5 Sustainable Lifestyle Books You Need To Read

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5 Sustainable Lifestyle Books You Need To Read


These five gorgeous books will inspire you to think more sustainably, whether you're cooking, gardening or travelling.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 2 Apr 2018

5 Books For A Sustainable Spring

There are millions of ways to live a lighter life. But where to start? From embracing a more minimal home and growing the right plants for bees to foraging for botanical brews.

5 Sustainable Lifestyle Books You Need To Read

1. A Life Less Throwaway

Tara Button founded as part of a mission to get us buying less and buying better. Her book, A Life Less Throwaway, is full of helpful tips to extend that mission to a full on lifestyle.

This is all about minimalism and mindful curation - future proof buying items, buying less and finding ways to ditch everything we don’t need for the simple stuff we do.

Over 10 easy steps she shows people how to separate happiness from buying more things - and it’s an attitude that’s won her celebrity fans including Caitlin Moran and Ashton Kutcher.

She recently wrote 5 Simple Tips for Living A Life Less Throwaway for us but here’s to a more sustainable way of shopping.

2. Planting for Honeybees

Want to help save the bees? Planting for Honeybees comes from the buzzy minds of award-winning Bermondsey Street Bees and acts as a simple to use guide to what to plant when and where for our honey-making friends.

This beautifully illustrated book from Sarah Wyndham-Lewis gives even first time gardeners fantastic advice on what to plant for these essential pollinators, whether you’re in the city or country. Dip in and out of this book, it’ll be a gardening go-to for years.

(And don't miss our 10 ways to create a bee-friendly garden).

3. Bart’s Fish Tales

Sustainable seafood has been on the menu for a while now but Bart van Olphen goes above and beyond in Bart’s Fish Tales, part recipe book, part travelogue. He’s travelled the world to meet some of the world’s most traditional fishing communities to highlight how important it is to support sustainable fish.

Throw in gorgeous photography from these coastal communities and you’ve got a proper ‘food porn’ cookery book - it recently won the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 'Travel Cookery Book of the Year 2018.

The 100 recipes take inspiration from different parts of the world and range from simple to supper club level of difficulty - but they’ll all have you eating and cooking better fish in no time.

We’re loving the Korean fish pancake and the Linguine with anchovies, almonds and sage.

Even fairweather pedal pushers will want to grab a pannier and push off...

4. The Wildcrafting Brewer

Hedgerows aren’t just for looking at. The Wildcrafting Brewer brings back the ancient art of fermenting wild plants, fruits and berries which were once used to make a huge array of boozy drinks.

Wild-plant expert and forager Pascal Baudar takes on what can be fermented and drunk in from your local fields and forests - from wild sodas and country wines (made without grapes) to primitive herbal beers and meads.

There are 65 recipes for natural and plant based drinks (including nettle beer) that use hot and cold brewing methods.

5. Escape by Bike: Adventure Cycling, Bikepacking & Touring Off-Road

There’s no better time to plan a summer escape. Escape by Bike: Adventure Cycling, Bikepacking & Touring Off-Road will be your guide to getting away on two wheels and experiencing a slow travel adventure. Let bikepacking be your new adventure kick in 2018.

The book takes in everything from advanced wilderness treks to local coastal path jaunts, mountain biking to camping out on the open road - plus there’s a decent overview of everything you need to take with you.

The author, Joshua Cunningham, cycled from London to Hong Kong, through 26 countries and a distance of 22,000 kms. He’s split the book between each of the landscapes he travelled through - forest, desert, mountain, tropical and urban. It’s part memoir, part practical guide, and all inspiring.

Even fairweather pedal pushers will want to grab a pannier and push off.

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