August LUST LIST: 15 brands making eco living easy

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August LUST LIST: 15 brands making eco living easy


Read all about what’s new in shampoos and cold brews this August. The products featured here will help your skin, stomach and soul stay happy through the summer heat.

The eco-friendly brands behind these creations make planet as much of a priority as profit. They work to make their ingredients, packaging and manufacturing practices as fair and cruelty free as can be.

Get on board the trendy eco train with something from this list.

Phoebe Young

Mon 5 Aug 2019

Bottle of Face cream in front of waterfall

Balancing Face Cream, Hemptouch

Have you tried anything with 2019's hottest ingredient, CBD, in it yet? Touted as a wellness supplement style booster for face and skin, cannabidiol (derived from hemp) joins May Chang, Chorella and Sweet Anise for Hemptouch's new Balancing Face Cream. Vegan friendly and cruelty free, Hemptouch's matte, non-greasy face cream is a one stop shop for anyone struggling with problem skin in the summer heat. The cream is just one of many cannabidiol infused skincare options available at CBD specialists, for the Ageless.

Want to try it for yourself? Get free shipping on Hemptouch purchases over £29.99 with the code PEBBLE-FREE until 31 August 2019.

Bottle of Hair story shampoo held out by person with wet hair

New Wash, Hairstory

This summer it's time to look at what's in your shampoo. Hairstory has created a synthetic and chemical-free hair care range that doesn’t wash man-made toxins down the drain. It wants you to reduce how much shampoo you use, how often you wash your hair and how many products you buy. Restore your hair's natural balance with New Wash and subscribe to Hairstory's refill system and make a bad hair day a thing of the past, for you and the planet. 

If you need any more convincing, then read more about how Hairstory works here.

Tin of WiDEYE soap open on a table with plants

Shampoo Bar, WiDEYE

WiDEYE's all natural hard bar shampoos and bodycare bars are perfect for chucking in your suitcase. Most of them are vegan-friendly (the others use goat milk) and a wide selection come in metal tins. Their whole range will be plastic free by the end of the year. With three stores on the south coast this family brand is flying the flag for unisex, ethically made, affordable skincare that works. Choose from deodorant, face masks, grooming, solid bars and more. We're loving the Green Tea, Eucalyptus & Mint shampoo bar.

Get 10% off your WiDEYE order with the code PEBBLEWIDEYE until 12 August 2019.

Bottle of Gin on rocks in front of sea

Gin, St Ives Gin

One Bottle. One Tree. St Ives have made the amazing commitment to plant a tree, each time they sell a bottle of gin. They have teamed up with Rising Forest to make their tasty concoctions as environmentally kind as they can. Buy a St Ives bottle with the #Gandtree tag and help offset 255,000lbs of carbon. That’s the CO2 equivalent of driving over a million miles by car. Infused with foraged botanicals, fresh herbs and unique aromas, it has a fragrance that will transport you to the forest you’re helping to foster.

Tube of Aube plasters on pink background

Bamboo plasters, ​Aube

New eco-friendly store, Aube, have found a way to make your cuts completely cruelty-free. Their bamboo activated charcoal plasters have some enviable eco credentials. They are made from 100% bamboo fibre and activated charcoal, so they're fully biodegradable. They are also plastic, silicon, latex, paraben and chemical free. The materials from which they are made help to draw infections and impurities out of your wound. This makes them ideal for the sensitive skinned adventure junky. Extra virtue points to Aube for making them vegan too!

plastic egg on blanket

Laundry Egg, Eco Egg

Laundry just got more eggciting (sorry). This mineral based clothes washing system, the eco-egg, works without whisking any harsh chemicals into your clothes. Featuring an Allergy Friendly Product Award, the eco egg will neither niggle your skin, nor fry your planet and acts as a replacement for laundry detergent and conditioner. Throw it into the drum of your washing machine and let the natural mineral pellets scramble together to eggspell dirt and odours. No powder, liquid, tablets, gels, or fabric softener required. Your pocket will be more lightly poached too, as these eggs last longer and cost less per use. 

Tub of ice cram with spoons sticking out of it

Vegan Ice Cream, Coconuts Organic

Smooth, creamy, dreamy and eco-friendly. Struggling to survive the heady heatwave? Coconuts Organic’s vegan ice cream will clear out those cobwebs! Concocted from only coconut cream, unrefined coconut sugar and a few other natural ingredients, there must be some witchcraft involved in this award-winning recipe, because it's insanely tasty. There is a range of seven flavours, including choc orange swirl, double caramel and rum‘n raisin. Certified organic, Coconuts Organic is causing non-dairy ice cream to become one of our favourite summer trends.

Fruit Twist Bars, Gregory’s Tree

Gregory’s Tree bars are as tongue twisting to eat as they are to describe. As well as being twisty, tasty and fruity these bars are made with 100% organic ingredients and free from gluten, wheat and dairy. Pack a punch into your packed lunch with either the Blueberry or Raspberry double twist bar. Made with pure fruit, Gregory’s are gently heated and pulped to create their intense flavour and condense one of your recommended five a day portions of fruit and veg into a 60 calorie pack.

Box of tea pigs with a book on a beach

Cold Brew Tea, Tea pigs

Struggling to stay hydrated this summer? Teapigs have designed their cold brew bags to sit in your water bottle and give your drink a new dimension. Full of fruity flavour, these pigs infuse more than just the inside of your flask. Made from all natural ingredients, housed in plastic free packaging, ethically sourced and Rainforest Allowance certified, your tea will pump ethical ripples out into the world as well.

Lavender Eye Pillow, AmaElla

Made by AmaElla and sold on Made With Respect, this lavender eye pillow is crafted from 100% organic cotton. AmaElla are an earth conscious social enterprise, who celebrate ethical fashion by using sustainable and ethically sourced materials. When you relax into your yoga or meditation practice using this eye pillow, you will also be providing relief for local communities and the planet. AmeElla’s products are free from toxic chemicals, better for the environment and sourced from ethical manufacturers. Sweet dreams!

Bric bag on a waste with tress behind

Foraging Bag, BRIC

Available from Chalk & Moss, the BRIC foraging bag is made for carrying the spoils of woodland wonderings. Your wild garlic, elderflower, mushrooms and berries will be transported safely thanks to the bag’s adjustable belt loop and sash. You can rely on this pack to keep your supplies safe, thanks to its durable cotton canvas and double seams. Once your adventure is over, throw it in the washing machine whilst you enjoy your feast! Handmade in Bristol, BRIC’s products support local business, are aesthetically pleasing and ethically sound.

Pot of moisturiser on a table with flowers

Wild Rose Balm, Neal’s Yard

Looking for a travel product that does everything? Neal's Yard Wild Rose Balm is a cleanser, soother, moisturiser and it smells delicious. The wild rose-hips in question are sourced ethically from rural, northern Serbia and everything is made in this organic brand's British factory. The pot comes with a soft cloth for cleansing and the glass pot can be recycled.

Feet wearing trainers walking beside flowers

Sneakers, Rens

While 2019 has been a testing year for many reasons, we're loving the innovation happening in waste products and Rens don't let us down. This Finnish company is making waterproof sneakers from coffee ground waste and old plastic bottles. Take them from city streets to beach walks, get them wet, they'll dry and let your feet can breathe. Oh and they're vegan, unisex, hand-washable and super light. Yes please. 
Find our other favourite vegan shoes here.

Tofu Press

Tofu Press, Tofuture,

Are you no good at cooking tofu? Does it always end up a bit spongey and weird? The key is to press it, and Tofufuture want to make sure everyone knows how to make it as delicious as possible at home. You need to get rid of the water it comes in, so it can absorb the flavour, which their nifty press does easily.

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