5 minute guide to becoming a clean beauty guru

5 minute guide

We’ve had clean food, now comes clean beauty – but before you sigh and roll your eyes, just think about it for a second. Doesn’t it make sense that what we put on our skin is as nourishing as what we put in our mouths? Especially if we can whip it up pretty easily at home.

So what does it mean to be clean? It means products made naturally, ethically and/or organically – using plants, herbs and spices rather than twenty-letter long unpronounceable chemicals.

We talk to Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic from the Clean Beauty Co – who started making lotions and potions from their kitchen cupboards. Their natural skincare recipe book ‘Clean Beauty’ is outnow.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 4 January 2017


How important is it to think about our skincare in the same way we now think about what we eat?

Elsie: To be fixated on what you eat and not be concerned with what you’re putting on your skin is slightly paradoxical; the cleaner the ingredients we surround ourselves with, the healthier we can be. 

How many ingredients should be in natural skincare?

Dominika: There doesn’t necessarily need to be a limit on the number of ingredients, more that all the ingredients serve a holistic purpose as well as a functional one. For example, you can use natural emulsifiers that also have healing and moisturising properties, not just a chemical function. There are too many pointless fillers and synthetic ingredients in mainstream products that serve no purpose other than making the product feel and smell a certain way.

Clean Beauty Co Book's Zest Espresso recipe

Brew up a healthy caffeine hit scrub for your skin

The Clean Beauty Co

Is 2017 the year that mainstream commercial beauty companies become less popular?

Dominika: Absolutely. Consumers are becoming far savvier when it comes to ingredients – research has shown that they are craving more contemporary, pared back products with less-is-more ingredients but that are still stylishly packaged and have a luxe feel. Industry experts have predicted that 2017 will be a year where green beauty goes more mainstream and that it is cool to be clean. No doubt commercial companies will adapt their brands and products in response to the market's demand for clean and transparent beauty. 

Clean Beauty Co Dominika Elsie Garden Leaf

BFFs Elisa and Dominka want to bring back clean ingredients to the beauty industry

The Clean Beauty Co

What was the biggest surprise when you switched to using all natural ingredients on your skin and hair?

Elsie: How nourished our hair and skin felt. After using products that had little or no nutritional value, we could really feel the difference in the quality of our hair and the texture of our skin.

Clean Beauty Co Book's Oatheal Soak recipe

Not just for porridge - oats can hydrate and soothe tired skin

Clean Beauty Co

What does your book cover?

Elsie: The book covers hair, face and body recipes ranging from skin food - literally food for your skin from your kitchen cupboards - to classic blending of oils, essential oils and basic balms. You can control what you put on your skin as much as you can control what you eat, and it’s just as easy. 

How important is it that the ingredients used are organic or sustainably sourced?  

Dominika: It’s incredibly important. The same reasons we eat organically - resisting the use of pesticides, ensuring environmental sustainability, farming ethics and avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals - is the same reason we should endeavour to use organic cosmetic ingredients.

Clean Beauty Co Book's Shave The Day recipe

Guys can get in on the action too - this unisex shaving cream works wonders on anyone

The Clean Beauty Co

Can guys use your recipes and products as well? 

Elsie: Absolutely! One of our new recipes from the book is called Shave The Day and it's a fab little gender neutral product combining coconut oil, mango butter, castor oil and Bronner’s Castile Soap. We have also just launched a Beard Tamer Oil that is just perfect for grooming guys!

What’s the most useful ingredient when it comes to making skincare creams at home?

Elsie: We love coconut oil as its the most versatile and can be used on the hair, face and body. It's solid and then melts at warmer temperatures, making it an ideal base for a balm. Due to its popularity in food it’s fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain which makes it a staple in clean beauty routines.

Clean Beauty Fragrant Bronzer recipe

Nutmeg and cinnamon bronzer sounds good enough to eat

The Clean Beauty Co

Turmeric might be 2017’s biggest superfood, what’s the benefit for your skin? 

Dominika: Turmeric is incredibly anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and in skincare this translates to helping prevent and heal spots, calm any skin irritation and helps to promote a youthful glow. Mix with some honey or yogurt for a nourishing face mask in a flash or for a radiant healthy glow, try our DIY Turmeric Glow Body Scrub. Combine 1 cup of raw sugar, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of raw honey, 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder and 2 drops of Vitamin E. Mix everything together and smoother on the body, rinse and voila, glowing skin in seconds!

What’s the quickest thing to make for time starved people?

Dominika: Use your left-over morning smoothie on your face!

Can you describe clean beauty in three words?

Elsie: Potent, ethical and transparent.

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