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Sip up: Stock your fridge with these delicious drinks this summer

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Sip up: Stock your fridge with these delicious drinks this summer

Eat & Drink

The heat has cranked up. The sun carries through to late evenings. We're well and truly in a heatwave. Fire up the barbecue and get stuck into these great new soft drinks (plus they're all suitable for vegans).

Here are our favourite seven grown up sips to cool down with this summer.

Emma Oldham

Mon 16 Jul 2018

7 ecofriendly drinks to quench your thirst this summer


Soda lovers, you're in a for a treat with this one. Landing the number one slot, Dalston's has got everything going for it: refreshing flavours and natural ingredients packed into bright and fun cans. From Ginger Beer to Cherryade and Cola, their classic taste transports you back to grass-stained knees and seaside paddling. Their vegan friendly drinks are plastic free, contain less sugar than mainstream brands and Dalston's has as adopted a carbon-neutral policy. 

Find them in Waitrose and Sainsbury's.

Nix and Kix

These guys know how to put a twist in their drinks - heat? Nix and Kix combine a hint of chilli with sweet flavours including Mango and Ginger and Peach and Vanilla - there's a whole battle of sweet and fire going on here. 

Chilli is great for your metabolism and for releasing energy and endorphins, so bring it on. All their vegan friendly drinks come canned or bottled (so no plastics) and there's no artificial flavours or sweeteners used, so the calories are pretty low. Bravo Nix and Kix, bring on more chilli-infused flavours, please. 

Order online at here and get a 10% discount with code vegan10.

Eco friendly drinks for summer

Will it be classic Cola or a fiery mix of chilli and sweetness for you?


Simply brilliant blended drinks. Cracker burst with natural goodness and flavours, they're a real treat on a hot summer's day. These fruit based drinks come in large tetrapaks and include a still, cloudy lemonade - they're the perfect companion for family picnics and barbecues. 

Blitz them up with fresh fruit and freeze as ice-lollies, or add a dash of vodka or gin for a naughty kick. 

Find them in Asda, Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Tesco.


Say hello to Bumblezest. These little bottles are bursting at the seams with antioxidants and all the good stuff that your body is craving. The different flavours have been cleverly combined to help deal with specific health issues including anxiety, fatigue and low immunity. 

Bumblezest has harvested nature‚Äôs most helpful plants including moringa, charcoal and lavender and swirled them together in clever combos to do us all the world of good. The brand also offset any carbon emissions through environmental projects, including planting trees and Amazon deforestation prevention.

Get an exclusive 10% off your first order when ordering online here. Use the code FIRST10. Or they're available in Planet Organic.

Eco friendly grown up drinks for summer

Forget the artificial flavourings. All you need is some clever natural combos


Aspire makes healthy fizzy drinks that use active ingredients like ginger and guarana and green tea to naturally stimulate the body and there's zero calories and zero added sugar. Perfect for anyone who wants a healthy pick me up drink on the go. Plus they come in cans not bottles so there's no plastic. Choose from three flavours including Mango Lemonade and Apple and Acai.

Get 20% off orders places via Amazon here, with the code ASPIRE20. 

UGLY drinks

Know you need to be drinking more water but find it boring? Give Ugly a go. With absolutely zero calories, zero sugar and zero sweeteners, these sparkling waters come flavoured with subtle hints of fruit extracts. Choose from Triple Berry, Tropical or Lemon and Lime.

Ugly are also helping to tackle the ugly truth of global gender inequality. For every can you buy, 1p supports the training of teenage girls to take action for gender equality.

Get 10% off orders online here using the code UGLYEMMA.

Aqua Coco, Coconut Merchant

Coconut water plus aloe vera? Now that's a superdrink. Aqua Coco from Coconut Merchant are naturally sweet but they're also full of vitamin A, C, E, B12 and folic acid and come in cute glass bottles. Coconut Merchant take great pride in ethically sourcing their products, and work very closely with farmers to help them and their local communities. 

Get 10% off your order here with the code EMM10.

Eco friendly vegan soft drinks for summer

Soft drinks don't have to be boring...

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