5 ethical essentials for your winter wardrobe

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Do you need a snuggly new scarf or a wrap up warm coat? For the latest in our pebbles make ripples series Besma Whayeb at Curiously Conscious has shared her five favourite finds for ethical fashion this winter.

Besma Whayeb 19 November 2018


In the run up to winter, it’s worth investing in ethical, long-lasting options that will see you through this winter, and future winters to come.

With that in mind, here are our top picks for ethical essentials that will keep you warm, comfortable, and they look great too.

5 ethical essentials for your winter wardrobe

Zero waste coat

Wouldn’t it be great if all our clothes made zero waste? Incredibly, that is the case with Cossac’s winter coat, which has been designed using a special origami pattern to ensure absolutely no waste is created during its production.

Made from fluffy, deadstock cotton, the coat is warm, durable and stylish too.

Plus, Cossac make their coats in a Portuguese factory that uses small production runs and 100% recyclable packaging.

Cossac Ethical Winter Collection1

Cossac's zero waste coat is a winner for everyone

Vegan winter boots

When it comes to winter boots, Doc Marten’s Vegan 1460 boots are a durable option that combine punk with practicality.

Made from a leather-alternative that's suitable for vegans and their trademark heat-sealed sole, these boots will last for years. Suitable for urban commutes, rural walks and all kinds of weather, they make for a great alternative to wellies.

Line with cosy socks or thick tights and take on the British weather in style.

For more vegan shoe inspiration click here.

Sustainable tights

If the indoors is more your thing, stay smart, warm and sustainable with Swedish Stockings’ rib tights. These classic tights come in three colours - black, navy, and pillar box red - and are made with 93% recycled yarn. They're also now offering a 'bio-cotton' version.

This Swedish brand combines quality materials with good design, knitting the stockings with a comfortable waistband and reinforced toe to protect against wear and tear. If you're fed up with throwing tights out all the time, these ones are worth investing in.

Swedish Stockings Ethical Winter Collection1

Invest in tights that won't ladder after a couple of wears

Multi-seasonal scarf

Lüks Linen are known for their natural blankets and textiles, and this year they have released a new range of scarves. The scarves are made with their signature Turkish hand-loomed cotton, making for a super soft, super snuggly scarf - especially with its warming waffle weave. 

The scarves are also versatile, transforming from a warm scarf to lighter travel shawl, blanket or even a beach towel.

Everlasting wooly hat

Winter wouldn’t be complete without a wooly hat, would it?

Myssyfarmi hails from Pöytyä, Finland, where the family farm and a group of grannies - also known as the Myssymummot - create naturally dyed, hand-knitted wooly hats from the wool of the local Finnsheep.

Made kindly, these hats come in a whole range of colours and styles and all with a lifetime guarantee too.

Besma Whayeb is the ethical lifestyle blogger behind Curiously Conscious.

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5 Ethical Essentials For Your Winter Wardrobe

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