5 Artisanal Menswear Brands You Need In Your Life

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5 Artisanal Menswear Brands You Need In Your Life


Menswear often gets left out of the ethical fashion debate but there are incredible artisan brands out there.

Alice Pritchard

Tue 10 Oct 2017

Artisan menswear platform, Bombinate, share their go to guys for eco-friendly, small scale menswear that's honest, authentic and awesome.

5 Artisanal Menswear Brrands You Need In Your Life

1. Mirror in the sky

Let’s face it; we’ve all had some or other love affair with a cashmere garment at some point in our lives.

Heavenly on the skin and soft to the touch, high quality cashmere is what dreams are made of - ours, anyway.

Perfect for the chilly nights and the breezy days, meet Mirror In The Sky.

The promise of amazing quality comes with the sourcing of amazing materials, and in this case, this happens high above the clouds.

Hidden away in the extreme climate of the Himalayan Plateau, Hircus goats and baby yaks roam freely, providing some of the finest cashmere yarn known to man.

Sourced and created with great care for the animals and the environment, every product is brought to you in the best possible conditions.

In their journey from the snow-capped Himalayas to wherever you may be, Mirror in The Sky scarves are every bit as wonderful as the story behind them.

stack of cashmere jumpers in blue and green

Yak herds in the Himalayas create super soft scarves for winter wrapping

2. Marin & Marine

Marin & Marine manufactures hand-crafted sea bags for everyday use. Founded by the Hebel twins, the brand exudes simplicity.

Marin & Marine blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and manufactures durable items for the modern nomad.

The Berlin-based company uses local manufactures to shorten the production chain and sources its raw material from eco-friendly suppliers in Germany to reduce the environmental impact.

The organic cotton needed in their bags is ordered at local weaving companies.

man with organic cotton duffel bag looks out to sea

Duffel up with one of these simple but stylish bags that'll last no matter how long your journey


Combining their love for the world and a personal quest to create the perfect shoe, JUCH brings together traditional, authentic craft and timeless design via eco-friendly production.

Looking good is one thing, but doing so while being good to the environment makes all the difference. Selected across Europe and brought back to the brand’s convivial atelier in Porto,

JUCH’s choice of materials is made with environmental and aesthetic priorities in mind - a move we fully support.

Whether you’re more of a sneaker freak or find yourself lusting after their best-selling Fischer boots, JUCH promises to serve you with the most refined, high quality components in every possible way.

Organically tanned, buttery soft calf skins are chosen to create a variety of products that not only guarantee durability, but age beautifully.

row of JUCH ethical trainers

Step beyond with trainers with a soul (boom boom) from a Portuguese atelier

4. La Portegna

Founded by Jose Urruita, La Portegna was inspired by the passionate travel souvenirs of his grandparents, in a time where travel was considered a life experience rather than a journey.

Photographs and stories revived the spirit of adventurous travel and the essence of a blissful lifestyle, an ambience Jose longed to recreate in a collection of beautiful travel bags and accessories.

Handmade in the Spanish region of Andalucía, each leather confection combines the radiance of Spanish spirit with the province’s expertise in craftsmanship.

Every detail - from the stitching to the choice of hardware - carries an unmistakable human touch that embodies both the authenticity and precision that La Portegna is so proud of.

Made from scratch with premium natural materials by skilled artisans, every piece in the collection is a true original.

collection of old men craftsmen on stools

Travel bags made by humans - La Portegna's heritage is all heart

5. 40 Colori

Founded in 2014 by siblings Giulia and Gabriele, 40 Colori is a colourful, celebratory ode to authentic craftsmanship and sartorial savoir-faire.

Tastefully combining Italian artisanal tradition and ethical fashion sense, accessories brand 40 Colori proves there’s way more to life than boring ties and socks.

Based in the very basement in which Giulia and Gabriele’s Nonna founded it 50 years ago, 40 Colori’s sustainable workshop is located in the quaint city of Como.

Here, a bubbly team of artisans designs and creates the one-of-a-kind ties, pocket squares, belts, socks and scarves the brand is proudly known for… and trust us, you’ll want some too.

40 Colori was founded with environmental responsibility and uncompromised quality at its heart.

Cherishing the value of locally-sourced, premium natural materials and authentic, collaborative Italian craftsmanship, the brand creates a beautiful product with a traditional approach.

A 'do good, feel good' ethos, planet-friendly production and really, really good taste in socks – what’s not to love?

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a row of untanned leather belts

Go big on accessories, especially when they'll become lifelong friends

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