a 7-10 day shelf life.

This can be accompanied by a live/recorded online tasting session at no extra charge so it's ideal for those wanting to take their wine-tasting to the next level.

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Boxed wine from BIB on the kitchen countertop

BIB's boxed wine is sourced from top quality wineries across Europe

pebble's verdict

Pros: Vegan | Fully recyclable packaging | Works with small wineries | Sustainable sourcing | Some British wine | Wide variety of wines

Cons: Transported across Europe | No mention of charity work or initiatives | No mention of future plans | Could use recycled cardboard

From £26.80 for a 2.25L box. View on The BIB Wine Co.

Boxed wine from BIB on a table in the garden

All of BIB wines are vegan!

3. Best boxed wine subscription: The Online Wine Tasting Club

The Online Wine Tasting Club have been acknowledged for their delicious wines with multiple awards.

While primarily selling an impressive variety of bottled wine, they offer a wine subscription service that enables a monthly wine tasting experience.

The customer receives six wines, packaged in a lightweight low-carbon box that can fit through the letterbox.

The packaging is made out of four separate layers to provide outstanding protection against light, heat, pathogens, oxygen and physical damage.

The pebble team love that their sachets are sustainably sourced and the wine arrives in a recyclable card container.

The customer receives an unknown, unique selection that is varied enough so as to expand your wine knowledge, and to provide wines for any taste.

The wines are also accompanied by wine tasting cards, to add to the experience.

Alongside their subscriptions, they offer a pre-recorded video of the wine-tasting walkthrough if the customers cannot attend the live events.

It's a great way to learn more about wine or expand your wine knowledge with delicious-tasting wines.

Whether adventuring alone or with others, or even one of their sommeliers/wine educators, the experience is catered to your personal desires.

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Boxed wine and a wine glass with rose

Treat yourself to an eco boxed wine subscription from the Online Wine Tasting Club

pebble's verdict

Pros: Impressive variety | Award-winning wine | Online and in-person engagement | Offer vegan and alcohol-free wines (perhaps only for Veganuary/Dry January respectively) | 80% wines are vegan

Cons: More variety in bottles | They don’t guarantee the wine will be vegan (aside from the Veganuary Wine Tasting Kit) | Can’t buy wine in boxes outright - only in tasting samples/subscription

£26.99 for 6 x 100ml boxes. View on Online Wine Tasting Club.

Box of 6 wines in a row

All wines have tasting cards to make the most of your experience

4. Best supermarket boxed wine: Waitrose Duchy Organics

Waitrose offers a crisp and refreshing boxed Organic Pinot Grigio, sourced from Puglia, Italy.

This very dry wine has beautiful fruity, citrusy aromas with a hint of almonds.

It takes its place as the first bag in a box wine that is offered by the UK’s largest organic supermarket brand.

As with the other boxed wines, the carbon emissions are minimal and an eco-friendly alternative to the boxed wines.

The popular vineyards are well ventilated by the fresh Italian winds, keeping the crops dry and free from diseases.

Sustainably packaged and delivered, the wine keeps fresher for longer so whether it be at the dining table or picnic, this wine is best paired with cheeses and savoury foods.

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Glass of white wine up close

Waitrose Duchy Organic's boxed wine is the first in its range

pebble's verdict

Pros: Good price | Organic | Minimal carbon emissions | Available in the supermarket

Cons: Does not state if it is vegan | Does not state whether the packaging is recyclable | Unsure whether it supports small wineries

£19.99 for a 2.25L box. View on Waitrose.

Waitrose essentials food products

The newly launched boxed wine is part of their Duchy Organic range

5. Best bag in box wine for hosting: Laylo

Laylo produces premium quality wines sourced from independent winemakers from across Europe.

pebble loves the beautiful design of the boxes, showing that brands can be elegant and sustainable.

Laylo crafts delicious and fresh wine, all vegan (aside from their vegetarian Sauvignon Blanc) and come at no cost to the planet.

They offer 7 different varieties, the most notable is their Slovenian Pinot Blanc, with aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle which ends on a citrus note akin to lemon curd.

All the wines at Laylo are chosen based on quality and ethical sourcing. The website gives a story of their winemakers, allowing a warming experience knowing that there are people passionate about wine at every stage of production.

Like with other box wines, the beverages stay fresh for up to six weeks, and their beautiful boxes mean that they can proudly be displayed on countertops - a great option for hosting a dinner party!

Their packaging is fully recyclable, including their bags and taps which can be returned at no cost to the customer in their fully recyclable envelopes.

Even during transit, Laylo makes sure that all the packaging used for shipping is 100% recyclable.

Laylo box with renaissance art printed on it, next to figs, glasses of wine and freshly blown out candle

Laylo's beautiful boxed wine packaging is recyclable too - if you don't end up keeping it!

pebble's verdict

Pros: 100% recyclable packaging | 100% recyclable shipping protectors | Primarily vegan | Supports independent winemakers | Beautiful packaging | Free next working day delivery

Cons: Could use recycled cardboard | No mention of charity work or future development plans

From £32.99 for a 2.25L box. View on Laylo.

Summery and pink picnic with strawberries, peaches and Laylo's box of wine

Laylo supports independent winemakers

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