10 Favourite Summer Homewares For An Ethical Home

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10 Favourite Summer Homewares For An Ethical Home


Living at home has changed. We're now reliant on our homes to be multi-functional spaces, so it's never been more important to have a space you're happy in.

While having nice homewares might seem low down on a list of priorities, investing in well made things that bring you pleasure and support independent artisans, businesses and social enterprises is still important for our happiness and to help others.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 24 Jun 2020

From towels to tea bowls, what our favourite ethical summer homewares is that they're consciously made and designed to last. They support a range of sustainable artisans, co-ops and busineses that make sure people live and work fairly, which has never seemed more important.

Each pieces feels comforting and comfortable in order to make your home a centre of calm, whatever's happening day to day outside.

There's no short term, kitschy trends here - each piece could take pride of place in your home forever.

10 Favourite Summer Homewares For An Ethical Home

Turkish towels

What’s nicer in summer, than super soft lightweight towels? All Kin and Kloth towels are made using ethically sourced GOTS-certified organic cotton and each one is slowly hand-woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms and supports artisan weavers and their families. These traditional hamman towels dry super quick (so they’re perfect for wild swimming or the beach) and double up as picnic blankets, sarongs and sofa throws.

turkish towels hanging from kin and kloth

Kin & Kloth's organic cotton towels are perfect for a summer swim as well as in your bathroom

Organic bedding

There’s never been a better time to invest in decent, organic bedding and this duvet set from Greenfibres makes us feel relaxed just looking at it. Give yourself the gift of hotel worthy sheets - these are made from GOTS certified, unbleached organic cotton so there’s nothing nasty next tot your skin. The sateen is smooth, undyed and everything has been made in ethical working conditions so you can cosy up guilt free.

white bed made with duvet in white room

Organic bedding is the treat every bedroom needs

Bread wrap

Ever thought Indigo makes everything better? So do Kingpins, a new online store celebrating all things denim and indigo. Their reusable bread wrap is the perfect accessory for a low key alfresco summer. Simply wrap around your sourdough and go picnic! Also useful in the kitchen for keeping bread fresh if you don’t want to use plastic.

Top Tips For A Plastic Free Picnic This Summer

indigo bread wrap on wooden board

Use one of Kingpin's reusable bread wraps for any picnics this summer

Woven baskets

There’s always room for more baskets in every home, right? La Basketry’s beautiful woven homewares have won fans everywhere but there’s more to them than just looking good. Each one helps support female weavers working in Senegal. We are loving these lidded baskets, perfect for storing crafts or lockdown projects in your living room or bedroom.

woven baskets la basketry

Woven baskets make a lovely touch in any room

Pot pourri

It’s never been more important to have a calm home, but as we spend more time in it, it’s good to change things up. How about black volcanic rocks from Boostology that act as a modern pot pourri. The rocks are stored in a glass jar - add a few drops of your favourite essential oils and the porous lava soaks up the scent and releases it slowly. They’re also used by healers to promote calmness. This version of an oil diffuser, using rocks and glass, means nothing needs to be thrown away and everything can be reused.

Lava rock pot pourri on brick

Volcanic rock pot pourri anyone?

Tea bowls

Making time for tea feels important at the moment, and having beautiful crockery makes it even easier to enjoy a slower pace of life. These ceramic tea bowls from Wearth London, certainly want to make you cherish the moment. Handmade with stoneware clay and glazes with creams and greens, they’re perfect for a plastic free tea and a biscuit, while you’re working from home.

ceramic tea bowls from Wearth

Make time for a cup of tea each afternoon with these ceramic tea bowls


A 2020 kitchen isn’t complete with a terrarium, which helps you bring even more green inside even if you’re no good at growing herbs. This gorgeous domed terrarium is from LSA at Rechic and features a cork stopper and is made from recycled and hand blown glass. Give creating your own mini ecosystem a go.


Add a recycled glass terranium

Drinks jug

Denby Pottery is one of our go-to brands for crockery, and its Studio Blue collection will make you feel as if you’re holiday, even if you’re at home. The cobalt blue jug is crying out for a leisurely lunchtime raspberry syrup mocktail with loads of ice in the sunshine. Denby's pottery is designed to be with you for life, all made in Derbyshire.

Denby studio blue collection jug and stack of plates

A decent jug is one of those things you'll wonder how you lived without


Lusophile specialises in homewares and gorgeous gifts from Portugal and this modern pastel take on the humble rug by designer Tim Fury will definitely make your home more cosy for a long time to come. The rugs showcase Portugal's long history of weaving and they are hand woven and limited to sets of 50.

white and grey rug being held up in front of someone

Can you tie the room together with a new ethically made rug?

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