50 Brands To Help You Go Zero Waste

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50 Brands To Help You Go Zero Waste


These 50 brands, apps and services will help you go zero waste more easily. It's time to make a change.

Phoebe Young

Wed 11 Aug 2021

Whether plastic, food or fashion is your pitfall, there is bound to be a brand here that will have a swap or a solution to make your day to day less throwaway.

We all face slightly different obstacles when it comes to going zero waste.

Maybe you find it hard to kick the habit of getting your caffeine fix in a takeaway coffee cup?

Perhaps you tend to end up with excess food that finds its way into the bin?

These products, apps and services from zero waste companies provide sustainable solutions to help you out.

What does zero waste mean?

Going zero waste means that nothing is sent to landfill. Instead, we reduce what we need and reuse as much as possible.

We compost what we can’t recycle, but recycling should be the very last resort.

This way, zero waste living becomes a circular economy rather than the throwaway linear economy that we currently have.

Have a plastic free flip through to see which low waste or zero waste switch you could make or check out these tips for Zero Waste Week.

50 Brands To Help You Go Zero Waste

soap bars

Soap, Dr. Bronner's

These soapy souls produce all kinds of suds to help you go zero-waste. Bar soaps, shaving soaps, shampoos - you name it, it’s in a Dr Bronner's bar or bottle. The latter is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging. Bottle-to-bottle recycling and local recycling reduces how many Dr Bronner's bottles are shipped overseas, which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions. You can polish yourself with their paper wrapped hard bar soaps as well.

Woman making espadrille shoe

Shoes, Juta Shoes

Juta Shoes sell beautiful and sustainable sandals, handmade from pre-loved clothing by women who face barriers to work. This London based social enterprise specialising in signature espadrilles, made from materials like vegan leather offcuts, which have been saved from landfill. By running shoemaking workshops and crafting these zero waste kicks, Juta women are empowered and paid fairly.

Man typing on phone

Food waste, OLIO

Sharing is caring. Olio is an app that connects you with food and products that your neighbours or local businesses would otherwise needlessly throw away. It works the other way around too. If you have some surplus sourdough that’s not going to get eaten, simply take a picture of it, post it on the app, and see it being enjoyed by someone else.

Woman smelling stack of soap

Make up, Acala Online

This online beauty spot has got zero waste shopping covered thanks to fab selections of plastic free makeup, skincare and period products. Acala also has sections for sustainable travel and can help you get your DIY beauty on too. So you can up your zero waste game by building and personalising your very own products. No plastic necessary. 

KeepCup reusable cups

Coffee cup, KeepCup

KeepCup is here to help you keep up with the plastic free future. Their high quality, colourful, reusable coffee cups are built to last and come in all sorts of styles. We love the glass and cork combo. The billions of disposable coffee cups cause so many issues don't add to it when you can pick one of these pretty lidded mugs.

Ethical Christmas presents - lunchbox

Lunchbox, Elephant Box

Goodbye sandwich bags, hello Elephant Boxes. These stainless steel lunch boxes will stand the test of time and save so much takeaway plastic packaging in the process. There are all sorts of different sizes and styles of lunch and snack boxes to choose from, each one is designed to survive in a school bag and stop your sarnies going stale.

Bamboo toothbrush, Truthbrush

Toothbrushes are such a daily routine staple. That's why plastic ones are such a huge part of the waste problem. Truthbrush is the beautiful solution that will blend elegantly into your bathroom. Crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial, the eco-friendly Truthbrush is biodegradable, great for your gnashers and easy on your earth.

Washing up liquid, Ecover

Ecover are pulling the plug on plastic packaging with their brand new Washing Up Liquid bottle, made from 100% post-consumer recycled, 100% recyclable plastic. Their re-designed cap is now fully recyclable too. Because it is perfect for being stored upside down, it’s easier to get every last drop of soap into your sink or refill it from many of the zero waste shops popping up across the country.

mycelium packaging

Skincare, Haeckels

The nature and sea surrounding Margate, where this skincare brand is based, are the backbone for all their beauty products. This brand's packaging is an extension of their earthy, anti-plastic ethos. As part of their 'biocontribution' Haeckels are experimenting with mycelium, a living breathing product, which they grow themselves. It performs like plastic but is made from mushrooms and will decompose. 

Person's feet, wearing Po-Zu shoes

Vegan shoes, Po-Zu

A Po-Zu shoe is built to last, so you won’t be binning your boots anytime soon and adding to landfill. Plus this year, Po-Zu are reinventing their BUTTERFLY and SNEAK models in apple skin. These trainers look like your classic comfy sneaker but are made with a new type of ‘vegan leather’, made from the waste produced by the apple juice industry. So, your soft and sturdy vegan sneakers will have been born out of apples grown organically in the Italian Alps.

plastic free straws made from wheat

Straws, The Wheat Straws Company

Did you know that straws are called ‘straws’, because they were once made from STRAW? This brand asked: why not go back to the way things were? The Wheat Straws Company’s beautiful drinking companions are 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable, 100% natural and gluten free. They are a natural by-product of the wheat harvest, so they all have their own perfectly imperfect character. They stay hard for hours, so you can take your time over your G&T without a soggy paper straw situation.

Pretty Bee Fresh beeswax wraps - June LUST LIST

Food wraps, PrettyBeeFresh

Are you still clinging on to plastic food wraps? PrettyBeeFresh have a pretty, fresh alternative for you. Made using beeswax, their wraps create a breathable seal over you food when you heat them with your hands, and can be reused for up to a year. These non-plastic, zero waste covers come in a variety of colourful designs. They will help you to forget the foils and films.

Skincare, Maiiro

New skincare brand Maiiro have just launched their new skincare campaign: ‘Pack of Lies’ to help push plastic out of the production line. P.O.L. acts as a hub of information on greenwashing and shares information on the plastic problem, and the skincare industry’s contribution to it. They also publish tips on recycling plastic, to encourage consumers to do their bit for the planet. A petition is another part of ‘Pack of Lies’, to campaign for legislation to be passed that ensures all brands are transparent about their plastic initiatives, and update consumers on their progress.

Black woman in a white vest top

Clothing, BAM

Wham Bam, thanks for waste free women’s and menswear. Bamboo clothing by BAM is super soft, durable, breathable, kind to sensitive skin and absorbent. It's not just your body that will be beaming when you shop BAM’s selection of tops, bottoms, underwear and activewear. Bamboo is amazing for the earth too. It is 100% biodegradable, grows fast and naturally, and requires less water than wood.

Food waste app, Too Good To Go

Calling all waste warriors. This app is out to rescue all the food that’s far Too Good To Go in the rubbish. Either choose available meals from the app’s partner restaurants and cafes and pay less in advance or plump for the Magic Bags which come full of surplus food from cafes, bakeries and restaurants to help combat food waste. Pay less than full price, collect and tuck in. Everyone’s a waste winner.

plastic egg on blanket

Laundry, Eco Egg

A refillable laundry egg… nope, we’re not pulling your leg. These amazing alternatives to plastic bottles of laundry liquid last up to ten years. The Eco Egg not only save you from buying numerous plastic bottles, but they are also vegan, they clean without chemicals. After 70 washes, you can simply replace the refill pellets and your egg can clean your clothes another 50 times. 

glasses of clod brew tea

Tea, teapigs

teapigs have been awarded a prolific and exciting Plastic Planet trademark. It certifies packaging which is free of conventional plastic derived from fossil fuels. Their 15s and 50s packs of tea temples, their tins of tea and their matcha tins are all certified plastic-free. These brilliant brewers have a tea for every mood, so you can sip on something to help your hangover or send you off to sleep.

three coffee pod packets next to three coffee pods

Coffee pods, Colonna

Coffee pods have a bit of a bad rap in the zero waste war. Colonna has come up with a way to give you a caffeine-full, plastic-free kick in the morning. Their all-aluminium, Nespresso compatible capsules can be rinsed out and recycled. This does not mean that they bypass the importance of their brew or their beans.

Click here for more biodegradable or recyclable coffee pod options.

Bottle with a stainless steel straw coming out of it

Straws, Sucka

These Suckas did not understand why the world was still slurping through plastic straws, so they started their reusable, stainless steel straw brand. Sucka crafts colourful metal straws to help you to sip in style whilst, in their words ‘punching plastic in the peanuts.’ Don't be a sucker for plastic, be a Sucka for stainless steel.

person holding small pot

Skincare, Awake Organics

This brand is fully awakened to the ills of the wasteful beauty industry. Awake Organics are proud founders of the Zero Waste 500 club. Their goal for 2020 is to have fully refurbished 500 empty jars.. Enjoy their organic and 100% natural oils, get glowing skin, send your empties back to them for FREE and get points for your next purchase. They will do the rest of the work, by reusing their sturdy, Italian-made glass jars, and radically reducing the Co2 emissions.

BBC Earth zero waste Tshirt with Teemill

T-shirts, Teemill

Why use wasteful plastic packaging when you could use a rip and splash-proof mailer bag made out of paper? That’s the technique Teemill have adopted. This brand do the printing that makes it possible for your t-shirt to stay as waste free as can be. They also have a #SustainableMe t-shirt. Made from discarded organic cotton garments mixed with 100% GOTS certified cotton, this shirt can be repeatedly recycled so it never has to end up in landfill.

Skincare, LUSH

LUSH love the planet, so they have come up with packaging that fights climate change. 100% natural, reusable and biodegradable, their new Cork Pot is a carbon-positive piece of packaging. It removes over 33 times its weight in carbon dioxide for every single pot. If the product you want does not come in cork, you have the option of buying it ‘naked’ in store, (not you, the product), and many of their other bath, face, body hair and beauty, scrubs, lotions and lathers come in recyclable pots. 

Man holding a sodastream bottle of water in a forest

Fizzy water, Soda Stream

If you need some fizz in your flask to keep yourself hydrated, don't cost your pocket and your planet a fortune. SodaStream sets you up to build the bubbles yourself. New look SodaStreams come with glass bottles which is a great alternative to the plastic bottles fizzy water usually comes in. You simply fill them with tap water, insert them, press and watch the contents turn to sparkling. There's no excuse for single use plastic now.

coffee pods and coffee pod packets

Coffee pods, Coffee & Kin

Coffee & Kin proudly carry the ‘Plastic Free Trustmark logo’. They focus on roasting kindness as well as flavour into their java. Their 100% plastic free, biodegradable pods are fully compostable and care for the environment. They are kind to us consumers too since their planet-friendly pods are brewed using ethically sourced, 100% speciality Arabica beans.

Click here for more biodegradable or recyclable coffee pod options.

White round cotton make up pad held against a yellow background

Make-up pads, Greenfibres

Planetary plastic pollution, goodbye. Greenfibres have forged the first ever Soil Association, 100% GOTS, certified organic cotton, makeup and cleansing pads. They can be washed and reused, so your makeup routine will be as clean and green as your fresh face. They’re thick, so you can cleanse with one side, tone with t’other. Made to last, you and the earth will have the last laugh.

ready meal and hand holding packet

Healthy fast food, BOL

Healthy fast food sounds like an oxymoron, but BOL make 100% plant-based, ready meals that are delicious and nutritious for you and the planet. By inspiring people to eat more plants, they are reversing our negative impact on the planet. BOL pots are fully recyclable and they are working to have as much plastic packaging in their company as they do meat- 0!

Skincare, Neal's Yard

Their iconic bright blue glass is widely known, but their great work on the waste war is more bottled up. Neal’s Yard not only sell the majority of their remedies in glass, but they make their other packaging and products recyclable as well. They have a water refill scheme, as well as a recycling campaign through which they recycle the plastic packaging from beauty products, regardless of which brand their from.

Plant milk, Oatly

It’s the Oatly way to enjoy your tea or cereal totally guilt free. This vegan, plant based milk alternative is made from gluten-free oats. It’s pretty simple, and so is their packaging. It is 100% recyclable and their 32oz ambient cartons are made from 71% renewable resources, including 100% FSC-certified paperboard.

box filled with fruit and veg

Food boxes, Oddbox

Oddbox are on no ordinary mission. This fruit and veg delivery box service are out to tackle food waste with innovative solutions that are underpinned by a zero waste philosophy. The goal is to: tackle 5%, or 500,000 tonnes, of fruit and vegetables that get lost or wasted before they even get out of the farm gates by 2022 in the EU. They reuse or recycle all of their food boxes, and use packaging that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Spare Snacks food waste

Crisps, Spare snacks

These vegan and gluten free Spare Snacks Crisps are air-dried, never fried, and made with fresh, wonderfully wonky produce. Fruit and veg that has been rejected for no reason other than that it was slightly wonky or blemished is bagged up by this brilliant brand. Enjoy rescued beets, pears and apples in a variety of sweet and salty flavours and say goodbye to food waste.

Chocolate bar in grass

Chocolate, Seed and Bean

Organic ingredients, small scale suppliers, bold and wild flavours. Zero-waste chocolate can be challenging to find. Seed and Bean wrap theirs up in 100% compostable packaging, like Natureflex™, a specially sourced, flexible cellulose film, crafted from eucalyptus wood pulp. This chocolate company was the first in the UK to take this amazing zero-waste step. The chocolate inside comes in some crazy and delicious flavours, like sweet orange and thyme or coconut and raspberry, and you can enjoy the creamy classics like mint and just ginger too.

Click here to discover more ethical and Fairtrade chocolate brands.

line of Dopper bottles

Water bottles, Dopper

Each Dopper bottle prevents 40 single use water bottles from entering our oceans. If you are looking for the simplest, way you can put your oar into the problem of plastic filled seas, then Dopper might just be the answer. It not only replaces plastic bottles but has an innovative screw on cup in the lid too. You can even customise your totally toxin-free bottle to make your stance against single use plastic your own.

Blue bikini with sunhat, sunglsses and flowers

Women's swim wear, Deakin & Blue

This amazing sustainable swimwear is made from ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from post-consumer waste such as old fishing nets and industrial plastic. So these cossies have come out of the ocean you’ll swim in when you wear them. Flimsy is something that Deakin and Blue do not do. Their sturdy swimwear is built to survive and support you whatever shape you are. 

man wearing boardshorts

Men's board-shorts, Riz

Riz’s men’s sustainable swim shorts are made from 100% ‘rizcycled’ and ‘rizcycleable’ material. They are so into their ‘zcycles’ that once you have worn out an old pair of trunks you can take them back. The brand will rizcycle them, and offer you a 25% discount on your new pair! With this system, Riz are riding the zero waste wave into the sustainable future, by protecting the seas they love to swim in.

Click here to discover more sustainable swimwear for men

women outside wearing WUKA underwear

Period underwear, WUKA

WUKA are helping you to ditch your period’s single use plastic and switch to reusables. Their period pants are made to hold the blood from your period like a sanitary pad. The only KEY difference is that you can wear for around eight hours, wash them and reuse them for years. This protects the oceans from the tonnes of plastic-filled single-use period products that get flushed and thrown out every day. Their Flushmob campaign helps you to take matters into your own hands too.

feet wearing Ponto shoes

Shoes, Ponto Footwear

The Pacific, the latest design from Ponto Footwear, is the ultimate multi-occasion shoe, suitable for days at office and out on the town nights. It's made from recycled leather trimmings that would have been otherwise destined for landfill. The bottom is made from an algae based foam and the recycled foam insole is lined with a biodegradable odour killing Tencel fabric. They are produced using recycled water and for every pair sold, Ponto puts a portion of their profits into helping purge the oceans of plastics.

line of soap

Skincare, Bottega

Bottega Zero Waste make it possible to cleanse your sensitive skin sustainably, without irritation and without waste. These totally zero waste soaps are made using the traditional cold process method, which allows the soap making reaction to happen naturally. Bottega’s beautiful bars are protected by packaging made from recycled or post-consumer waste, like algae skimmed from the surface of the Venice lagoon interlocked with FSC certified and sustainable wood.

Click here for Bottega Zero Waste's make it at home oil cleanser recipe

Bambooka wooden sunglasses

Sunglasses, Bambooka

These cool, surfer sunnies are made of a species of giant bamboo not plastic. As well as being sturdy and strong, bamboo is brilliant for the environment. It grows so fast that its carbon dioxide absorption far out performs that of wood. No plastic is being used to protect your eyes when you wear Bambooka glasses and they also give a portion of proceeds to the charity: People Empowered Preserved Earth.

Click here for more ethical sunglasses ideas.

Period products, Natracare

This zero waste period brand are providing women with an eco-alternative to period products. Most mainstream pads are 90% plastic but Natracare proves that the 40 billion of them that get thrown away every day don't need to contain this polluting substance. Natracare are totally plastic free, vegan, organic, hygienic and contain no toxic chemicals. They are made from renewable, biodegradable and certifiably compostable materials. 

Click here to read our interview with their founder who has been campaigning for 30 years.

A woman doing tree pose in an Asquith top

Women's activewear, Asquith

It’s made from bamboo, it’s built to last and it’ll support you and stay soft as you run, stretch and stride. Asquith's activewear also pack their clothes in polybags, made with PVC free material and then post them in biodegradable mailing bags. These are designed out of degradable plastic in which the degradation occurs naturally from microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae.

A metal tin with a zero waste shampoo bar inside it on a wooden background with eucalptus leaves

Skincare, WiDEYE

This British skincare brand refuses to turn a blind eye to waste. WiDEYE are proud to have a huge range of totally packaging free products, like bath bombs and sugar scrubs. Their other exfoliators, cleansers, washes and masks come in metal tins and they stock zero waste bars of shampoo too! Natural ingredients go into their beauty and they don’t harm  nature’s work in the process.

Water refill app, Refill

Refill really is all about zero waste - all you need is your phone! It is a water refill app that makes it easy for you to find your nearest Refill Station when you’re out on the go and shares the nearest pub, cafe, shop or anywhere else that will let you refill your water bottle for free. Their aim is to have a station on every high street and help create the norm for us all to carry a reusable bottle.

two mixed race women in pastel bras

Underwear, Organic Basics

Organic Basics stock a range of men's and women’s ethical underwear. Their practices and principles are as strong, simple and stylish as their basics, and they use natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and low-impact textiles and fabrics. Always designing with simplicity and function in mind, their pieces are truly built to last.

Jeans, MUD Jeans

Made for both men and women in numerous styles, MUD Jeans are making a clean dent in the formerly dirty denim industry. Per pair, they use thousands fewer litres than a standard jeans. Their pieces are made from 40% recycled post consumer denim and they aim to get that figure up to 100%. Return your MUD packaging to them and it will be reused. Their ‘Lease a jeans’ system also means you can send your slacks back after 12 months swap them for some fresh flairs.

Click here to read our interview with MUD Jeans' pioneering CEO.

Jewellery, Stellen

Hate waste and love design? Stellen are your striking solution. This brand is using reclaimed T-shirt yarn off cuts from over-production in factories throughout Europe as one off a kind, zero waste accessories. This unusual waste material is the perfect material for making the Stellen’s iconic, chunky and colourful statement jewellery that doesn’t cost the earth.

bag with a toucan on it

Accessories, Wyatt and Jack

Wyatt and Jack® create sustainable bags and accessories from upcycled beach deckchair canvas, broken inflatables and retired bouncy castle vinyl PVC. Each has its own unique story and has had a previous life, which we love.

hand loom for weaving

Homeware, Shiv Textiles

Shiv Textiles weave natural fibres into traditional tweed fabrics, homewares like pretty coasters and lifestyle accessories with a contemporary, handwoven spin. This brand stands for creativity and craft that has a conscience. By upcycling pre-consumer waste from mills across Britain, they are working towards throwing away our throwaway culture. 

man and woman in white dungarees on a pink background

Dungarees, Lucy and Yak

Designed in the same oversized cut as all their other amazing dungarees, Lucy and Yak’s new ‘Adel’ range will help you slouch in sustainable style. These are the brand's first foray into clothing made in Britain, and their new creations are crafted from a blend of organic hemp and cotton corduroy. Join the eco comfort movement.

E-receipts app, Flux

Flux are forging a new furrow in how we keep track of our expenditure. They are fighting back against the terrible toxins that renders paper receipts almost impossible to recycle. The Flux app enables you to receive full receipts automatically in your banking app as you pay with your bank card at any store in the Flux network.

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