7 Ethical Jewellery Brands You Need To Wear

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7 Ethical Jewellery Brands You Need To Wear


Ethical jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of our favourite pieces this season.

Jessie Dodd

Wed 12 Aug 2020

Fashion isn't the only thing that needs an ethical makeover.

Jewellery has its own issues around the sourcing of metals, precious stones and diamonds and making sure the people in the process are being fairly paid and treated.

Read our feature on ethical gold here.

But there are ethical jewellery brands out there who've done the hard work for you.

Here are some of our current favourites.

7 Ethical Jewellery Brands You Need To Wear

A girl models The Noces bracelets

The Noces

US brand The Noces has teamed up with artisans and jewellery makers in Madagascar and donates a percentage of profits back to the country’s various charities. Using raffia, leather and ethically sourced zebu horn, The Noces make fun, stylish accessories that pop with character. We love the square horn bangles which take hours of shaping and polishing and will last forever.

A pair of simple semi circle studs from Made


Made supports positive change in Kenya by using the country's traditional metal craftsman to create its locally reclaimed brass jewellery. A whole community of people is now employed to support the brand who has collaborated with Topshop, ASOS and Laura Bailey amongst others. These semi-circle studs keep things modern.

A Boho bracelet from RAW Copenhagen

RAW Copenhagen

Go for simple Scandi style at RAW Copenhagen, which guarantees its gemstones are ethically sourced and produced. The silver is recycled or comes from small indigenous artisan silversmiths in Thailand, whose communities receive an annual part of the profits as a charity donation. This boho Labradorite wrap can be worn as a bracelet or necklace and the gems can come raw.

A triangle pendant shot against the Cali sky by Sarah Zentz

Sarah Zentz

Take a trip under the redwoods of Big Sur, California with Sarah Zentz. This one woman brand creates simplified esoteric-feeling jewellery that uses recycled wood, Fairmined gold and silver and ethically sourced diamonds. She’s also an award-winning documentary maker. This simple silver and wood pyramid necklace has a Cali vibe wherever you wear it.

A stack of three Babita rings from Tribe of Lambs

Tribe of Lambs

Nonprofit jewellery makers Tribe of Lambs use their cool designs to raise money for projects in India that support HIV positive kids. Chunky tribal rings sit alongside delicate silver necklaces but we love these squared off unisex babita rings that are handmade in Rajasthan, India.

Alexis Dove

British designer Alexis Dove creates retro looking pieces from vintage finds and recycled metals and all her gold jewellery is Fairtrade. Her style is more ethereal than many ethical jewellers, it's girly and whimsical with a love of nature woven in. This ring is part of her Winter Moon collection.

Julien Riad Sayhoun​

Julien Riad Sayhoun created this one off necklace, the Bullet Peace, to commemorate a Leila Alaoui who died while working as a photographer in Burkino Faso for Amnesty International. It’s made from ethically sourced metals, inscribed with ‘peace’ in eight languages and profits will go to support children in conflict zones.

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